Allowing Success

The Law of Allowing and The Law of Giving
December 8, 2009
The Law of Reflection
February 5, 2010

This month I want to take you through a process called, “allowing success.” This is a very powerful process that will help you expand into your success that you desire.

1. Picture something that you want that you don’t yet have.

It could money. It could be a relationship. It could be clients; whatever you want. It could be an ideal body. Really get a clear picture in your mind of what this thing is for you.

2. Think of all the reasons why you’re now closer to getting what you want than you’ve ever been.

Think about it-not the reasons why you want it-but why you’re now closer to getting what you want than you’ve ever been. For example, if you want to attract clients, why are you now closer than you’ve ever been? Is it because you’re clearer about the clients that you have? It’s not so much the reasons why you feel you deserve it, but why you’re getting closer than you’ve ever been. Write that down.

3. Take a moment and experience what success feels like to you.

Even if you have to close your eyes, what does success feel like in your physical body? Think about a time when you felt success. You might think of a past or even present success or imagine what a future success would feel like. Let it become as physical and as an emotional experience as you can. Let yourself physically feel the success. Let your emotions come up and allow yourself to emotionally feel that success. Breathe in that success for a few minutes; let yourself expand. Let yourself feel it and expand. Say maybe, from a place of one to ten, you’re maybe at a five. Allow yourself to expand to a seven, expand to an eight, so that you’re feeling success all throughout your physical body. Breathe in that success. Feel it at an even deeper level.

When you’re in this space, congratulate yourself on all things that you can think of that you’re doing well right now. It might be being a parent. It might be being a great friend. It might be attracting clients. It might be making money. Maybe you’re releasing weight; whatever it is for you. Maybe you’re working out. Maybe you’re creating a baby. Just congratulate yourself on all the things that you are doing well right now. And stick with and feel that success all throughout your body.

4. One way you can allow success is by telling your personal history in a way that emphasizes all the good experiences you’ve had.

Think about it. We’ve all had bad experiences and we’ve all had good experiences. Most people when they’re not really trained, and we all do it, too, we all tell our stories of how bad thing were, what happened. Instead of going into that space, tell how good things are.

We are taught as children not to boast. We taught not to be conceited. So we’re always looking for and pointing out all the bad things. It’s as if our society is so addicted to the drama of things and you hear people saying “oh, you think that’s bad, I have it so bad.” It’s really a different shift. It’s starting to look at all of the things you do in your life that are good experiences; that are wonderful experiences. Vacations that you’ve taken. Start looking for the good. As you’re doing this, expand the success in your physical body. You can play the following game alone or with a friend. Come up with as many answers in three minutes or less.

a. Tell your personal history or story as if you grew up with great abundance. Pick actual incidents, focusing only on times when you felt abundant, got what you wanted, or experienced your parents as abundant. You will be amazed at how many times you can remember when you did feel abundant.

b. Tell your personal history from the perspective of how you know you have always been divinely guided, as if you had a guardian angel. Think of two or three incidents to demonstrate this.

c. Tell your personal history from the perspective of how easily you have created things you wanted, perhaps remembering a time when you wanted something and it appeared quickly, without any effort on your part.

As you start doing this and you start really bringing in that feeling of success, consciously expand it even more, connecting with all the successes of the past and really expanding that success.

Check in with yourself right now and ask yourself how good you feel now that you’re focused on the areas of your past that actually work for you. Obviously, with the Law of Attraction, the more you focus on the abundance that you had in the past or that you have in the present, the more prosperity you’re going to attract in the future; the more success you’re going to have and experience in the future. All of our energy follows thought. So whatever you’re paying attention to it grows and increases. If you pay attention to your past successes, you’ll create a successful, positive future for yourself. Continue to allow that success to expand.


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