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The Goddess Weekend

Many of Christy's readers have requested one-on-one consultations with her. We are pleased to offer a limited number of private sessions with Christy. These empowering consultations are conducted either in person or by phone for a minimum of one hour. These consultation sessions will inspire each individual to be their greatest self, release any blockages from attaining any desire, learn a deeper level of self-love, and assists the individual in moving towards their AWESOME future. Christy will offer guided meditations and healing work if the client desires during the session. You may schedule yourself for one session, or a series-there is no minimum required.

Christy Whitman
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A transformational weekend for women only with the top experts in Women's Empowerment, with Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado, MFT.

"I just float through my days. I am so full of joy. I am manifesting things like magic, but for me it is more about the joy I feel all the time."

Tamara Delz,
Marble Falls, TX

"When I came to Christy to work one-on-one with her, I was so frustrated and confused. My main intention was to find clarity in what I wanted to do with my career. After working with Christy for just a few weeks, I received clarity on my career direction. I am now so excited about the new direction of my career and my purpose in life."

Kristen Talbot,
Writer & Actress NYC, NY

"Hi Christy, After just ONE week of the Abundance class I FINALLY received a check for $2500.00 I had been waiting for from a client - it was almost 90 days past due. I also got paid again for a job I did several months ago (I'm an actress and they pay you again if they want to extend the usage of the footage) it was $1000.00!!!!!!"

Nicole Paolini,
Actress LA, CA

The Goddess Weekend
A transformational weekend for women only with the top experts in Women's Empowerment, with Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado, MFT.

As women, we are always trying to balance our power and strength in the world, while not losing ourselves as females. Unfortunately, many of us have learned to go out into the world, pursuing our "success" from a more masculine approach, at the expense of our true feminine natures. But this creates imbalance and unhappiness within us. We feel overwhelmed and exhausted, disappointed and often times defeated. It simply goes against our true Goddess calling.

The Goddess weekend returns you back to your feminine power and your divine Goddess self so that you can experience the wealth of abundance available to you as a woman. Reunited with your Inner Goddess, you will immediately feel profound peace, contentment, and most importantly, empowerment. And you will begin to create your dreams and desires with ease and effortlessness. When you are resting in your true Goddess nature you are filled with elegance and grace, and you radiate this amazing light from the inside out. Let us show you how!

Goddess Weekend
Friday, July 23 to Sunday July 25, 2010

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Location: Woodcliff Hotel and Spa - Fairport, NY - click here for further information

How to book online:

  • Visit the hotel website at :
  • Click on the reservations tab, then click on corporate rates, enter this code gds10 and enter the conference dates.
  • Or

  • Participants may elect to call The Woodcliff Hotel directly. Mention "The Goddess Weekend" to obtain the special rate.

Room rate is $132.00 US per night. Participants have the option of either:

  • A king, standard room
  • Or, 2 queen beds, standard room
  • Cost of conference, meals, spa etc. are paid for by the participant.

Note: The absolute deadline to reserve a room at the Woodcliff Hotel & Spa is JULY 1, 2010. After this date, all the suites set aside at this very special price will be lost.

Renowned women's empowerment experts, Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado, MFT have created this life-changing weekend to help you return home to your true Goddess self. This weekend will consist of guided meditations, experiential exercises, and healing work. You will:

  • Learn the essential qualities of the Goddess
  • Be guided to connect to your Divine Goddess Self
  • Discover how to tap into your true feminine power
  • Learn to awaken your female intuition
  • Call upon the strength and guidance of the Goddess
  • Feel revitalized and renewed, and so much more!

Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado, MFT
Christy and Rebecca will introduce you to processes and techniques you can use throughout the weekend and in your daily life so you can be your Goddess Self at work, at home, in your relationships, and at play. This weekend will be a transformational opportunity like no other! Once you embrace this powerful, feminine, and amazing energy, you will immediately feel the flow of greater abundance, grace, love, power and wisdom in your life.

Join Christy and Rebecca and the amazing women who are ready to Return home to the Goddess within!

"Thank you, Rebecca and Christy, for ghost-busting a huge issue in the lives of women in our culture: that corrosive something that has been covertly gnawing away at our self-esteem, self-worth, and personal fulfillment since so very early in most of our lives. The Fairest One of All will awaken not only individuals but whole communities as well and contribute to the emerging paradigm of Goddess consciousness that is shifting our world profoundly and positively."

Leela Francis, VividExistence and Vividly Woman international
facilitator and trainer

"My greatest accomplishment has been attracting Rebecca into my life. My connection to her is my most treasured blessing. The truth is that I feel completely and thoroughly free to be myself in her presence - what a gift! Everyday I hear her loving words guiding me and supporting me to love myself and live my best life. I wonder if she will ever know what a profound difference she has made in the lives of so many. From the depths of my soul, I thank her."

Janice L., Walnut Creek, CA

"Christy Whitman's Abundance Course is an Amazing, Life-Changing Experience! I recommend this to anyone wanting more from life. Participating in the teleconferences with others going through the course was such a blessing. Hearing others share if they are up to date with the program as well as a success story is encouraging and motivating. Having everyone at the end of class share what they will take away is an awesome experience because you actually hear yourself sa y what you are taking with you and what you are using to make your life better." Christy many thanks to you for allowing yourself to share such knowledge with me, I am forever changed and continually expanding and creating. I now know I am enough! I now consciously and intentionally create!

