Magnetic Monday: What is the difference between abundance and irresponsibility?

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November 2, 2016
Magnetic Monday: Why Bad Things Show Up and What To Do About It
November 14, 2016

Have you ever watched someone that starts to change their emotional state to abundance, and even though they are in debt, because they now feel abundant they spend money that they don’t have?

I have seen this happen with many people that start to feel a certain way, and then act as if it is already their reality.

This brought up a question from one of my family members in this community.

What is the difference between being abundant and being irresponsible?

Enjoy the view and the information.

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I also want to say that whatever choice in made today in the USA, know that we are the only ones that can control our emotions, our vibration, and therefore our point of attraction. Our abundance, success and joy is NOT determined by who is elected to be the President of the United States, unless we assign it outside of ourselves to them. All is well.


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