“Much gratitude to Christy Whitman and the Quantum Success Coaching Academy for a supportive family of like minded people, creating inspiration and knowledge that has increased my abundance in many facets of my life, and resulting in exponential personal growth. Are you ready to begin a transformative experience, as I have? As an educator and Elementary School Counselor of 31 years, relationships, integrity, and heart­-centeredness are first and foremost. I am delighted that these fundamental qualities are a natural fit within the QSCA. These principles are evident from Christy, and are continually demonstrated within the QSCA program. Christy Whitman’s QSCA videos initially illuminated the path to pursue my passion of continuing to help others grow and manifest their desires as a life coach, which continued through the QSCA program.

The comprehensiveness of the QSCA program is top notch! This program creates an avenue for personal growth that prepares one for success in business. I found the following to be extremely beneficial as part of this program: the multi­modal and heart­-centered approaches of teaching the skills of coaching and business development; cooperative learning and practice that occurs with the coaching buddies and pod group members; the growth mind­set of the curriculum; opportunities for connection within the Facebook group of amazing QSCA coaches and students; reflective feedback on coaching sessions; mentoring and support from a QSCA coach; opportunities for business development throughout the course and through the Quantum Success In Business event (where I got to meet Christy in person for the first time…she is the real deal and so down to earth!); a plethora of resources and support materials; bonuses that will surprise and delight the QSCA family; and most of all connections with other heart­-centered and like-­minded people… all contribute to the unwavering feeling and knowing that I am not alone on this journey.

The passage within the QSCA has been a huge return on investment. The knowledge and techniques that I have learned from Christy Whitman and her team of highly skilled, caring, and talented teachers, mentors, and support staff has helped me understand and experience what Divine Timing in the supportive Universe really is, a deeper understanding of the 7 Essential Laws, and being more aware of how to be a focused Deliberate Creator. I have created space, time, and support during some recent family health challenges and manifested additional income streams that move me towards my goals of retiring and being a full-­time coach. I attribute my ability to flow through this challenging time of contrast to what I have learned and absorbed from my experiences within the QSCA.

So….if you desire a transformation in personal growth that will create a metamorphosis for you to also be a successful certified life coach…then you will arrive home…in Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy family.”

Elizabeth (Beth) Myers, MS
Certified QSCA LOA Success Coach
Owner of Arrival Coaching

“I totally love the QSCA program, it is so clearly structured and seems to really build on one step at a time, with such clarity that I feel I have a real map to follow to become a great coach. Also, it has such depth and works in such a rounded way, meeting my intellectual needs for learning but also so much more, to include my emotional growth and my spiritual growth too. Truly inspiring how this is done. I feel inspired and uplifted after every class and get the feeling of exactly why I am on this course. More than just a vocational course, I feel it also helps me to transform my own life, to move from being a participant of my life depending on what life brings towards me to now becoming a deliberate creator, forging my life with consciousness, and deliberate focus on what I do want. What a gift this is! Thank you Christy for creating this amazing program and helping me to fulfill my dreams.”

Tina Weston
The Purple Tree
Coaching for Mums of young children who feel too drained to enjoy their children
Phone: 0044-7792-447913
email: td.weston@yahoo.co.uk

“I have been a conscious co-creator, participating in my Spiritual Journey for more than 30 years.

Signing up for the QSCA and taking full advantage of all it has to offer has exposed me to a full spectrum buffet which I absolutely love!

I receive education, experiential growth, coaching practice, business guidance, support, community and so much more.

Thank you Christy for this wonderful platform!”

Kim Rainer
Owner, All About Spirit

“I have experienced an incredible self transformation with working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel inspired, empowered and joyous by being a part of this program. I am confident that my Life Coaching service and Recreation Therapy programs will continue to evolve and expand in helping others to create happy and fulfilling lives because of the QSCA program. I love the vision and overall intention of the QSCA program. This world is ready for more conscious, Law of Attraction Coaches! Thank you QSCA and Christy!”

Candace Lynch, CTRS, LC
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Life Coach

“Since I heard Christy talking about the QSCA I felt like it was my time. I had to take my leap of faith, face my fears and invest in myself. I was scared about taking the risk of changing my life, but the need to live on purpose helping others was burning inside me. So, I reflect on it and thought that at the very least I would change my life forever!! so… there wasn’t really any risk at all! And it is better to try, and know than never trying at all. I am very happy being part of this family. Thank you QSCA!”


“After more than 10 years of looking for something to make me feel fulfilled and inspired, I finally discovered the QSCA… Enroll this program was the best decision of my life!

I have experienced a great spiritual growth by finding my purpose in life with the QSCA. I feel that, by being a part of this heart-centered family I am able to help people shifting and discover their full potencial and live joyfully their dreams as I am now starting to live my own as well. I am so excited and grateful for that…All the program until now is absolutely fabulous and exceeded all my expectations. Can´t hardly wait for the Light Body Module, coming next…”

Luísa Sousa
Estoril, Portugal
Skype: luisa.sousa59

“I love, value and appreciate the energy the QSCA has been created from. Working with the QSCA and Christy truly has uplifted and inspired me to feel confident that I can fulfil my desires, and potential in my life. I have experienced the sincere, enthusiastic, encouraging, genuine, authentic energy from which the knowledge is taught with and this can only flow from the intellect of the heart and soul and the loving caring intention of the QSCA to help people grow in abundance by understanding all the Laws of Attraction and being aware of how the Universe always supports us, I feel being part of the program it is a Soul nourishing, healing and empowering course for success in life.”

Irene Worthington

“I absolutely LOVE the QSCA program. My instructor Evelyn is amazing and a voice straight from Heaven. She captivates my attention each week and makes learning the processes exciting while gaining valuable needed knowledge, making sure we are prepared for our individual life coach careers. I also found my mentor Lola! to be very encouraging and eager to help in ANY way she can.. Everyone at the QSCA goes out of their way to make this experience the best that anyone can offer and Christy continually surprises us with bonuses that help round out every aspect of knowledge we need to become an amazing life coach!!”

Janet Dudley

“Thank you QSCA team for all the growth you guys are bringing in to my life. I am now more aware of the vibration I consciously choose to be in and how it influences my life.”

Josefina Webster

“Through my experience as a healer, trainer, nutritional counselor, athlete and coach, I’ve learned that in order to be a better version of myself, I must seek out the people who have already achieved what I desire. This is also the way to go farther faster and achieve the best results. And this desire to become a better communicator, and have meaningful interactions with others is what attracted me to get certified as a Law of Attraction Coach with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA).

While going through the QSCA certification program, I was reminded that most people desire personal development, self-preservation and health. Similarly, most coaches are extremely motivated for their own self-development, and they celebrate when they notice others improving their lives in the areas of health, wealth, love and happiness. It’s the concept of “If everyone is improving, then everyone is improving!” and good coaches help us all live it.”

Jesse Harshbarger

“Training with the QSCA has allowed me to step into the development of my most cherished career dreams; namely confidently supporting my clients as they create their most fulfilled lives. I have been an energy healer for many years, and felt a call to expand my practice to offer even more benefit to my clients. Thanks to the comprehensive education I am receiving at QSCA, I am able to make the kind of difference I had only dreamed of before. My most wholehearted gratitude goes out to Christy and the amazing team at the QSCA!”

Robin Poling

“I have invested in many self-help programs, but what I have experienced with Christy Whitman and the QSCA is top-notch–amazing personal growth and the rapid acquisition of new and valuable skills for helping family, friends, and clients to get more love and abundance out of life. Before coming to the QSCA, I had meditated regularly on a daily basis for two years straight; at the QSCA I have learned amazing new techniques that have brought my meditations and ability to magnetize to a whole new level. Clients now tell me that my guided meditations are better than any they have experienced before, even in their meditation classes. I am confident that because of the QSCA, I will continue to blossom into the best and most joyous version of myself in my personal life and as a life coach. I love the rigorous curriculum, the personalized attention, the multitude of bonuses, the assigned homework buddies, and the mentoring.”

Barbara Klaw
Professor of French
Energy Healer
Life Coach
b22klaw@gmail.com; coachbarbaraklaw@gmail.com
website URL: https://coachbarbaraklaw.coachesconsole.com

“Attending the QSCA and working with Christy Whitman and her fabulous instructors, is a real game changer for me. The information is timely and keeps great pace with our ever-changing world. I have graduated from other Coaching programs and this is a “top of the list” program. This Coaching program is for anyone ready to take their life to the NEXT level!”

Gwen Parker-Downs

“Going through the QSCA is turning out to be a fantastic experience for growth and expansion. The program is well thought and presented.

I feel that by being a part of this program I am fully supported to becoming a Law of Attraction Coach and I am looking forward to the exciting possibilities.

Additionally, I love that the program gives me and so many others an opportunity to be of service and contribute to raising the vibration of humanity.”

Kim DeClair

“I just wanted to share with everyone that my experience with the QSCA is completely outstanding. This program has it all! So, if you are interested in improving your life, as well as perusing a coaching career, then this is the right choice for you. You will absolutely love it!”

Susan May

“I researched several programs designed for getting a certification for becoming a certified life coach and I feel I made the best decision possible by going with QSCA. Everyone from Christy to my trainer, my mentor, and the staff I turn in assignments to have always been very helpful. I have only dealt with people who are very positive and share their journey along this path with us. It is a wonderful program with a complete package to make sure we have the basics of everything we need to embark on a new career and life.

I feel blessed to be in this program with like minded people who live by the Law of Attraction and teach it so thoroughly. It has been a journey of joy and so much enlightenment and personal growth. I now understand completely how very powerful my thoughts and words are.

I am confident that I will be able to have both the skills and the knowledge to begin my coaching career and I am so happy to think about what an honor it will be to help other people in the near future to understand the Law of Attraction and come to know themselves and take control of their lives as I know they will. It will be such a thrill to celebrate their victories and help them to live the life that is waiting for them just as I am doing.

I love every part of the QSCA program and I believe it to be the best of all that I have reviewed for sure. Everything has been handled in a very open manner, no hidden agenda or promising one thing while the delivery is another matter. They truly want to help each of us succeed in our chosen path.”

Sue Hutchinson

“The level of the QSCA mentors and teachers is top. I am so happy to have deliberately created the reality of studying a program that is one-of-a-kind. Christy was so wise to surround herself by the best and most seasoned specialists in their fields. I am very grateful to Christy and to all her collaborators.”

Alfonso Andrade

“I’ve read the books, I’ve seen the movie, but it wasn’t until now, taking the in depth QSCA course, that these powerful laws are really sinking in and becoming second nature.

I wake up in the morning so excited to start the day. I have focus, patience, gratitude and an overall sense of well-being.

This course is for anyone wanting to truly grow and develop themselves as well as making a real difference to others.”

Deborah Hanks

“I’ve been on a journey of self-improvement for quite a while, but didn’t really understand the unlimited power of personal transformation until I experienced the QSCA. Working with Christy and her team has shown me a whole new level of growth and mind-blowing energy!

“I’m so grateful I found Christy and the QSCA! Your tremendous insight and energy has brought me to a new level of personal transformation that I can’t wait to share with others. I love the value the program has brought to my business and my life. Thank you!”