Beth Chrisman Director of The International School

Hi Christy & Rebecca,

The Power of Self-Love Transformational class has helped me a great deal. I am truly saddened that the seminars are over. It's not a secret that I have been going through a lot of personal turmoil and these sessions were a true oasis from my problems and personal pain. Each day I am trying to get past any negative thoughts to get "right" with the universe. The best thing is that you have provided the recordings from each session so that I can listen to them and keep the "monkey" thoughts away.

You are two incredible women who I was blessed to have brought into my life.

Thank you,

Pamela R., NYC NY

Hi Christy & Rebecca !!

I have received abundantly from both of you in this Power of Self-Love course. I am amazed to see the changes in me and I want to continue to grow and share this fabulous knowledge with my daughter and my friends.

First, I take better care of myself, treat myself and I come first now. I give myself more time, more importance, more dignity and respect, and I praise what I am and what I feel. I respect that I am different from anyone on earth and that I don't have to please anyone but God and myself. My feelings are welcome and I acknowledge them, both the good and the bad. When I don't like something, I don't stay a victim, I speak up, especially in my relationship with a man. I don't shut what I am in order to please. I have not seen anything negative from others in that new way of being myself so far. If there is one thing, I believe this will allow me to be more with the right persons for me.

I now strongly believe in the laws of attraction and the meditations with you two were absolutely amazing and have done a great deal for me. I feel more at peace with myself and yet I also feel that there is so much coming my way. I now have an abundance of joy, which comes from the inside and is not dependent on others.

Thanks to you two, I now greatly appreciate the Goddess in me and it allows me to also appreciate others more and depend a lot less on them for my happiness or anything else in my life.

With gratitude,

Suzie W., San Ramon, CA

Christy is a huge blessing in my life and I am so pleased that the Universe brought her into my life. There is a saying, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." I was finally at a place in my life, ready for major changes and my teacher Christy Whitman showed up at the perfect time! Christy, thanks for all you do for yourself and others, and forthe huge blessing you have been and will continue to be in my life! "

Judith E. Hineman Red Hook, New York 12571

"The Goddess Weekend was positive, life enhancing, spiritually nourishing, and perfect. The ceremonies and rituals were beyond words. I felt in such a safe space and the deep love was so nourishing. Were the ladies and I really strangers just two days ago?"

Eleanor Mueller

"I have SO enjoyed this life affirming and releasing weekend. The experience was cathartic. You are both gifted teachers. For any woman that wants to attend; this weekend is a gift to yourself. It is a time to connect with the beauty and power that lies within. You will leave rejuvenated and refreshed. Christy and Rebecca are filled with love, light and learning."

Francine Landry

"I loved being a part of the Goddess Weekend. Being in the presence of you, Christy and Rebecca, was such a gift. Thank you for all that you gave to me. It was soul enriching. I loved feeling the Divine in all the women! It was a safe and joyful experience."

Sharon Ballatine

"This was the most amazing, freeing and powerful weekend that I have ever been a part of. I feel amazing love for myself and all that is. I am vibrating in joy, love and self-appreciation. Christy and Rebecca are amaizng inspirational women that supported all of us women in our Goddess energy. I am leaving a changed woman. I am more empowered than ever and feel a sense of appreciation for the feminine that I never felt before. I feel I can create my life in a sensual and powerful way from the essence of the Goddess."

Julie Kleinhans

"What an amazing weekend. It was too short, but VERY empowering. Lots of great lessons have been learned. Great women to connect with that are on the same path. To release what I have been carrying around within was truly a gift. Now I am able to receive my true hearts desires. Honoring the other Goddesses in their intention was so powerful. I am so excited to be living my perfect life with my soulmate."

Tamara Delz

"Christy and Rebecca, you two are truly the most amazing angels on earth. This weekend was the most precious gift to myself. I healed and transformed a part of me that needed so much love. The relationship that I formed with all the amazing women will forever be with me. Christy and Rebecca I can never thank you enough for all that you have done for me. This was the most healing experience of my life. It was truly the most transformational weekend of my life. For me, this is the only transformational program to attend!"

Evelyn Apostolou

"Before I came, I had only a small vision of what this experience might be, but I experienced LIFE LARGER THAN I COULD HAVE HOPED!!!! Thank you. I have truly had an expansion beyond my dreams. This is truly the begining of a new era of life for me. Your teaching was amazingly helpful, insightful and right on. The Goddess Weekend was a growing and live moving forward experience. It was a loving and empowering gift to myself and to those around me, and to the world. The weekend was well planned, executed and authentically alive with the knowledge and spirits of perfection. You two are a gift beyond words."

Diane Scheer

"I loved the way you both set the tone of the weekend on Friday evening. You both have incredible strength and I feel blessed to have been included in this weekend. The two of you are the "real deal", so open and honest and authentic. I feel healed, balanced and unafraid of my future. The healing power generated from the Goddess Weekend was incredible. The support of all the Goddesses was nurturing. I not only learned from Christy and Rebecca, but from each of the Goddesses"

Andrea Z

"Oh My God! What an experience to awaken your soul to connect to your Goddess. What I experienced was amazing. I am lifted, free and happy. Thank you. The Goddess Weekend was transforming, connecting and releasing of negativity."

Leslie Legace

Goddess Weekend
Friday, July 23 to Sunday July 25, 2010

Register now and pay the full price of $997
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Limited spots available…/don't want to miss out?
Reserve your spot today for only $297
(non-refundable deposit)

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