An Abundant Mentality: The difference between lack and abundance
June 13, 2011
Changing Your Perspective
September 13, 2011

Your beliefs create your reality. A belief is a thought that has been thought over and over until something manifests because of it. Then it becomes “proof” of this belief. That “proof” then solidifies the belief even more. You can change what you believe and then change what you attract.

To discover a belief that you have about a situation (attracting a partner, losing weight, creating a job, etc.) look at a past or current situation in your life. This could be a problem or a challenge you are dealing with, or something amazing you have created. Ask yourself, what would a person who created this have to believe in order to be in this situation? If a person were unable to accept a gift like a trip to an island, what would he have to believe? If a person were having a hard time finding a job and having a difficult time paying his bills, what would he have to believe about reality to create this situation?

What you believe is what you will attract. Your beliefs about anything determine how you attract it, relate to it, and enjoy or not enjoy it.

After you discover a belief that is holding you back, let go of it and create a new belief. How?
There are many ways to transform beliefs. One way is to get quiet, close your eyes, imagine light all around you, and in some symbolic way, remove the old belief. You may see it written out in front of you like on a chalkboard. Imagine you are erasing the letters one by one. Picture the new belief in its place, in big letters. Then write out your new belief, put it where you will see it (bathroom mirror, desk at work, in your car), and say it to yourself with feeling and conviction several times a day.

Think of this as tending to a garden. You have to pull out the weed and then replace the weed with a beautiful flower. But then you have to tend to the flower. You have to water it, cut back the growth, and make sure it is doing okay.

Every time you see this new belief written down, you will be putting attention on it and sending it energy. This will help it become a reality.

Whatever your current situation is, remember that as you are giving more “air time” to feeling abundant, that is what you will create.

I had one of my members of my community, which I call “my family,” call me and suggest that I do a program on how to get a job in this economy. Or I should do a program for those that are struggling financially. The thing is that I do a program to get people in touch with their abundance. That is the key no matter how much lack or abundance you have in your life. It is the same for every person. If you don’t have a job, you are struggling financially, and you feel hopeless, it is because you are not in alignment with abundance. It is law. If you were, you would have abundance flowing to you. If you have a beautiful life and you are in abundance, you will notice how things are constantly flowing to you.

I understand that in the beginning the most challenging thing is getting into the feeling place of abundance. That is really where the real work takes place. I have been there!

I have been at one point $90,000 in debt. I have been in the situation of not having a job and no prospects on the way. It was really easy to go into fear and stay there. It can be very scary! But I took my “job” as a deliberate creator very seriously and I remained in the space of abundance. I believed in an abundant universe even though my outer reality did not reflect that. And in a short time I created a great job and within a few years I was completely out of debt.

The key is to align yourself with fulfillment and abundance. Align your beliefs with the universe being abundant. I promise all will fall into place, because it has to. IT IS LAW!


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