Creating Wealth

Affirming Abundance
March 26, 2009
Law of Attraction and Abundance
July 18, 2009

Go forward in your minds eye just one year from now and see yourself as rich, wealthy and massively successful. Get excited. Begin to let yourself think of the possibilities your life holds, now that you have achieved financial freedom..

Begin to imagine what it’s like now you have all your debts paid off, you have a pile of money in the bank and more flowing to you in an everlasting stream.

Begin to feel how that feels. Begin to flood your body with those feelings, begin to have every cell of your being tingling with the anticipation of that wonderful avalanche of abundance. Begin to FEEL like
you would feel once you’re wealthy. Strong, powerful, in control, relieved, proud, free, excited, happy, grateful.

Fill your body with those feelings, don’t just think it – really feel it flood through every cell of your being.

Begin to see, in your minds eye, the things you are doing, now that the money is flowing. See the experiences you are enjoying and the things you are buying and the projects you are undertaking and the
places you are traveling to and the fun you are experiencing.

Take the time to BE wealthy and the wealth will appear. See yourself as wealthy and feel yourself as rich at least 3 times today – even if for just 30 seconds or so.

See it and feel it. Flood your body with it. Enjoy it, believe it. Be grateful for it and it will be yours.


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