Abundance: You are enough

The Law of Attraction is not the only law!
January 29, 2009
Affirming Abundance
March 26, 2009

We live in an abundant universe. There is always enough. Are you focused on the things that are abundant in your life and that you have enough of, or are you focused on the lack of it?”

Abundance accounts for everything; love, time, money, whatever. Are you focused on the fact that you don’t have enough money or are you focused on the fact that you have enough right now?

Are you focused on the fact that there just isn’t enough time? Or are you focused on the fact that you have enough time, you just need to organize yourself better? It’s really the perception and the way you look at things and the way your mind automatically starts thinking. Most of us are brought up from our parents, socialization, teachers and the media who were programmed with the lack mentality.

And so, when you can really start catching yourself shifting from these lack thoughts and shifting into what is right, that there is enough. Then, you’re going to totally see a different shift in our outer reality.

Whenever I privately coach people, or clients join my Abundance Principle Coaching Program, even if it’s just doing half hour sessions, this is the biggest issue for most people is the feeling of I am not enough. I am not worthy enough.

The vibration of abundance is from the belief that “I am enough”. And the lack part of it is I am not enough.

So, when you come from a place of “I am not enough, who I am is not enough”, you are not thin enough, you are not rich enough, you are not good enough, you are not whatever it is enough; you’re coming from a lack mentality.

And the most important relationship and the most important point of focus that you have is the relationship with you. And if you can get that right, and start feeling that who you are is enough, your whole entire world is going to completely flip upside down. In a good way.

This is something that you have to work on and retrain within yourself, on a daily basis.

One thing, I do want to mention about this, is that you are on a spiritual path; which means you are on a spiral path, nothing in this life is linear. You don’t go from point A to point B and maybe have an issue about being enough or not being enough, and work on that issue and go, “Okay, now that’s done.”

You literally are on a spiral path that moves upwards. What I mean by that is if you take your pen, and you do a spiral, and you spiral it up, like you’re moving up, that is what your spiritual path is like. You may hit a certain point on that path, maybe it’s, “I’m not enough.” And you’re hitting it again, but you’re hitting it from a more elevated place. You’re hitting it from a place where you now have different tools and processes to deal with that.

Maybe, you feel bad, that’s some level with you, but now you’re feeling it at a deeper level. So even though you’ve hit that before, “I’ve already felt that and I’m enough kind of thing.” And you hit it again, it’s not to beat yourself up that, “God, I thought I already did this, and I’m back at square one?”

It’s a matter of knowing that you are hitting it at a different level, a deeper level.

If you notice you are feeling that you are not enough, connect with that and go back to that place of feeling, “I am enough?” And start with the core of who you are and really start feeling that.

It’s like going from lack to abundance. If you’re feeling like you are not enough, get in that feeling place of what would it be like if you did feel like you was enough. What would it feel like if you were valuable? Really getting in that space and feeling like, “I am enough!”

There is nothing on this planet that can add to you to make you more of who you are. You are enough. It’s been said by many, many spiritual, high level beings that people who have walked the planet; that there are about a thousand souls that want to take a body, and only one obviously gets that body.

So, the fact that you are here, in a physical body – you are enough. And that’s all you really need to know. You got the job. You’re here. You know, you are here to create what you want to create, this is your life to live. It’s a very short life in comparison to how eternal our being is. And if you can just get that you’re enough and get over that, and start feeling that you’re enough and you’re valuable, everything else flows.


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