Maria Lynn Johnson
Dynamic Speaker, Transformational Coach

“I have loved having the chance to work with other students and get to know people around the world through taking the QSCA course. A big bonus has been the personal development that happens very quickly on engaging with the teachings. My close friends have all noticed and commented on the change in me as I have become more confident and positive. The structure and content of QSCA are excellent making it the best course I have come across. A big thank you to Christy.”

Sophie Fyson

“I am enjoying the QSCA certification course. Since getting started in the program I have gone from knowing the Law of Attraction to actually living it and that has enhanced not only my life immeasurably but lives of my clients.”

Nanci Kurtz
Law of Attraction Coach

“I was looking for a new career when I saw Christy’s presentation on coaching. I loved her dynamism and her enthusiasm. What she promised the training was going to be excited me. The program covers a lot of material, very well organized and paced. the instructors are knowledgeable and encouraging. I feel very supported as I go thru the different assignments. My knowledge is growing dramatically, my life and communication with family and friends have improved exponentially and I’m confident that I’ll be well equipped with both technical and business tools to be the greatest coach I want to be. I love the material presented and the connections that I’m making with the other students.”

Laura Battelani

“The brilliance of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy is that it is a vehicle for not just becoming a certified life coach, but that it is also a personal transformational program. It is like getting 2 for 1! Among all of the options out there to choose from, I love that this comprehensive Academy offers something quite unique.

The personal support and professional training are top notch. I am so pleased I followed through and decided on this certification program.”

Catherine Mazur

“My life has completely changed since I took a leap of faith and decided to join Christy Whitman’s life-­changing QSCA program! I was already on a spiritual journey (which led me to the QSCA in the first place) but my awareness and connection with who I truly am has expanded exponentially since starting the program. I immediately felt like a part of the QSCA family and have experienced SO much love and support from Christy and all of her heart centered wonderful team. I also absolutely LOVE the lifelong heart connections I have made with my wonderful pod group and some of the other students during the program! The program is very well­-rounded, teaching you the coaching skills necessary as well as completely connecting you with your own Divine Self and that of your clients in your work. It has been just an amazing journey in so many different ways. I graduated from the QSCA about 6 months ago and am now building a wonderful coaching business which brings me incredible joy and the feeling that I am finally living my purpose! Thank you Christy and the entire QSCA team for helping me to believe in myself and transform my life!”

Tami Schmickle
Transformational Coach and Spiritual Astrologer
Celestial Transformations

“I have always been passionate about my spiritual growth and personal development, but my journey has accelerated tremendously since I attracted the QSCA into my life and connected with Christy Whitman. Before beginning the QSCA, I had a solid understanding of the Law of Attraction and Universal Laws, however my experience with the QSCA took my understanding to a much deeper and more profound level of awareness. Not only have I become a part of a whole new family of inspirational angels, but I have honed in on my coaching niche, I have learned what type of clients I want to attract, and I have become more grounded and empowered in who I really am. Because of this, I am able to be far more present and grounded when coaching others.

To be of service to others, we must first take care of ourselves, and the QSCA is an incredible platform to cultivate more alignment with our deepest desires, more self­-love and a greater sense of empowerment. I will forever use what I have learned from the QSCA, in every aspect of my life. Thank you Christy, for creating this vibrational family of love, joy and co­creation. And I thank myself for being in the vibrational vicinity to attract Christy and her work into my life! I am forever grateful.”

Lisa Drennan

“My experience with the QSCA has led me on a most unexpected journey!

It was my intention to become educated in the application of Law of Attraction to further my own personal growth and perhaps help family members navigate down their own paths. Little did I know I would create a thriving business helping others while creating a financial future doing what I most love.

I have been an empath, by nature, going back to my earliest memories. I had a tendency to take on the energy of others and then becoming stuck in their discomfort and drama. This affected me not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My desire was to stop the cycle, release the energy of others and to channel it into something positive!

After reviewing and evaluating many other programs I kept coming back to the QSCA. I signed up and viola….life began to change quickly as I began to grow within myself.

There was never a moment that I did not feel fully supported by the incredibly enlightened and extraordinarily generous staff. I don’t believe there is a single issue a student could have that someone on the QSCA team would be unable to guide them through…not one. Their warmth and guidance is astounding and the professionalism is always firmly intact.

I now have a coaching business that incorporates the teachings of Law of Attraction with several other energy expanding modalities. I help others be all they can be which touches my heart is ways I cannot begin to fully explain. This would never have been possible without the QSCA, who did not teach me what to think, but taught me how to think! They taught me to create, to expand, to allow, to release, to assist, to forgive and to love life and all forms within it! When I began to transform my beliefs to coincide with my deepest truths, others were naturally drawn to my energy and to what I was then able to teach them! My business has grown exponentially as a result.

I love that my work day can begin with a cup of coffee, warm slippers, a phone and an iPad….I can be ready for work the moment I jump out of bed! I can travel anywhere in the world and never miss a single appointment. I get to help people everywhere I go and the rewards are enormous.

It is so exciting to know I can manifest my income based on my own timetable, preferences or needs. The only one who calls the shots in this glorious life of mine is me….fully in charge and loving life everyday!

If you are interested in expanding your awareness, helping yourself and others, changing careers, being in charge in every moment of your life then may I suggest the QSCA. Upon completion of the program you will be fully ready, capable and confident to open the doors to your very own business and enjoy all the freedoms that come with it. You truly can do what I have done and become completely in charge of your life and loving it each and every day!”

Cathi Measures
QSCA Certified LOACC

“It is Never Too Late to Live Your Life of Unlimited Successful Fulfillment

WOW … What a FUNtastic ride it is to be in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. At 73, I AM here to happily share with you that it is never too late to be living a life you truly love and deserve. I came to QSCA with an open mind and open heart to learn how to implement in my own life all that is singing in my soul. The awesome training I received in personally applying all that is offered in QSCA and the professional ability I gained to successfully share that with others as a Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach, the individual support of loving instructors, the awesome content and brilliant unfolding structure of the course material, the feeling of “coming home” to a community of like­-minded people, and the amazing generosity of Christy Whitman all result in awesome abundance in every area of life – right here, right now.

If you are ready to step more fully into your own unique journey, I encourage you to experience for yourself the profound joy you are meant to live on PlayGround Earth. Enrolling in QSCA is the best investment you will ever gift yourself.

Like QSCA, I thrive in helping people transform their self­-limiting beliefs into self­-fulfilling breakthroughs, so they can also achieve their own personal and professional dreams.”

I AM Aunty Ardath, aLOhA Happy Life Coach, Transformational Author, Speaker, Film /TV Producer, Radio Talk Show Host, Serial Entrepreneur, Hula Dancer/Teacher, Proud Great Grandmother and The Happiest Philanthropist on PlayGround Earth.

“I am confident that the investment in the QSCA program, the POSITIVE experiences I have gained, with the empowerment of learning processes and techniques, and discovering more fully, my path, while working together with such beautiful mentors, coaches, groups, and peers, on the QSCA team, I have contributed to, not only my multilevel SUCCESS in all realms, but to those involved in the QSCA, and those whose lives I touch every day, as well, in PROSPERITY, JOY, and FREEDOM!
As I coach using the wisdom of the ages, while in the PRECIOUS PRESENT, I am excited to see clients envision, embrace, and realize their TRUTH, POSSIBILITY, and POTENTIALITY, with their personal STANDARDS and PRINCIPLES, as they SUCCEED in CREATING their LEGACY!”

Kaylind Olson

“I have experienced a higher level of personal growth and a better understanding of the Law of Attraction by working with the QSCA and Christy. I have been given access to so much valuable information and I have learned so much in such a short period of time. By being part of this program I feel “loved” and “supported” to be the best Coach I can be. I am confident that I have created a strong foundation to be a Law Of Attraction Coach and create my thriving Coaching practice because of the QSCA program. And most significantly I love the community that I get to be involved with. I love my POD Group and I love my coaching buddies. They are the best part of the QSCA program for me.”

Belkis Trivino

“I have experienced a tremendous and empowering shift in my life since engaging in the QSCA. The processes, the connection, the learning and the passion I get to tap into daily is fabulous. From frequent bonuses to continued learning, the QSCA is always offering incentives to enhance my learning and overall engagement. Before, I “hoped” I was on the right path with coaching…now, I KNOW I am thanks to the clarity and positive outcomes I’ve received from this program!”

Brandy Hansen
Business & Success Coach

“I misunderstood the wealth of knowledge and support that would be set before me through QSCA. I can’t say enough that the content is very well thought out, and the Business module amazingly comprehensive. It has opened my eyes to a world that I would only have dreamed of before, and now know it’s possible for me. I’m so pleased I joined QSCA and cant thank you enough for this opportunity.”

Wendy Mouldey

“I have experienced substantial personal growth and the comradely of my wonderful pod ladies hooking us up with these pods is brilliant! Christy’s insights and integrity are beyond my expectations.

I have been and continue to be so blessed to have been led to her because I am being equipped with the knowledge and the training to operate in that knowledge so that wisdom becomes a part of me forever! Love it! And gives me the confidence I lacked

The best part is the pod group. Being with people starting out as I and learning from each other greatly enhances the growth in the QSEA program. I like that we are not alone throughout the course

With this program I now truly believe in “having it all””

Lisa Sullivan

“I have experienced so much growth within myself working with the QSCA and Christy. She provides SO much more than just a class to learn about the Law of Attraction and how to work with clients using those teachings. I’ve listened to a lot of webinars where someone is wanting you to join their classes and offering all kinds of things – Christy delivers everything she says she will and SO MUCH MORE! I feel blessed to be part of this program and to have met such warm and loving people. It really is a “family” experience – and one of those families everyone dreams of becoming a part of. I am confident that I will continue to learn grow and to help others grow into the person they truly want to become because of taking this QSCA program. I loved learning the processes and how to apply them in my own life. Even if I wasn’t going to be doing coaching as a profession, this course has been invaluable to me in my own life and my own growth. I will forever be using the Law of Attraction in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Christy (and everyone involved with the QSCA), for what you are doing for so many people!”

Diane McFarland

“The teaching and support are absolutely amazing. I am improving myself and learning how to help others. I feel very empowered to go and do whatever I want to do in the world and in my life.

I have made some truly amazing long term friendships with other classmates and enjoy learning and practicing the lessons and processes with them. I feel like we are family and this is a great positive uplifting experience. The business building is giving me the confidence in my ability to be a successful coach and to make the world a better place.

The classes are very educational, uplifting and wonderful. I am growing in my own life, it is teaching me processes to continue to be clearer on what it is I want out of my life and ways to make it all happen.The teachers and staff are so supportive and encouraging, always willing and able to help. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I am so very grateful for this course and all the wonderful bonuses and benefits. Christy Whitman is giving so much more than I ever expected.”

Janet Wilson

“I understand that to be a great coach, one needs to have the opportunity to self transform. The QSCA program offers that opportunity in a supportive setting. What I really like about it is the amount of materials we receive during the program: audios, videos, books, other written materials – it’s a lot of information that will continue to provide new insights as they are used again and again in the future!”

Dr. Carolann Wolfgang

“I’ve been in the QSCA program 5 months and I’m amazed at the personal transformation that has taken place for me in all areas of my life. Not only has the career direction of being a certified LOA life coach expanded my happiness but my entire outlook on life, family, friends, money and my future has skyrocketed. Almost every day now I’m out of bed at 6:30 am planning and generally feeling excited about the day ahead. The QSCA program is not easy and it requires dedication but spiritually, physically and emotionally the expansion that results is worth every moment of effort.

