August 2012 Newsletter

What you must understand about the Law of Attraction…
May 4, 2012
September 6, 2012

This has been quite a summer so far. I have really spent a lot of time in reflection of my life, what I want in my future, and how I want to show up.

It started with a consulting firm contacting me and asking me, “Who is Christy Whitman?” That one question got me digging so deeply into who I am, my past, and what I have intended to create in my future.

Several questions came to me and by answering them, I really stepped into a greater fullness of myself.

When I was describing “The Fullness of Me” to Frederic, my husband and even to myself, I could only describe the feeling and not what that looked like on a physical level for me. I am usually very visual and the fact that I could not connect with a picture of what I wanted to create was a different shift for me.

When I asked myself the following questions, I got really clear about my life and it really raised my vibration.

Ask yourself:

Who am I? Then decide who you want to be, how you want to show up, and what you want to experience in this life.

What do I want?

What do I think of me?

What do I like most about me?

What do I value?

How do I feel valuable?

Do I feel free?

Do I feel powerful?

Do I feel I am good?

Do I feel I am love?

Do I feel I have purpose?

Do I feel I have value?

Do I feel all is well?

I thought about the Enlightened Kid program that we have created for children, and one of the beliefs is “I am good.

If you really felt that at the core of who you are is good or love, what would your life be like?

All throughout my childhood I was told I was a pain in the ass, and I really did not feel like I was good. Not just a good person, but good. I felt I was bad.

My sister used to call me the “shit disturber” because I was always pushing the envelope. I was lighting up people, because I stood up for myself. I always felt like I was different from my family and could not relate to their thinking, so I was labeled as a “pain in the ass.”

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last fifteen years on therapy, coaching, healing, seminars, books, programs, etc. to shut down that voice that said I was bad.

Imagine if at the core of who you are, you really felt good. How would your life be different? Imagine a child who grows up knowing that he or she is good, powerful, loved, free. WOW!

My family was walking into the gym the other day and there were these flying bugs that we get in Montreal in the summer. They are called shadflies.

There are hundreds of them and they stick to the windows. There were many right on the door, and Alex wanted to open it. He got scared at first and then said in a very affirming voice, “I am powerful.” He then opened up the door and I could see how proud of himself he was. He affirmed it again.

I am amazed at how this belief at just three years old affected him. I can’t wait to see what he creates in his life because he knows he is truly powerful. What fear will he break through (or even just walk through) like he did with those bugs?

Do you feel powerful?

In the Magnetizing section I am going to write about my own Scale of Consciousness that came to me one day.

Thank you for being part of my family. I am sending you so much love and light.

Be sure to also check out my most recent article published on called Life Is A Game, Here Are The Rules.

Have an amazing month and know that you deserve everything you desire and more!

Imagine and enjoy,

“Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.”

I love meeting with coaches that have gone through the academy. Barbara Daoust and I had a lovely breakfast when she was visiting in Montreal.

We took a fun family trip to Niagra Falls.

I brought home Minnie and Mickey Mouse balloons. We had so much fun watching them run around.

It is so great to see the boys have affection for each other.

I love how the boys share not only their toys, but food as well.

I took Frederic out for his 42nd birthday at a great restaurant in Montreal.

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