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On this FREE Teleseminar you can learn to turn on your money “magnet” and draw in abundance. Learn how to connect with the abundance that is around you right now, and reprogram at a cellular level for abundance.

Join us for a free teleseminar on
November 4, 2014 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

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BarbaraAnselmiDear Christy and Evelyn,

I had a strong intention to create $50K before an important financial meeting that I had and went through the Magnetizing course shortly beforehand. I accomplished that easily!! Then I did it again for $40K. I received $25K and was so grateful and definitely celebrated the closeness of the match. Shortly after receiving the $25K, I discovered that in fact I also received the $40K, but it was not obvious at first. All the while I held the feeling of deserving and peace and surrender. This just feels so amazing and empowering — I’m at a loss for words. LOL

I’ve shared my great news with friends and they are blown away! Actually I am too. I just want to share this with you both because you’ve made this possible for me by taking me into this spectacular QSCA family and teaching me (and the rest of your students) how to be deliberate creators, clear limiting beliefs and evolve. Of course, this is an ongoing journey for us all but I want you to know how absolutely grateful I am to have you in my life as magnificent teachers, mentors, employers and friends. I love you both and am immensely grateful!!


~ Barbara

“I wanted to let you know that just from being on your free Magnetizing Teleseminar, within four days I received a letter from the US government telling me that I will be receiving a check for $24,099.33. I was not expecting that, nor was it a time to receive a refund check. It was the middle of December. It was just days after I did what you guided us to do in the teleseminar. Thank you so much.”

~ Katie S.

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