Being part of the QSCA family is being among a fantastic group of loving, kind, generous, happy and compassionate people. Everyone is approachable and willing to help each other in any capacity. The students, members and teachers are living their joy and it shows in every encounter.

I’m thrilled that I discovered this path and as my new life unfolds I feel such gratitude that my direction is exactly the direction that I needed to take.

There is so much that I love about the QSCA program. I learn so much from working with my Coaching Buddies. Whether I’m coaching or being coached there is so much deep learning that I experience. It’s wonderful, too, because we can work with as many coaching buddies as we want. Practice makes perfect and I’m working with 3 wonderful, generous, compassionate coaching buddies who help me work through the issues of coaching professionally but also coach me on things that I need to work on personally.”

Lisanne Franco

“The number one thing that stands out for me during my time at QSCA is the level of heart centered quality support I have received from all I have made contact with at QSCA. You are all an incredibly supportive, organized group and I am grateful for all you do.

I am on a spiritual quest in Greece as I am typing this and trying to think about what I do not enjoy about QSCA and I can only feel truly sad I will be missing class. I love the positive energy I feel from Evelyn (my instructor) and others on the call.”

Patti Hindiyeh
Life Coach
Supporting You to Live Your Life With Intention

“I have experienced great joy and growing awareness with working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel my expansion by being a part of this program and I am grateful for it. I am confident that my customers and business will be more successful because of the QSCA program. I love the gentle, wonderful people, the structure and the information, delivery and supporting materials of the QSCA program.”

Sasha Lomas

“This is more than just coaching training! I have been in numerous training courses and none of them give the amount of personal and professional training as the QSCA. As a result of this training I am confident that I will have ALL that I need to create a successful coaching career. I love the how the course challenges you to be your very best. It brings out all your best qualities to help you become an Authentic Coach. Coaching true to who I am. This is the biggest gift. Best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”

Nuala McCann

“I can not say enough about Christy Whitman, and the QSCA program. Taking this program has been one of the best decisions in my life, hands down. I have grown so much as a person, and as a coach in such a short amount of time. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and successful in their own right. I am very confident that because of this program, I will become a very successful coach as well. I love knowing that because of this coaching program, that all things are possible, and because of the knowledge I have gained, I am confident as I take the skills I have learned out into the world so many people will benefit, as I help them transform their lives like QSCA transformed mine.”

Susan Boartfield
Transformational Life Coach, Founder of Become Empowered Now Coaching, and You are Love and Light

“I feel that being part of this QSCA program I am able to provide much greater value to my coaching clients. The classes are very well organized and although there is a lot of material to cover, it is delivered in such a way that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I’m loving the course.”

Juanita Shay

“I feel as if my entire life changed the day I started working with QSCA and Christy. I feel I have gained more clarity about what I want and have lot of value to offer by being part to this program. I am confident that I will succeed as a coach because of the well-structured course, high level of global support and knowing that I have uncovered my gift to the world. Today I started working with my first paying client and feel so inspired and grateful. I love everything about the QSCA program.”

Elisabeth Steel

“If anyone is ‘on the fence’ in deciding to join the QSCA … I encourage you to just do it! It was one of the best decisions I have made. As a coach, I have taken multiple programs over the years and by far the QSCA is the most comprehensive. This course provides everything you need to become a confident coach – the classes, the mentor calls, the manual, the website, the support, and all the bonus materials – it is all there! Not only do I feel like I’m offering more value to my clients, but I have also experienced tremendous personal growth since becoming a member of the QSCA.”

Diane Adkins
Better Beyond Coaching Solutions – Midlife Solutions for Women

“I wanted to teach personal development program but I was in a confusion state of how to do it and where to begin until I found out about QSCA. At that time I was in a debt as well as I was jobless. Christy preview workshop had shared with me all the important reasons about being a coach and the potential to make money as a career. When I decided to embark into the QSCA program, I begin to learn more and was able to align myself. I found a career for myself within a short period of time and started to make some money while I am learning to be a coach from QSCA. This program have given me enough of time to practice and to experience what a coach should be and how to do it. Most importantly it have help me to move on positively while I am facing with my current challenges in life.”

Jason Goh

“I began a personal journey to find out what made people tick some 35 years ago…after reading and re-reading / listening to almost every imaginable source of New Age materials available to mankind, along with attending and being certified in other programs. I finally found a source of materials and educational system that QSCA provides as an excellent way to apply and understand the teachings I previously took in…I know that because of the QSCA program and its Coaching staff I have found a source of invaluable information and direction that allows me to understand and create my own unique path and journey towards my life’s desires and dreams with far greater speed and success than ever before.

I feel blessed to be part of the QSCA team and all that it brings to me as a Seeking Soul and would encourage anyone seeking more from their journey to consider the program.

Wishing you Joy and Happiness Beyond your Imagination.”

Richard Sewchuk
Inner Personal Communication Specialist and Law of Attraction Lifestyle Coach

“QSCA has been pushing me gently towards my goals and given me the wonderful opportunities to meet lovely people around the world. I love my pod members, my coaching buddy, my mentor, instructor, and I am also grateful that QSCA constantly introduces us to those professionals and experts who are already successful and inspiring to us. Because of what I am learning from the course, I am confident to say that I am in the process of becoming a successful coach myself! This really has been a life changing experience for me! Thank you”

Satomi Keely

“I love QSCA loving family. Before I started the program I really had no idea what life coach was and how it was going to change my life. Now that I am into my sixth month I am grateful that I joined. The program has helped me grow as a person. My life continues to grow and expand. The resources and support offered by QSCA is amazing. The tools and information provided is very practical, useful and can easily be applied. Evelyn Apostolou is an amazing teacher and Debbie Corey a wonderful mentor. All the staff I have dealt with have been very helpful. I am really thankful to Christy for having this program and I look forward to learning more about LOA coaching and Reiki from Evelyn, and Light Body from Christy. Thank you Christy Whitman and Evelyn Apostolou for coming into my life and teaching me the new skills. I look forward to being able to apply everything I learn and help others. I would recommend QSCA program to anybody who wants to become a coach or just improve their own life.”

Julie Boskovic

Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy has changed my entire life. The instructors are experienced Law of Attraction Coaches who support, motivate, challenge, and inspire me. I have experienced so much growth and healing in my own life since starting the coaching program. The best thing about the program is it teaches you the valuable skills to become a law of attraction life coach. Amazingly the program incorporates the marketing and business skills necessary to assist you in building a successful coaching practice. Because of this rewarding program I am so excited about life and future career! Thank you Christy Whitman and the QSCA staff! You are best of the best!”

Leslie Welch

The QSCA taught me so much about coaching and how to effectively keep clients moving forward with powerful strategies and of course, accountability. I loved being in the program because it kept my energy high throughout the year. Christy, Evelyn, and the rest of the team were fantastic. Since I always want to get new skills and be the best coach possible for my clients, I continued my professional development and got additional certifications and went to countless seminars. Now that I have more experiences to compare the QSCA to, I am even more appreciative of it.

QSCA is where I learned how to structure a coaching session, and how to work with clients week after week. Many other programs teach strategies and principles but don’t explain what coaching really is. Some students “lecture” their clients for an hour, regurgitating the awesome teachings they are exposed to, believing that they are being helpful. QSCA offers feedback to its students on their coaching sessions, and ensures that by the end of the program, students will know how to coach. Not lecture, not advise, not just listen, but coach! No matter how many students are enrolled, the QSCA always has enough staff to provide one-on-one support and feedback on the homework submitted, and that’s what makes all the difference.”

Audrey Reille, Success Coach

I’ve grown so much since I’ve started QSCA that is unbelievable. Christy’s authenticity in offering such a life changing tools is priceless. I’ve opened myself to new opportunities, new visions and new perception of my life and my reality. By being a part of this program I’ve not only learned many different things, but I’ve shared also this journey by being a part of a big loving and caring family. I’m so grateful for all this!”

Anna Juricic

Before the QSCA program, I was not quite sure what my life purpose was. . I now know with perfect clarity what my dharma is and I am beyond excited and blissful to know I have such a powerful purpose to help countless people live their best life. This program is a God send and I am beyond grateful for the amazing transformation that I have already experienced and I haven’t even graduated yet!

Thank you Christy and all your amazing staff- you are all blessings to all of us in the program.

Dean Vega
Transformational Life Coach Author and Speaker

Hello Christy and the QSCA Team!

I am 3 weeks into the QSCA program and I wanted to share my gratitude with you for designing and producing such an amazing training program!

Foremost right now my gratitude centers around how supported I feel in walking this path. Everything is so organized and there are so many people eager to help me and my fellow trainees that, this morning, during my first mentor call, I was overcome with happiness and relief.

You see, lately – in response to contrast at my current job – I have been focusing on my desire to work with people who share my vision for loving and empowering others. This QSCA offers in spades! 🙂

But I also realized this morning that another desire I put into my “vortex” long ago – to feel completely supported when developing new skills and accomplishing new tasks – has now manifested as well! So often in my job I have felt thrown into the deep end, but in situations where preparation and training could have been provided if only the intent had been there and time had been made. Consciously I decided I would do things differently if I were in charge. But I had no idea the level of relief I would feel to be a part of such a well-though-out and supportive program as QSCA.

So thank you so much! I am so glad to be here!”

Best regards,

Melinda Harlow

What I like about the QSCA is the interactive structure of the program. I enjoy an instructor, a mentor, 4 Pod Group members, coaching buddies, admin personnel, and of course Christy Whitman. All are available and are very responsive to my questions and needs. I am enjoying countless bonus materials and resources offered throughout the course including free coaching sessions if I choose. The QSCA even has its own Face Book page to engage further with the hundreds of members of the QSCA “family”. For me the program is total immersion and interaction. It is my perfect way to learn not only how to coach but offers the tools to create my own coaching business! I believe this program is a one-stop-shop if you are considering being the best coach you can be.”

Best regards,

Jeffrey Jett

I just wanted you to know how much I love the QSCA Program. All of my expectations going into the program have been exceeded from Day 1. AThe value of the program is second to none. QSCA has changed my life professionally and personally. My life continues to unfold and expand in wonderful exciting ways each and every day. I am delighted and honored to be part of the QSCA family. My heartfelt thanks to you and all of your team. You guys ROCK!”

Sue P. Singleton

I am so blessed to be a part of the QSCA program. I love the way the course is designed to support my success and I love the outcome I am experiencing in my everyday life. I know that this program has changed my life for the better in ways that continue to expand and unfold. I am so excited to wake up in the morning with new tools to Deliberately Create My Day. Thank you so much for all the amazing people who have made this program a huge success in my life!”

Aspen, CO

“Hello Christy, My experience with the QSCA has been an amazing journey. After the first orientation I was extremely excited. As I lie in bed that night I felt like I had purchased a professional sports franchise. Wow! I have all the power to create what I want my organization to look like from management to coaches to the players. But the difference would be, clients that would be impacted by coaching insights and processes to shift their focus and raise their energy. I believe as they explore all the wonderful possibilities that their life will transform and transcend to greater heights. Christy your program was the next step in my own evolution and now I can feel my growth and development. Evelyn Apostolou is absolutely an incredible teacher and she has brought great insight to my spiritual journey through the QSCA. I believe that one day I will join you as Partner in some capacity of the QSCA. Thank You!!”

