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March 6, 2013
Abundance Course
March 6, 2013

I wanted to share this story with you from our Disney Cruise.

One night Frederic and I were having dinner by ourselves while the boys were in the amazing daycare. We were talking about our lives and how grateful we were. The waiter had come over and asked if we wanted to have dessert. I told him, “No thank you. I can’t eat anymore. I am full.”

So we continued our discussion. I was expressing to Frederic how I also feel truly full in my life. I was talking about my life and relationship with him—how far we have come as a couple, where we are going, what our vision is of our future, etc. I was talking about my career, which has always been my true purpose and passion. I was feeling so much love and gratitude for the team that I have behind me so that I am able to get this information out into the world inform and inspire others. I was talking about the feelings of freedom, abundance, and success.

And literally as I am saying the words, “I am full,” the waiter comes over with a plate and sets it down in front of me.

I am truly full and grateful for you.

And, I was not always in this full place. I was full of resistance.

Many times people ask me, what is considered “resistance”?

Here is a list of thoughts that keep you in resistance and out of allowing all your abundance to flow:

  • Fear
  • Doubt
  • Disappointment
  • Loneliness
  • Lack
  • Sadness
  • Confusion
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Hurt
  • Resentment
  • Envy
  • Jealousy
  • Blame
  • Guilt
  • Boredom
  • Depression
  • Judgment

Let’s take a deeper look at judgment. The minute we judge something, we create separation. It is good to evaluate things (and I am going to discuss this in great depth at the Quantum Success in Business live event in May), but when we put a judgment on people, places, things or situations, we then cut ourselves off from the energy flow.

We want something to be different, and therefore we are coming from lack.

When you are judging yourself, you are not in alignment with abundance. You are not in alignment with sufficiency. You are in a place of lack, and because you are sending out that negative vibration, you are receiving that matching signal back to you.

I have talked before about the difference between approval and acceptance. We may not approve of something or someone, but if we can at least get to a place of acceptance, we are out of judgment and we are allowing instead.


“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”

Carl Jung

Self-approval and self-acceptance in the present moment are the keys to positive change.

How often do you have unconditional love and deep acceptance for yourself just they way you are? Many of us get wrapped up in looking for approval, appreciation, acceptance and love from the outer world, and don’t realize that there is a vast infinite supply of it already within. This principle is in alignment with the Law of Abundance. Self-love is one of the most powerful habits and healing gifts that you can learn to give yourself. You are truly the only one who can be there 100% for you, and accept who you are no matter what happens in your life. While other people may have a deep appreciation for you, only you have the power to let in their love and feel it inside. The interesting thing is that you are only able to feel another person’s love for you when self-love is present in your life. By loving yourself, you allow in love from “outside” yourself.

When you activate the habit of letting in deeper feelings of self-acceptance and self-love, the world becomes a truly magical place. By bathing in the vibration of love, you actually experience the entire world from a softer, more empowered perspective. The mundane becomes sacred, and everyone you meet feels deeply connected with the Divine. The simplest of experiences you have each day become doorways to the Divine. There is a higher awareness in you of a natural effortless connection with your Divine Essence. This helps you to receive the most loving relationships, abundant wealth, peak health, and most satisfying career in your life!

Write out 10 things about yourself that you can accept right now. How do you feel about those things?

How do you feel when you accept all that you have and all that you are right now?

Say the affirmation: “I love and accept myself, just as I am right now.” Say this affirmation with feeling, and direct your attention to all the different parts of your body, your emotions, your circumstances, and your entire life.

As always, in this newsletter, there are teleseminars, resources, affirmations, and meditations to help you on your journey to empowerment.

Click here to listen to my recent interview with Sheri Kaye Hoff for her Be Free, Be Happy Online Expo.

Have an amazing month and know that you deserve everything you desire and more!

Imagine and enjoy,

“Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.”


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