Magnetic Monday – Meet one of my mentors… (amazing interview)

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November 13, 2013
Magnetic Monday – LOVE
November 25, 2013

Let me ask you… Were you raised thinking that you had to be perfect and you were not allowed to make mistakes?

I was. And it kept me from finding major success no matter how hard I tried.

My entire life changed when I met Blair Singer because he taught me one thing that literally changed my life!

I’m so excited for you because today could be the same day for you that I experienced years ago.

On today’s episode of the Quantum Success Show, I’m interviewing Blair and he’s not holding anything back 🙂

Blair also talks about the little voice, the self talk we have that typically holds you back, and expects perfection, etc. It is the voice that stops you from being who you are supposed to be.

He talks about what we need to know about the little voice so we can live a happier life.

And the good news is that it can be turned around quickly.

He also talks about accountability and why most people blow off accountability and don’t achieve their goals.

This interview is about 17 minutes and it’s extremely powerful. Take a minute to go and watch it today… You’re going to love what you learn 🙂

I hope this interview shifts you as much as it shifted me in creating it for you.

BTW – Here’s the link he mentions in the video where you can get free access to go deeper with this information.

Much love,



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