Person, Place, or Thing?

Age of the Soul
December 5, 2013
December 31st New Year’s Eve Meditation
December 5, 2013

Are you clear on what you want to manifest in 2014?

Are you looking for a person to come into your life? Who is it? Why do you want them in your life? How will they enhance your life? What will you be able to bring to their life? How will the interactions with this person make you feel?

Are you looking for a material thing like a new house, a new job, or a new car? What is this thing and how will it enhance your life? What will having this thing in your life give to you that you don’t already have? What is the feeling that you think it will bring to you?

Are you looking for an experience? What type of experience are you looking for? Meeting someone new, going on an exotic trip, or seeing a Broadway play? What new experience are you looking for? Or are you just looking to experience life from a different perspective than the one you currently have? What is that new perspective?

These are important questions to help you get clear as you move into the new year.

What do you want 2014 to be about? What is the “theme” or “essence” that you want to experience?

For example, years ago I remember having a conversation with my Dad and telling him that I am really happy. I had just married Frederic, we had moved into our new house that we built, and my coaching business was really taking off (no Alex and Maxim yet—they were just stars sparkling in the cosmos). And he said something to me that rocked me at the core. He said, “Be careful because there is no utopia.” Waa waa waa.

That really bothered me because if there was no utopia, what was the point of me working with the Universal Laws? What was the point of me teaching these laws so that others could attract what they want?

I got so upset that I said, “Yes! There is utopia and I am living it.” So for the next several years, on each New Year’s Eve I would declare the year I was moving into to be “The Year of Utopia.”

Utopia is defined as a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities.

Although I am not going for perfection (been there, done that—there is no perfection. Read Perfect Pictures here), I certainly am going for a highly desirable life.

Make a declaration of what you want your 2014 to be. Do you want it to be your year of abundance, success, love, expansion, or adventure?

Or will you join me in 2014 to be the year of Utopia, where you can have it all and enjoy each moment of it?

It is always your choice, and it starts with how you feel.

Have an amazing December and holiday season. Remember to meet me on the New Year’s Eve call. It makes a huge difference in your energy for the upcoming new year.


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