Calvin Carey
Life Coach

I have experienced fabulous advancement in my personal growth working with the QSCA and Christy. As I’ve been going over the QSCA material, I am confident that I am becoming a great Law of Attraction Coach and Practitioner, and this confidence is been replicated in my personality. I especially value the mental processes taught in the program which greatly have helped me improve with procrastination becoming more assertive and productive.

I certainly recommend this QSCA Program which will launch you into a better life, as it has been for me.”

Francisco Tolentino
Law of Attraction Coach and Practitioner

My intent was to become a LOA Coach, but my personal growth during this process makes all the work that much more rewarding. Christy and her team have assembled a powerful program that has deeply impacted my life and I would guarantee that it will benefit the quality of life for anyone who joins Christy’s “Family”.

I graduated with my MBA last year, but the practical internet business building will not be learned while at a university. Christy’s team makes it so simple, anyone can do this.

I am using the guidance from QSCA to coach a team of investors who are amazed at their investment returns. It is truly rewarding when you coach a team to excellence-a vision created while at the QSCA.

If you are not meeting your life’s goals and visions, please join Christy’s Family. Your ROI (Return On Investment) will be amazing!”

Kirk Gros

I have been in the QSCA Fall Class since October 2013. When I first was exploring coaching, I was concerned that it would go against my values and belief system. I didn’t believe in coincidence so I trusted that God put me with the QSCA for a reason as it became clearer that this is where I need to be to learn how to be a life coach. Throughout the course I have found that it does not go against by beliefs and values at all but actually compliments them. I have expanded and shifted to see how it all works together and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Things in my life have shifted as well as my perspectives. I’m now experiencing more abundance and blessings thanks to things I have learned at the QSCA on how to shift my vibration and perspective. Going through the QSCA, I’ve learned how to get unstuck and move ahead. I’ve always heard that God can’t move a parked car and through this course, I understand what that truly means. Thank you Christy Whitman and Kelly Lewis, this has been life changing and I can’t wait to go out and impact other women the way you have impacted me.”

Andrea Rockwood

As a QSCA member, and soon to be graduate, I can tell you that this Program is Awesome! Christy and her Educational Team delivery Quality information that is Reliable, Organized, and Transformational! I love that I can take the growth and skills that I have achieved, and now turn to teach and help others in my own life and my Coaching Practice!

My Love and Light returns to You QSCA!!!”

Love, and Gratitude,
Sheila Welker

I’m blown away by the value of the course. Not only monetarily, but personally as well. I’ve opened myself up to new possibilities, started shedding limiting beliefs based on the teachings of the course and seen amazing things manifest in my life. This course has been truly eye opening. I feel like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.”

Kris Valdez, Author and Coach
Novel Ideas, LLC

I have experienced transformation in every area of my life with the QSCA and Christy. I am truly grateful for this. The value that has been provided to me cannot Really be put into. I am just grateful for the support of the Universe to Allow me to be part of such an awesome program.”

Jackee Green

I am an amazing creator who loves learning. I wanted to learn how to coach and I gave myself the gift I’ll never regret and joined Christy and her team at QSCA. The value I’ve received is priceless. Christy and her team are devoted to giving beyond measure.

Since joining the QSCA I have experienced amazing personal growth and gained the confidence I needed to take myself to higher levels. I feel so much gratitude that I am part of this family of like minded people. I am confident that because of the QSCA program I have the knowledge and the skills required to coach anyone wanting to put Law of Attraction into action in their lives. I love that I get to be in my own home here in Australia while being able to participate in the program with the amazing Christy and her team at the QSCA. I love their amazing energy, they are highly professional, very loving and extremely supportive.”

Carol Horgan

I love the holistic structure of the QSCA! The content has great depth and is professionally delivered on a do-able schedule. It includes all of the nuts and bolts in a skill-building sequence that produce not only a professional coach, but also a professional coaching business.

The requirements for certification are rigorous, including the evaluation of your actual coaching skills working with real clients. Plus there is a built in system of mentor and instructor support, a one-to-one coaching partner and an accountability team to practice and reinforce learning. This is not your typical online certification program. I’m only half way through with the program but already feel very confident in the skills and relationships I am building. Bravo to Christy and her team!”

Elizabeth Wickman

I love the QSCA and joining this program has been a wonderful decision for me. I hemmed and hawed over the expense but it has all come back to me in many incredible ways. My relationships have improved, my health and energy have skyrocketed, and my life is better in multiple ways. I have learned so much about the LOA and have seen the incredible results in my life. Evelyn Apostolou is an amazing teacher and mentor and she brings so much positive, happy, energy to this course. Christy Whitman is so generous and there are always wonderful bonuses and a multitude of information. Thank you QSCA!”

Wendy Carbone

It is such a joy & pleasure training as a Law of Attraction Coach with the QSCA ~ what an amazing, dedicated & inspiring team. Best decision I’ve made for my future ~ thank-you for making it available, and doing it so well 🙂

Training with the QSCA is truly life changing. It is a genius combination of Christy’s remarkable coaching model and Law of Attraction processes. The Team is inspiring; training provides higher level skills and quantum growth, and all the business tools we could need. Success is the only option! If you want to improve your life and assist others to improve theirs ~ QSCA coaching will take you there.”

Beverley Roberts, Personal Success Coach

My experience with the QSCA certification class has been so far beyond anything I expected. The materials are top notch and the instructors and support team are amazingly helpful and welcoming. Even more than that, the processes and techniques are not only helping my clients make positive changes in their lives, they are also transforming my own life — a huge and unexpected benefit! I’m so glad that I took the leap and enrolled in the certification class and became part of this wonderful QSCA family — it is truly a life changing experience!”

Ellen Wetzel

I was tired of all the negativity within and around me and was looking for ways to improve that in my life when my husband pointed out Christy’s videos on the Quantum Success Show. The energy that radiated from her as she was discussing various topics in such ‘normal’ ways left me wanting more. I wanted to be able to create that in my own life and the lives of others. It took all of five videos for me to decide to sign on for the QSCA program and become a certified Law of Attraction coach and I have not regretted it one bit! I’m excited for my life, for being part of the QSCA family and for the changes that are in my future”!!!

Helga Holterman

A few minutes into the first class I knew I was home! A Life Coach is who I am, it’s what I am. Christy’ program has given me tools and knowledge, but much more than that, it’s given me structure, balance, support. The bonuses, surprises and gifts are all amazing and examples of how I want to treat my clients. It’s coaching for the coach!

The experience of finding this academy and registering for the course was a bit surreal for me. I didn’t even know I was looking for certification, it found me. Law of Attraction at it’s best. It’s not just the certification; it’s the experience, the joy, the belonging to this incredible family. The friendships I’ve made are treasures. The connections are magical! I will forever be proud of saying I am a Certified QSCA Life Coach!”

Lilly Rodriguez

The QSCA program to become a certified Law of Attraction coach has changed my life radically! I am a totally different person than I was when I began this course. Not only have I begun a new career quickly and happily, I have begun to see changes in myself as I learn about so many ways to create the life of my dreams. I have discovered I love coaching, I can make a good income, and I can be full of joy on a daily basis. I have discovered life does not have to be a struggle. No more grindstone for me!

By being part of this program, I am getting the best experience, the best in education, and the best in all-round preparation for being an excellent coach. I am confident that when I graduate, I will be totally prepared to be the best coach I can be for my clients.

I love how easy it is to attend class from wherever I am, how easy it is to submit assignments, and how easy it is to ask questions. I feel valued, supported, and like I am getting more than my money’s worth. If you are thinking about becoming a life coach, I highly recommend the QSCA!”

Tess Adams

I’ve been a director of sales in the hotel business for years and I wish this course was available when I began my career. If I had taken it then there would have been an exponential increase in sales people making bonus! Thanks for offering this life changing course.”

Jenna Dukehart

Wow! One of the benefits that you list about the QSCA certification program is not only will I learn what I need to be a great law of attraction coach, but it will also be personally transforming. I have been a teacher of spiritual and personal transformation techniques for years, and all I can say is that I love how much I am personally growing through your program! The course is stimulating, enjoyable and, most important, it is giving me the practical tools I need to succeed. Thank you!”

Nancy Showalter
Speaker, Author and Coach

At last, a way to practically apply the Law of Attraction! My confidence has improved by leaps and bounds. Now I am able to step out of the drama and deal with situations in a positive manner as they appear in my life. I’ve stopped worrying and starting allowing. For the first time, I am making a positive contribution to the lives of others whilst improving my own. Thank you!”

Blessings, Karen

I have experienced a personal and professional transformation while working with the QSCA and Christy Whitman. I have tapped into the powerful leverage of Energy alignment. Things that were formerly a struggle are flowing more effortlessly. I have felt expertly guided and inspired by being a part of this valuable content and training! I am confident that anyone wanting an expert coaching certification program will find it in the QSCA. I love the trainers in this program who were always professional, competent, and joyful. I am so glad that I signed on!”

Greg Wilson

I have been searching for several years for this program. I’ve purchased and started many other programs to find out it wasn’t what I wanted to do or was left hanging once I purchased it. Not Christy Whitman she has the most powerful, well put together system I have ever seen or worked with. I have experienced great growth within myself with working with QSCA. I feel very special and honored to be apart of the QSCA. I am confident that I will continue to learn and grow into an amazing life coach because of QSCA program. I absolutely love the people and this program of the QSCA.”

Ecknowledge Your Energy!
Tonya Tombs Coachtt

The QSCA is amazing, the course is very well structured and makes learning fun. The possibility to practice with our coaching buddies is of immense value for me and makes it easy to step into action.

I feel supported, helped in every step along my way .The pod group calls are motivating as well as my call’s with my coaching buddy! Taking the course opened up so many pathway’s for me that I had not imagined before and I have grown personally and professionally.

So many thanks to Evelyn and all the staff, their loving guidance is inspiring, uplifting and so many thanks to Christy for this abundant course, filled with light and love.”


Brussels – Belgium

If you seriously desire to become a Law of Attraction Coach, I would not hesitate to recommend Christy Whitman’s QSCA. The course is well designed, comprehensive, good value and extremely enjoyable. I have received tremendous help and encouragement from everyone involved in the program.”

Sally Peterson

“I absolutely love the QSCA Program! I feel fully supported and guided along the way to becoming a successful, extraordinary coach: Empowered to make a difference and trained to generate a great income! From the very beginning, everything I needed to know to be successful and complete the program was provided. As you are learning to coach and as you begin coaching, you are fully supported, encouraged, and lifted up. Our instructors and mentors are the best! My life and my clients’ lives are unfolding, blossoming, and producing amazing results! I wasn’t a coach before, and just 3-4 months into the QSCA, I am coaching and dramatically impacting people’s lives. How does it get any better than that?

