Meet the Author of a Truly Life-Changing Book

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In this section I have some great resources for you. My intention is to provide you with these resources so that you can continue the journey to empowerment. Some of them may resonate with you, and others may not. It is like being at a buffet . . . just take what you like and leave the rest. Enjoy!

Meet the Author of a Truly Life-Changing Book

Do you remember that rare and amazing feeling when you found a book that really turned you on?

A book where, when you turn the last page, you’re saying to yourself:

“Wow. This changes everything. I would love to meet this guy.”

Well, you’re in luck. Not only do I have such a book for you (a truly life-changing book), I also have a way for you to meet him and get those “deeper details” only the author can provide.

The book is The New Science of Super Awareness, by Bill Harris, noted brain expert and Founder and Director of Centerpointe Research Institute.

The New Science of Super Awareness launched as a #1 Amazon bestseller in 4 different categories, selling over 7,000 copies within a few hours.

The New Science of Super Awareness shows you how, by making certain changes in your brain, you can dramatically increase your awareness, willpower, happiness, emotional resilience, creativity, motivation, flow, focused awareness and many other desirable qualities.

When you meet Bill on this fun and informative “Virtual Book Tour” you’ll learn the story behind the book and the research, along with many additional details that will make the book really come alive for you.


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