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The Abundance Principle

“The only problem facing you in life is the belief in separation from your Source. Solve that one and all the other ones will vanish.”

– John Randolph Price award-winning author of The Abundance Book


Abundance is a state of all-sufficiency; a mindset in which we are aware of and have unlimited access to an infinite supply of wellbeing. Whether we define this as love, money, success, joy, freedom, or wealth – each one of us comes into this world pre-programmed with the knowledge that lavish abundance is our birthright. If in any aspect of our lives we are struggling; if we feel discontent, resentful, or powerless to change the circumstances in which we find ourselves, it is only because we have lost sight of the true source of our power – and therefore, our prosperity.

The Abundance Principle is a six week coaching program – facilitated live by one of Christy’s Law of Attraction coaches – that will shift your vibration from limitation to abundance in every aspect of your life. Based on the principles taught in the The Abundance Book – and designed with the author’s blessing and consent, this course will empower you to stop looking for the abundance you desire from any person, place, or situation, and to access an unlimited source from within.

You will learn:

  • How money, relationships, and circumstances are all outer reflections of our connection to our inner supply.
  • To recognize the subconscious aversions you have toward wealth, and to release the resistance that is blocking the flow of wealth into your life.
  • How you attracted your current situation, and what you can do to change it.
  • To release limiting beliefs about your own worthiness, and receive the opportunities and possibilities that exist in every moment and in every situation.

Next Class Dates/Times:

  • TIME: 12pm Eastern or 9pm Eastern
  • RECORDINGS: All classes will be recorded in the case you are unable to attend.
Enrollment is currently closed. If you are interested in the downloadable version
of the program please visit our program page.

Filling In Your Energetic Grid with Abundance

Next Start Date: TBD

Duration: 40 days

Includes 3 inspiring and informative videos, 2 live calls with Christy Whitman, and an activity book so that you can marinate in the energy of abundance.

Everything is energy! Sometimes we allow the energy of our Divine self to flow, and at other times, there are blockages within us which prevent that flow. When our energy flows without resistance, we attract unlimited abundance into our daily lives.

You will learn:

  • about your energy grid and how these energetic grids affect what you create in your life.
  • A process to clear the energetic grid so there is flow.
  • A process to claim “your Universe” and fill it in with everything you want in all areas of your life: body, finances, career, relationships, and connection to Spirit.

This 40 Days program, will immerse you in the high vibration energy of abundance and show you how to channel that abundant energy into all areas of your life.

Enrollment is currently closed.
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