Wanda D. Nelson
Transformational Entrepreneur, QSCA Law of Attraction Student

Absolutely EVERYTHING… I love being a student of the QSCA Academy. It is the very best Coaching Academy out there today! Since joining in May, 2013, my personal and spiritual growth have escalated to great levels. I was a procrastinator but not any more. The course content is superb, everything you need to succeed as a QSCA Coach is there and the resources are enormous. The bonuses are incredible and continue to enrich our learning in all areas. The QSCA Team is so efficient, friendly and totally supportive whenever you need help. Joining the QSCA Academy as a student of LAO Coaching has been the best decision I made in years, so THANK YOU for bringing all this richness into our lives, we are truly blessed!”

Mary O’Brien

“WOW!!! I am so excited!!! I have magnetized $150,000 to pay for my husband’s heart surgery as a result of applying what I learned from Christy Whitman teaching me in her Light Body Program and everything Evelyn Apostolou taught me to become a Certified LOA Life Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy!!!

It is 5 months to the day that my husband had his emergency heart surgery and I received a call from the surgeon’s billing that they have written the bill off and we are at a “0” balance due…about a week ago, I had a similar call from the anesthesiologist’s billing and a week before that from the hospital’s billing!!! We didn’t have insurance, Dennis hasn’t been able to work much since his surgery and we were facing medical bankruptcy! While working with Christy Whitman’s Magnetizing and Manifesting Program, using the meditations and affirmations included in this program, attending Christy’s free teleseminar to promote the same program, and doing my inner work daily for the last 5 months, I just knew it would happen!! As I was inspired, I also did the outer work needed to apply for financial assistance everywhere we owed money, do weekly follow-ups with each account, promote my coaching business all the ways I had been taught in the business module of the QSCA Coaching Program and be grateful for surprise money that always appeared just at the right time! All these accounts were for profit institutions and this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day, especially for this large amount of money, but I just kept believing that the money would come from somewhere…and learning to accept and allow more in the process! Christy’s Magnetic Monday Video Show on feeling the “Essence” down to your toes really locked it in for me!!!

Thank you so much, Christy, I can’t even imagine where I/we would be at without you, Light Body, Evelyn, the QSCA and all the guides, spiritual teachers and our abundant Universe that you taught me about!!! Thank you for your continued love, light, support, help and focus!!! My heart is overflowing as I write this…just can’t find all the words I am feeling…!!!”

Nada Howarth LOACC

“The QSCA program is truly a blessing in the sky. I was familiar with the concept of the Law of Attraction but it always seemed that I never got the thorough answer of how I could make it work for me.

The QSCA program is so well done that it not only had quite a drastic positive change in my life, it actually has done the same with everyone that I came in contact with within the whole course. Christy and her team have a real genuine interest in our success as the sharing and the quality of information has largely exceeded my original expectations. Christy, I lift my hat to you to have built such a wonderful and life changing course and to have made me a strolling magnet in my life. You have made the laws of the universe a clear comprehension to bring into fruition, everything I touch! A million thanks to you and long life to the QSCA!”

Jonathan Morin
Cirque du Soleil Artist & Life Coach

I am confident that I can create a life I love because of the QSCA. I have done many self-development programs, and the QSCA has empowered me in a completely new way. I am so happy that I followed my intuition and signed up!”

Alanna Garone
Life Coach

“I just wanted to share with you how life changing the QSCA coaching program has been for me. In the past six months I have gone from no coaching practice to a steady flow of 8 – 9 clients a week. Each of these clients have signed up for coaching contracts that go from 3 months to one year. I look forward to expanding my coaching to group classes during the next six months as my schedule continues to fill up with new clients. Thank you Christy for creating this program and thank you to my teacher Evelyn who is fabulous. I can hardly wait for the next class and the next.”


Margot Carrera
Breakthrough Life Coaching

“I am so happy that I signed up to the QSCA. I have never found a more complete system that holds you totally accountable and helps you step by step to reach your goals.

The value of the learning material that is provided is exceptional and beyond compare. There is also an unbelievable amount of bonuses that comes along with your class. I feel that this is the best coaching academy to get you to your goals of being a fabulous Law Of Attraction coach complete. I will be forever grateful for Christy and her exceptionally knowledgeable teachers and team as they are helping to make my dreams come true!”

Donna Swanson

I am so glad that I was guided to join the QSCA family! I absolutely love the support that I receive from my pod group and having a coaching buddy has really helped me to raise my vibration! The classes are always filled with information that I can take action on immediately! This program has exceeded my expectations and I’m not even halfway through, so I’m very excited to see what else is in store!”

Ife Damon
Freedom Coach

“Based on what I’ve explored with other coaching programs, the QSCA program is one of the best.

I’m very impressed with the class structure and organization. And the people here are phenomenal; so helpful, positive, constructive and empowering. Not only do you learn how to be an excellent coach, you also benefit from learning and practicing the Laws of Attraction yourself–it’s a total win-win opportunity.”

Leslie Langnau

Since joining the QSCA Coaching Program I can feel myself being a better person with a much clearer vision on life, and a healthier more relaxed attitude due to all the learning processes that have been taking place.

I am so confident that I will have a successful coaching practice as a result of the excellent training that is given by the QSCA and I know that even after I finish my course I will have access to all the facilities within it should I choose to use them.

Joining QSCA was the best decision I have made and I am looking forward to becoming a Certified Law of Attraction Coach in the next few months.”

Maureen Cee

“Joining the QSCA is one of the Best decisions I have ever made!

I have enjoyed every moment and wish that it would never end. This course is top notch. The QSCA completely prepares you for this new profession with confidence, wisdom and hands on experience.

I have looked at many other programs, but the QSCA is the only one that is spiritually based and grounded in the teachings of Abraham. I feel that this training addresses issues at the very Core, and I find it priceless.”

Crystal G. Sorrentino

This is the best program if you want to learn about and implement the Law of Attraction principles in any area of your life! This program gives you those tools plus teaches you the business side of coaching! I’m so grateful that I am taking this program because my life is changing for the better and it’s because I’m changing how I think and look at everything. It has given me permission to use my imagination again and to hold the space for what I really want to show up. Thank you, Christy, for your QSCA program!”

Michelle Anderson

“I love the kindness, caring and consistent support from our instructor, Julie Kleinhans, all the QSCA staff, and Christy’s magical presence! I feel very fortunate to have discovered her certification program, because this metaphysical style of coaching brings out the best in me :-) I’ve experienced more happy sychronicity and Source allignment than ever before in my life. I have total confidence as a LOA Quantum Success Coach. Christy’s unique training is a privilege, not to be missed!”

Jacqueline Texier

“I am learning so much being in the QSCA Certified Law of Attraction Coaching Program. There is content abundance, which is overflowing in the year-long program. I feel the support of Christy and other experienced coaches who share their wisdom and stories.

They are so motivating, and they support us by letting us know what we can do to improve our coaching and build our businesses. We are learning so much, and with repetition and a few dashes of structure, the teachings are becoming a part of our consciousness. I am more confident of my coaching skills and ability to expand my business.

And the biggest bonus of all is my personal growth. I see how my inner world growth has caused my outer world growth as a coach and personally. The QSCA is truly an amazingly supportive, giving, and loving family.”

Stacy Ison

Working with the QSCA and Christy has given me more clarity in all areas of my life, a new lease on life and a heightened sense of “awe” for God’s creation. I am only half way through the QSCA program and I feel so much more empowered, because of the tremendous support and wealth of resources and course material provided to me as a participant. I am looking forward to being a Certified Coach, as I am anxious to help others to empower themselves and make a difference in this world.”

Sheila Williams

“The QSCA is everything that I was looking for and more! The large amount of material that is covered in this program and support is of enormous value to me. I have made many friends through this program! Everyone who is a part of the QSCA family is friendly and supportive. If you are looking to get certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach this is the place! Christy and her crew are amazing!”

Laura Martino
Vibration Energy Healer
Law of Attraction Life Coach

The QSCA and Christy have really enriched my life both personally and professionally. I know with all I am learning and all of the support and resources the QSCA provides I am well prepared to help my clients achieve their dreams while also living mine. I have received more than I expected and find new things to value in the program every day. Joining the Academy is really life changing!”

Sheanah McCarthy

Part of my motivation to take the QSCA course was to improve my own handling of my own life, and being just half way through, I already see how far I’ve come!!! I am now able to direct my thoughts where I want them, and I have total confidence that the Universe supports me in all I want, and I am thrilled to share my enthusiasm with others! Thanks so much!”

Edith Schulz

“I have experienced life change while working with the QSCA and Christy. I have gained a trust in all that can be that is stronger than ever before.

I feel empowered and loved by being a part of the QSCA family and this program is providing me with extremely valuable coaching tools. I am confident that not only am I on exactly the right path in my life but I am in exactly the right place to be helping me along my way. I love my instructor, my pod group and my coaching buddy, they have all added so much to my life and I am grateful to be a part of the QSCA!”

Heather O’Neill

The QSCA delivers on the laws of attraction, how to be an effective life coach and create a successful business model. But my favorite part is that the curriculum has been such a catalyst in my own personal growth. It has propelled me along my own path to personal and financial freedom and for that I am forever grateful!! Thank you QSCA!”

Simona Tarakeviciute, CHC, AADP
Certified Holistic Health Coach

“Having researched into various other coaching programs, I am confident the QSCA program offers everything I am looking for. I feel this is one of the best decisions I’ve made, as Christy and the QSCA team provide such a high level of support and guidance each step of the way. I absolutely love our weekly lessons, as Evelyn Apostolou shares with us her knowledge, techniques, skills, wisdom, valuable insights and guidance.

Evelyn encourages us to have fun and enjoy the journey while becoming certified coaches.

I feel excited knowing that I am on the path to realizing one of my dreams in being a successful coach and having my own successful business. I am amazed and delighted by the entire program and highly recommend the QSCA to those who are passionate about transforming their own lives while helping their clients transform theirs’.”

Sharon de Souza

Since my training in the QSCA started in April I have experienced many ah-hah moments. The material is taught in such a beautiful way with complete guidance on how to incorporate the teaching in our personal lives and with our clients. I’m truly grateful for the program and for my teacher, Evelyn Apostolou, for being such a great mentor and leader.

Paige Hinton

“I researched a lot of coaching programs but none even compared to all that’s offered at the QSCA.

I’m so grateful I chose the QSCA – it’s packed full of great content; coaching skills with a spiritual approach, Law of Attraction processes and meditations PLUS an entire module dedicated to building a successful business. The support we get from the staff and QSCA community is awesome! Since beginning this program I’ve been a more joyful and abundant person, and with the tools given here I’m thoroughly excited and confident about starting my coaching business, too. Thank you, Christy and the QSCA!”

Dina Robison
Life Coach/Yoga Instructor

” I have experienced incredible changes in my life with working with the QSCA and Christy, such as manifesting $3000 for a deposit for a holiday to Canada and Alaska next year (manifested within a week!!!!)

I feel my life is so enriched by being a part of this program and I am able to share these changes to enrich the lives of those around me, including family, friends, colleagues, and clients. I even shared one of the processes with my 6-year-old grandson and saw him manifest a camping trip he so desperately wanted within 4 hours of the process!

I am confident that I can now carry out my life’s purpose of empowering others to be the best they can be because of the QSCA program.

I love the processes, the teachers, my mentoring group, my buddy, and all aspects of the QSCA program and the QSCA community.”

In light and love,

Lyn Bailey
Class of Spring 13

“Since beginning my QSCA training I have really become aware and awakened to the endless possibilities that are available to me as a life coach and in every other area of my life. I know I’ve always thought possibilities were limited, period. I now believe anything is possible because of what I’ve learned and experienced in the last six months.

This journey has propelled me into making changes in my life that I never thought would occur. I’ve heard several times that I wouldn’t be the same person at the end of the course as I was at the beginning. I’m saying I’m not the same person halfway through the course as I was at the beginning.

I’m eternally grateful for and appreciative of Christy and her QSCA!”

Denice Harris
CPA, Life Coach

“My intuition guided me to sign up for the QSCA and it has been one of the best personal and professional decisions I’ve ever made. The course is amazing – I can’t say enough good things about it!

It’s the perfect mix of structure and spirituality. I love the experiential nature of the teaching so that we have the opportunity to benefit from the same processes we’ll be using with our clients. Christy and Evelyn are so genuine in their desire to help you integrate the material and to succeed in every area of your life. The QSCA is a fantastic program that I would recommend to anyone wanting a better understanding of themselves and a desire to help others to achieve the same.”

Andra Wochesen
QSCA Coach, Passion Test Facilitator

“I am confident that I will be a SUCCESSFUL Relationship Rockstar & Kickass Life Coach because of the QSCA Program. The program has delivered above and beyond what I expected coming in. I’ve learned how to be an effective coach and how to help my clients to be ROCKSTARS by using the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws that have been taught to us. Not only am I am teaching these techniques, processes, and principles to my clients, I am applying them in my life as well so I can become a ROCKSTAR. Thanks so much Christy, QSCA teachers, and staff for such a wonderful experience. With all my love,

Charquise Berry
Relationship Rockstar & Kickass Life Coach

“The QSCA program is packed with power that is life transforming for me and my clients.

Going through this course actually saved my life.”

Dana Kelsey
LOA Coach

“I have experienced the return of my happiness and deep self love with working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel deep gratitude in my commitment to myself by being a part of this program. I am confident that I am an infinite conscious creator because of the QSCA program. I love everything about the QSCA program, especially the loving energy that I always feel from my experiences with the QSCA.”

Thanks QSCA!

Sincerely in Love and Light,
Melissa S. Kruskamp

“I have experienced phenomenal growth both in my personal life and as a Coach in training since I enrolled in the QSCA in October.

I am delighted with the excellent instruction and support provided by this program. It is well organized, comprehensive, and clearly presented. I feel that I will be more than ready to begin my Coaching career upon completion of this program.

I am confident that the preparation I receive in this course will enable me to easily develop my Coaching Package of one-on-one Coaching, group Coaching, and Coaching products.

I love the magnificent instructors, mentors, and fellow students that I have met through the QSCA.

Thank you so much for developing the QSCA. It is truly a gift.”

Connie Ramsauer

“I have experienced incredible growth and expansion being part of this program. Not only am I learning to be a fabulous coach, I am also growing and expanding as an individual. My life is changing.

It just gets better and better! I am incredibly blessed to be part of such an amazing program. Thank you Christy and all of my QSCA family for making such a huge, positive difference in my life and career!”

Tamara J

“Since diving into the QSCA, I have experienced a massive positive shift in my perception!

I feel my confidence growing because of the constant flow of awesome I get from the course. It has given me that extra push to put myself out there and do the work I know I was born to do (teach teens and their parents how to use journaling and the law of attraction to consciously create their most amazing lives). All the instructors and students are a blast and it truly feels like I am part of a big, beautiful, happy family. I am so grateful for Christy and the entire QSCA team!”

Carrie Leigh Sandoval
“Journaling Queen”

“The QSCA has been an amazing experience! Christy and Evelyn have been amazing. Many thanks to them for structuring such a great Law of Attraction course. Evelyn is an amazing teacher and a very special person, who is so loving, helpful and supportive and is always there to inspire and motivate the students. The QSCA has helped me grow so much personally and professionally and become a much more intuitive coach, who helps clients discover hidden treasures within them and helps them excel in different areas of their lives. I feel that I have become a better person, friend, sister, daughter, and coach by being a part of this program. I am confident that I will be able help a lot of clients and people around me transform and live by the Law of Attraction and expect amazing things happen in their lives!”

Thank you!

Veronica V

“I only needed to see one presentation video of Christy Whitman to know that the Quantum Success Coaching Academy was the exact fit for me, even if I didn’t know then what I was looking for at the time – the Universe certainly did!

Any doubts I may have had about of the right choice of course, or any reservations about the course fees, was instantly satisfied on my first visit to the students area. WOW – the study material, the sign up bonuses, during the course the monthly bonuses. All relevant and of excellent quality – Christy certainly knows how to deliver, or rather over deliver – Quantum Quality!

The whole team at Quantum Success Academy is extremely professional, any queries you have, and they’re on to it. . There is such an excellent rapport with our instructors, class members and coaching buddies. I can hardly wait for our weekly classes. I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be part of this new family and know that I have forged many a new friendships with like minded people. It’s amazing that although we’ve all only meet online, it feels like we are all so connected. It’s awesome.

The course is fast paced and well structured with a plethora of information, no fluff here! Anyone looking for a quick certification fix should probably look elsewhere. There have been times on the Quantum Success Certification course that I have been more than challenged and have had to step well beyond my ‘comfort zones’, but I know that even at only 6 months into the program, I am already a better person for this. By the end of certification I will take into my coaching practice a new confidence, knowing that I have been expertly trained in all aspects of the Law of Attraction and also well equipped with many other skills and tools to really help my clients to achieve and attract the amazing lives they deserve too!

I can’t thank Christy and her amazing Quantum Success Academy Team enough!”

Martine Metaxa

This is a fantastic course which I think should be taught in every school from kindergarten through college. It is more than just a mere academic course. It is a way of life that brings about positive, life-transforming change all the way to the cellular level of one’s being.”

Thank you!

Veonnia Taylor

“I just have to say, that I love the change in myself since I started with the QSCA; my feeling of empowerment, for which I thank not only the QSCA coaching program, but also the fantastic bonus 40 Day’s Abundance Course you included.

I am now doing the 50 Days Divine Manifestation Course and I am anticipating another quantum leap. Christy, I bless the day that your video showed up in my inbox. Thank you.”

Diana Trampe
Reconnective Healing Practitioner & Law of Attraction Coach

“Wow, what can I say about the program that has not already been said?

I am learning and applying everything that I am learning to my own life. The growth and improvement alone is worth the course. I look forward to each new module with anticipation. Just from our first class in the building module I found myself getting very excited about the possibilities of how to structure my own business. This program has been one of the best investments I have made in myself.”

Erena Lall
Vancouver BC, Canada

“Since being involved with the QSCA, I have experienced a shift in my life. Developing and growing myself has always been important to me and since I’ve started QSCA classes, my growth has accelerated. I find myself moving through life more naturally and confidently, and happily! I love the abundance of resources and support that the QSCA provides.”


Kris Hettrick

“I signed up for the QSCA Law of Attraction Certification Program based on “gut instinct”and it has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The course is well structured, making learning the course material a joy.

The instructors, staff and other students are so friendly and encouraging that I really feel a part of an extended family and that I am making life-long friends. I am confident that the skills I am learning because of the QSCA program will help me realize my dream of becoming a inspirational and stellar coach. To top it off I have experienced a humongous level of expansion and personal growth, which has been facilitated by the work I have been doing as part of the QSCA program -and I have benefited immensely from the supportive environment provided by Christy and the QSCA.”

Trish vanKuyk
Utrecht, Netherlands

“After listening to an interview with Christy Whitman and hearing the heartfelt and moving testimonials of individuals who have graduated from the QSCA, some of whom are now instructors in the program, I knew immediately that the program was for me.

Only a several months into the program and I am well on my way to not only creating the life I desire but also a viable business as a LOA coach which allows me to fully express myself and do what I love – facilitate others to self empowerment and transformation. How does it get any better than that?”

Joanne Thompson
Ontario, Canada

“My life has completely transformed since starting the QSCA Program. In one year, I got married to my Soul Mate and he found his dream job. While I worked on gaining my QSCA certification, we re-located to a land that is always sunny, we live on the coast of the Indian Ocean, and we finally are living our dream life together. Coming from the UK – outdoor living is what we craved. We couldn’t be happier!

“I’ve seen so many changes of betterment in my clients’ lives and it’s incredible to start coaching as soon as you feel ready. I started coaching one month into the program, and haven’t stopped and my practice is growing. I have clients all over the world and finally feel I’ve found my place in the world.

“The QSCA has changed my life no end and I’m so grateful that this powerful information came my way and I took the opportunity to utilize it.

“The QSCA has given me all the hope I need that I can create the life of my dreams and now I’m so certain, I can’t stop myself from helping others – and it’s true, when you work in line with your passions, you never tire of your work, in fact your drive grows to expand your business, and of course the financial rewards are huge! What I earn in an hour now, could not have been possible before the QSCA!

“So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for all the support over this year and for all the ongoing support. Now that the course is over, my POD group and I have become a Master Mind Group and we speak on Skype every fortnight, and will continue to do so forever!!!!! The friendships I’ve made are for life, the world seems such a smaller place, and LOA is my new best friend!!!!”

Veena Kaur
London & Africa

“Taking a leap of faith and joining the QSCA was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made! When this amazing year comes to a close; not only will I have the skills, the experience and the confidence to be an effective and caring coach, but I will also have the belief in myself that I can succeed. If anyone is sitting on the fence and trying to decide if they can make the investment, know that if you do, you will have one the most transformative years of your life! You will grow in ways you can’t yet imagine, make many new and lifelong friends, and come away with a new and very rewarding and fulfilling career, all the while being supported every step of the way by Christy and her wonderful instructors and mentors. Believe in yourself and take that leap!

Catherine Anne MacNeil

Hi Christy,

I don’t believe my words of gratitude for your program will be enough to convey how I feel in my heart about what this program has done in my life. All I can say is this has been an incredible journey so far. Having had a sort of awakening a few years ago after watching the Secret, I was drawn to loa and quantum physics. I couldn’t wrap my head around so much of what I was learning, but my heart knew there was truth in all of it. I knew for years that I wanted to help people better there lives and struggled for years to try and make mine better. I wanted to do coaching for a few years and when I made a concrete decision to do just that I came across your program through an email from Bill Harris. I didn’t even finish watching your intro videos before I signed up because within the first three videos you said everything that resonated for me and I knew QSCA was my answer. I rearranged my entire life to take this course as I was an OTR truck driver at the time and had to get off the truck to do this.

After trying to find some sense of feeling real worthiness my entire life, I have found it through this program. When I first started this program I was ready to quit because I didn’t feel like I fit (a lifelong internal battle). Today not only do I fit, I believe in myself and feel connected to everyone in this program and this planet.

To make a long story short, I am finding my authenticity since being in this course and even if I don’t use my certification to be a loa coach, there can never be a price put on what I have gained as a result of QSCA. It has given me a life I didn’t think I could ever have and I am starting to believe that I can have everything I have ever wanted. Being authentic is about being honest and that is the ultimate way to be connected to source. That is the real path to unconditional love and oneness of all that we are.

I don’t know much about you and chances are we may never meet in person, but I just want you to know that I know you are a real caring, sincere, powerful creator who has helped ascend this planet in a great way. I will always feel indebted to you for bringing this program into my life. It has been a catalyst that has made it possible for me to move mountains inside and as a result my path is becoming so grand on the outside. I am not one to be so vulnerable, but I feel it is a necessity to let you know what all of this has done for me because as a grown adult I am just starting to live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Also, I had a coaching session last week with my mentor Janet and it was wonderful. It was exactly what I needed to give me a push in the right direction. Your entire staff are incredibly wonderful people who have awesome hearts. I know you will continue to expand your creations and I wish you well and send you many blessings in continuing in your greatness.”

Light and Love,

Michael Satterfield

“I wanted to let you know how glad I am that I chose the QSCA. I looked at a lot of coaching training programs, and your program kept calling my name! I love that it is rigorous–no fluff here.

I know without a doubt that I will be well qualified when I complete the program requirements. You have accountability and experience built in at every angle and you’ve got our backs with a great support system. I am truly grateful for this program and am enjoying every minute of it. It is one of the best decisions I have made to invest in myself. I AM a QSCA Life Coach and proud of it!”

Kelli Dawkins

Working with Christy and the staff and instructors at QSCA has been a joyful experience.

Every contact I’ve had has been positive and very helpful. Classes are interactive and interesting; feedback is prompt and in-depth – so I’m learning easily; and most of all, Christy and Evelyn are great inspirations. Because of the QSCA program, I am more confident in my coaching abilities and have attracted many new clients to my business. I feel more confident in my abilities to acquire clients and coach them effectively, as well.”

Peggy Shafer

“Having a career in the personal growth field for over twenty years, I have completed many different courses and trainings. When I signed up for the QSCA Life Coaching program I expected to receive value as far as learning Law of Attraction Coaching skills, yet what I received was that and so much more.

The level of integrity, professionalism, and support of the QSCA is astounding. The teachers are dedicated, supportive, and will inspire you to reach higher in your own personal and professional life. I feel so blessed to have been guided to this program and have obtained so much more from it than I ever could have imagined. If you are considering signing up for Christy’s program, don’t hesitate, it will change your life.”

Tonya Sheridan, Life Coach
Interior Design Life Coaching™


“I feel that I am truely a different person since starting the QSCA and being introduced to the laws of attraction. I have experienced a shift in perspective of my life that brings accountability, awareness and confidence in a way I have not experienced before. I am confident that this program is sending me on an amazing path of complete abundance and enlightenment that affects every area of my life especially by personal relationships and my business. I see the relationships that I have built already in the program lasting a lifetime, almost like Christy knew exactly what groups of people to put together for optimal growth! I love my new authentic self that I have uncovered in my short time in the QSCA. Thank you Christy and wonderful staff! ”

Tricia Fieth
Women’s Health Coach
Specializing in balancing women’s hormones naturally!

“I feel part of community; I have been introduced to some wonderful people through this course who have become friends and are also great support. I feel the joy and happiness by being a part of this program. I feel grateful that I took the step and made the decision to do the course.

I am confident that the tools, the knowledge, the hands on coaching, having buddies to practice with, and also being given client when I asked, have helped to give me more confidence, Having a coach that gives you feed back which is encouraging and supportive has helped me become more confident as a coach, and I am confident that I am making a difference to peoples lives because of the QSCA program.”

Rosemary Leach


“I am so grateful that I followed my inner guidance and signed up for Christy’s Program. QSCA is the most valuable, comprehensive and complex coaching Program you can find. I love every part of it! I have experienced a wealth of knowledge, tremendous support and undeniable shift and improvement in my life by working with the QSCA and Christy. You get a wealth of material and many bonuses to work with for the rest of your life.

By being a part of this program, I feel joy, enthusiasm, connectedness, filled with anticipation and energized every day. It’s magic! I can definitely say with confidence that all aspects and areas of my life are changing dramatically for better because of the QSCA program. Thank you Christy!”

Livia Suver


Ask and you shall receive” – this is what came to mind the day I received Christy’s email. The day before I had just said to the universe – “I’m completely grateful for all the wonderful things in my world, but could you please help me fulfill my coaching dream”. And there it was. ..Ms. Christy’s video in my inbox. I clicked the link and I have not look back since.

The QSCA coaching program has delivered on all its promises and more. The lessons on how to coach and what to say, the weekly mastermind groups and even the personalize feedback sessions are all great. All of this has helped me grow not only my business but more importantly my confidence. My instructor, Evelyn is such an inspired teacher. I’ve learned that she really is just that happy with life. Christy and her team live their lives as deliberate creators. They believe in practicing what they preach.

If you are wondering rather to move forward with taking this course…. Trust your instincts… and if they say “Go for it” … you will not regret it.

Happiness and joy,

Misti Moore


“I am really happy I joined the QSCA. I am learning a lot and believe this information will be easily integrated into my work. I know my clients will benefit greatly from what I have learned and it will assist them in living a more fulfilled life. Another rewarding aspect of the program is the personal transformation I am experiencing. I love that there is so much interaction with the program, in class, pod-groups, mentor class, and coaching buddies. I have studied on-line programs before and I can say this is one of the best I have taken. I am grateful for all the positive energy Christy, the instructors and the staff puts into our learning. This is a well thought out program that offers a wonderful platform to learn tools and techniques to assist others in living their best life.”

Margie Shay
Life Coach & Natural Wellness Educator

I have really observed a change in my view of reality since I have participated in the QSCA.

I can tell quickly when I am focusing on things that don’t feel good and I now know how to shift my energy in seconds. It is so clear to me that what is happening in life is not nearly as important as the meaning that I give to it. I am so happy to be part of this program and I’m confident that what I am learning will continue to propel my life forward in ways that I could not even have imagined 6 months ago. This program reflects the heart and soul of Christy Whitman and her staff. I give them two thumbs up!!”

Mary J. Wells

“I have experienced amazing growth as a person by working with the QSCA and Christy. I now feel empowered to actually begin a real business with Life Coaching, having the ability to work from home, the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world and know that I am fully supported by a great team, who are always positive and encouraging.

I am confident that I will be able to help a lot of people through my coaching and create the lifestyle that I desire in the process. I love the interaction with my fellow students and my coaching buddy, as well as connecting with my teacher who gives great feedback on how I am doing in the course. The support given in this court is truly fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to make that career change leap and or having the desire to turn their life around.”

Much love,

Iris Ztarr


“I have experienced a complete life transformation working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel so liberated by being a part of this program. I am confident that life can just keep getting better. I love the invaluable knowledge I’ve gained, the connections I’ve made and just how good my life feels. Life makes sense now. The QSCA has been worth every cent.

Kyah Renee
Life Coach

“What I like is this is a complete program that you learn a structure of a coaching call, how to talk to a client and ask powerful questions and examples of these questions and also how to build a coaching business. You also get coaching forms that you can use in your business as well so you don’t have to recreate anything.”

Keith Young
Performance & Accountability Coach


“I really appreciate how thorough the QSCA program is. I came in as a complete novice to both coaching and being a business owner. It’s only been 5 months and I have experienced a tremendous amount personal growth and I am in the process of starting my own company! It’s the most exhilarating experience!

The program strategically gives you the building blocks to understand every aspect of Coaching, Business Building and expanding as an Individual beyond what you thought was possible. I’m truly grateful for Christy & the QSCA staff.”

Megan Wilson
Las Vegas, NV

“How can I begin to tell you how grateful I am for all the personal and professional shifts that are happening and have happened in my life since I began the QSCA Program last Fall.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is searching to become their true passion in life and learn how to help others reach such great heights as well. It truly feels amazing to be apart of such a strong, beautiful, professional, highly respected, supportive and loving group of LOA Life Coaches! I honestly say this from my deepest truth. I am so richly blessed by all that I am and have learned with you and I can’t wait to share it all with others!

Thank you again and again for this wonderful opportunity!”

Nada Howarth

QSCA found me at just the right time in my life. I am so glad I decided to take this amazing course. The buffet of bonuses is endless, and I can’t keep up!! I feel confident that I will be able to achieve my dream of having a meaningful career running my own business as a Law of Attraction Life Coach because of the QSCA program”

Mary Pearson
Reiki Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader
Vancouver, British Columbia

“When I got an email from Bill Harris suggesting “if you’ve ever considered becoming a coach you must read this email” my heart literally skipped a beat. I didn’t even have to read it to know it was exactly what I was looking for. I signed up quickly and am thrilled with the QSCA.

Despite a demanding, more-than-full-time job, young and equally demanding family, and at least 5 hobbies, I have found time to fulfill all of the requirements to become a certified coach. Through the course I have grown in ways that I knew were possible but hadn’t dared to explore, I have gained clarity in areas I have struggled with for many years, but most importantly I have blended the learnings into all aspects of my life and am so happy to guide clients to create their ideal outcomes.”

Jill Shaul
soon-to-be-certified QSCA LoA coach
mom, wife, daughter, diva

“I have experienced the most incredible personal life changes in a very short period of time working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel loads more joy and peace every day as a result of being a part of this program.

I am confident that I will be a great coach in the future with a genuine point of difference for business clients because of the QSCA program. I love the simple set of processes provided by the QSCA program which make all coaching sessions fun and give me the most amazing buzz every time I work with a client. I love the way they create incredible transformations in them within a very short space of time and they are already often telling me they are amazed by the results.

Andy Lawrence
Owner and Founder
Planet Calm
calm energy for life

I love the QSCA course!

And I believe this was really meant for me. I am very happy that I decided to take this course and grateful to take part in the program. The good thing is that by practicing all these Law of Attraction processes, my own life is transforming as well, it is spectacular! And I am really looking forward to making an impact on other people’s life myself.”

Saskia Fokkink

“I’m delighted with the QSCA coaching class! I’m learning the keys to creating and having and being anything I choose, and how to help my clients do the same. Christy walks her talk and has chosen a staff committed to excellence, which makes it inspirational. Besides all that, it’s fun!”

Katie Laine
Certified Executive Coach

“I am thrilled with the information this course is giving and the high energy of my teacher, Julie K. I am currently in the business portion of the course which has tremendously simplified the process in a step by step manner.

The speakers are very generous with their information. To be honest, the whole stance of this course and the staff appear to be extremely generous; from attitudes to information to bonuses. Thank you.”

Jennifer Pruden
Fall 2011

QSCA is an amazing training system for Coaches. What I love most about it is that it gives emphasis to both, supporting you to become the best coach you can be, but also taking you step by step on how to build your own coaching business. Very grateful and honored to be part of this family.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou
Master trainer in NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis

“I have been looking for a way to earn money by being of service to people for years. I had never heard of life coaching until I encountered the three short videos that you produced. By the end of the third one, I was convinced that this was my answer and I decided to become a life coach. I began to invent the field on my own. I was ready to hang out a shingle right then.

I was attracted to the QSCA program but could not see how to afford it. Fortunately, my more sensible wife simply told me that I had to follow my desires and sign up for the Program and that we would find the money somehow. I did and we did. I could not be more delighted with my choice. I have begun a new career that delights me every day as it unfolds. My instructor, Evelyn Apostolou, is a passionate, highly intuitive teacher and role model of the involved and effective coach. The support of my fellow students, my assigned mentor and your entire staff has been outstandingly helpful to me in my evolution as a person and coach. I didn’t expect the amount of personal growth that would be involved in this pursuit. I didn’t expect the tremendous wealth of resources would generously be made available to me. I have hardly scratched the surface. I love this!

Thank you, Christy, for having created the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and for bringing together the wonderful, loving people that are the institution. With your help, I am recreating my life in satisfying and truly magical ways. Words fail me.

Joseph (Joe) Mendla
Human Potentials Life Coaching

“I recommend Christy Whitman’s Law of Attraction program with the highest of praise.

I spent about 6 months researching the internet looking for a Life Coaching Program. I went into many, many sites which offered relatively the same thing. My primary criterion was that I did not want to spend a fortune, it had to be done completely from my home and it had to have quality material. When I went into the International Coach Federation and searched for a training program I found the Quantum Success Coaching Program. It really struck me, a coaching program on Law of Attraction. I looked into the site and found that what was offered was amazing. So much information, only a one year program and I too can be a Life Coach Specializing in Law of Attraction. This was for me. I especially liked that it was accredited as a program, so many are not. It is important that as a coach I am accredited with a reputable company and that my clients know that I took the time to be informed and did not get my accreditation from a Cracker Jack box.

Christy Whitman’s program offers all the information and teaching you are going to need, all in a concise and well planned program. Her teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. Her staff is friendly and responds to your inquiries quickly. Christy offers so many incentives and just as many bonuses.

I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to become a coach. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to become more self-aware and reflective. This program is one that helps everyone.

This program helps to remind me of everything I always had in inside myself, but had forgotten. My friends are all telling me that I have look and an aura of calm and serenity about me.”

Donna K. Olsen
Law of Attraction Coach

“I started this program to become certified in doing what I love to do and that is helping people. However, the personal gains I have had in my own self-development are second to none. I can’t say enough about the high caliber of services from instructors to support staff as well as Christy’s generosity in giving away so many of her own programs and bonuses. This is the most comprehensive Coaching program I have seen so far and I consider it a privilege to be part of the QSCA Coaching Community.”

Barbara Ward
BSW, M Ed. Laughter Yoga Leader

“It has totally transformed the way I think. I’m in the process of becoming who I want to be: more confident, focused and aware of what I want my life to be like and it feels great knowing I am so much more in control than I was before.

My life has changed beyond belief since I decided to be part of the QSCA and I know it’s only going to get better and better.”

James Bargeron

“I feel overjoyed with this program! I waited and searched for over a year for a way to train into having my dream job of becoming a life coach and empowerment speaker and finally decided to go with the QSCA.

I know I picked the best program out there! I didn’t realize I would meet such wonderful people. Thanks Christy for putting this wonderful program together and helping others fulfill their dreams!!”

Belkys Collante
Life Coach in the making and Empowerment Speaker

The QSCA is a loving, supportive community that teaches you how to shift your perspectives and truly create the life you desire.

Signing up was one of the best choices I ever made; right away I felt more empowered, quickly saw positive changes in how I interacted with the world, and blissfully recognized the inherent beauty within all of us. The QSCA gives an abundance of tools and resources to assist you along the way and thus enables each of their coaches to help others reach their own goals and dreams. I love the confidence, harmony and joy that the academy has brought into my life and am so grateful for this experience.”

Sarah Newman

“I first heard about the QSCA in late September 2011. I was looking for a career change – my heart was telling me that it was time to move on – for me to do something different than I had been doing for so long – something that felt more fulfilling. I have always had a gift for seeing the best in others and helping them see it in themselves, and I wanted to find something that would allow me to spend my days doing just that. I watched Christy’s introductory videos and I felt moved to take a risk, jump in and give life coaching and the QSCA a try

When I registered for the Fall, 2011 class I had no idea what to expect. Much to my delight, what I have found in life coaching is a career that makes my heart sing – that truly feels like my calling. And what I have found in the QSCA is a supportive loving community full of direction, tons of valuable information and lots of support in learning how to follow my own inner guidance in creating an inspired abundant life for myself – not only in my flourishing new career, but in all areas of my life.

The consistent support from Christy herself as well as my amazing instructor Evelyn, my mentor, the QSCA support staff, and my fellow students has proved valuable beyond words in making this a truly joyous journey and in allowing me to move forward in this new segment of my life with ease and grace. It is hard to believe that I started on this path just five months ago. It feels like I have been a part of the QSCA family for so much longer. I am loving my life and so excited about what the future has to offer!! Thank you Christy, Evelyn and everyone at the QSCA!!”

Eileen Alexander
Life Coach – Specializing in Personal Empowerment and Grief
Reiki Practitioner

“The QSCA was suggested to me by someone I respect in the Law of Attraction world and upon watching Christy’s videos, I felt she was honest, knowledgeable and in tune with the LOA principles. Based on this, I decided to sign-up for the program and am glad I did. At times, it can be overwhelming because of the depth of the program, but the learning, the personal benefits, the people I have met makes up for it. If you are thinking about becoming a LOA coach, I recommend that you sign-up for the QSCA program for it is worth every penny and the time you put in.”

Isabel Clemente

“This is a life changing program!

I would be too much to write down the things I like about this program. Just to mention a few: the variety of amazing bonuses, recordings, examples, assignments, classes, pod groups, coach buddies, mentors, website, support, quick follow up, punctuality, feedbacks, additional information such as the right books, suggestions on extra books to read, low threshold, the immediate effect of the coaching techniques, set up of the program so you can book a holiday, the motivation to keep on ‘trucking’ on a consistent and persistent basis and many, many more.

I have experienced that working with the QSCA and Christy changes your day to day way of thinking let you enter in a world of abundance and takes you away from a lack mentality.

I feel by being part of this program you do can create your own universe.

I am confident that having the right mentality and integrity that everyone can become a life coach following the QSCA teachings.”

Pieter-Jan Diepenbrock

“Christy and all of QSCA staff: Some of what I said “yes” to with your program was the live teachers for classes and the small POD groups because I know that it is incredibly helpful for deepening learning and being accountable through the personalized relationship format.

Having access to a mentor was also appealing – it may be an area to consider expansion as info from those with more experience is invaluable to those like me who are beginners. Exploring how to do active learning in the class would be useful to me – for instance having the instructor “do” a coaching session live and introduce the concepts of soothing, locking in learning, commitment, how they chose which process to use in the situation, and how to introduce them in context would all be VERY useful from the beginning of module 1! The recorded resources are helpful yet integrating it in “real time” where students can ask questions or share observations and hear the instructor’s assessment would be great modeling.

The bonus products have been a huge gift to me – the invitation that this course invited personal transformation (not just head learning) was another essential piece for me in saying “yes!” to the QSCA course.

I found Christy’s open, friendly self-sharing style to be welcoming and I have learned over time that I can indeed trust what she said she was offering those of us signing up for her course. The business building and marketing learning/guidance was a big part of what I needed as I have not been a business person before, nor do I traditionally think like a business woman! She is bridging the worlds of service industry with business and profit, and doing it in a way that has integrity, relationship building with potential customers, and respect at its heart. THAT I can trust and learn to do in my own business as that is coherent with my values.

I am so very grateful to have gotten the invitation to change my career from active nursing to life coaching – it is something that uses the life experience and skills I have gained in many years practice and offers me a way of creating income stream to take me through the coming years of my ‘maturity.’ Thanks to Christy, Julie, Marianne and all those who support us all in being part of this work. May we each find our way to succeeding in the ways just right for our unique vision and may this be a powerful spring board in serving humanity to change this world and meet our full potential.”

Debra Fant
Waldport, OR

“QSCA offers a comprehensive life coaching curriculum on the Law of Attraction. The course includes information about life coaching utilizing the LOA, the essential Universal Laws, business building, the Light Body and future visioning.

The QSCA staff is superb: helpful with any concern and enthusiastic practitioners of LOA. Assistance is only an email or a phone call away. I am learning so much that I can use in my own life as well as the lives of my clients. The best component is that I am enjoying the entire curriculum. ”

Skye Howell

“I am getting so much information, support, and love from being on this program. I feel like being part of this program is the way forward for me to having the life I’ve only thought about and now it is becoming my reality, I see this coming my way everyday and is an absolute delight for me.

I’m confident that I will have a very successful coaching business that will empower a lot of people on the same path as me. I’m learning from the best and I am confident that that when the time comes, I will be the best myself.

I love how Evelyn is very comforting and constantly reminding us that we are perfect just the way we are right now. It is such a blessing for me to learn from someone who is so warm and loving. This will help me to treat my client in a loving manner that I was imparted to me.

Well-done to you all, you are doing an amazing job.”

Lots of love,


“I have experienced such amazing personal growth working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel an incredible shift in my energy levels and really now have embodied the principles of the Universal Laws by being part of this program.

I am confidant that I will be able to achieve my potential because of the QSCA program and I love the gentle way that I am encouraged to become my best version of myself”

Ann Peckham

“Being part of the QSCA program has been very rewarding and I learned a tremendous amount that I now apply to my own life. I’m confident that this program is one of the best to become an exceptional LOA coach. The amount of resources and material that Christy generously makes available to us covers coaching and business building very well. Christy is a great role model for coaches.”

Bettina A. Baumgart

“I have experienced my journey at QSCA as fun, transformational and very inspiring. I feel very supported by the wonderful QSCA teachers and students and I am totally confident that the program will prepare me to be an authentic LOA coach sharing my gained wisdom.”

Inez R.C. Vermeulen

“The QSCA Certification Program offers a step by step process to obtain the fundamental knowledge of the Law of Attraction and a how-to step by step process to apply and share the principles and processes.

The method of teaching that Christy uses is simple, effective, and becomes a fantastic resourse as you progress through her course. If you are wondering whether or not Christy is the teacher for you, I emphatically say “Absolutely, you will be more than pleased with the methods she incorporates to enlighten, teach, and consistently delight you.”

Janet Bieschke, Ed.D.
Council for Appreciative Leadership

“Hi Christy,

Thanks for asking about how the course is going. I’m so very glad that I took the plunge and committed to this experience.

It has been more than I anticipated and I made the commitment with pretty high expectations (I thought). I have been involved in adult learning for many years and have designed some courses myself, so I knew this design would maximize everyone’s learning ~ and it certainly has totally facilitated my learning. Everything serves to support not only the knowledge we need, but also the practice in putting it into action. I really appreciate everything I’m getting out of this.

Ginny Blair, Ph.D.
Blair Consulting Group

“It was a little bit scary for me to sign up for the QSCA coaching program. I was afraid that I might be overwhelmed.
Now, about halfway through the program, I only can say it was one of the best choices in my life. In only half a year I have grown so much, and I have so much joy, happiness and love in my live. I feel I have so much to give now. And for this tremendous personal growth I really want to thank Christy, my teacher Evelyn, and the QSCA team from the bottom of my heart.

Susanne Greschner

“After researching coaching courses for a year and a half, I decided on QSCA, and I’ve never looked back. I’m finding this program to be inspiring, rich in content, personally transformative, highly supportive, very well organized AND affordable – all rolled into one! I’m loving it!”

Kathleen Welch

“I love how Christy gives us her best. I love how Christy is always so energetic, high on life, and so enthusiastic about the untapped possibilities in the Law of Attraction Coaching profession. As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, I love the tools that we get to play with and the support we got throughout the Certification program year. And, of course, I LOVED the QSCA bonuses.

I experienced tremendous insights and my successful soul-searching opportunities in working with the QSCA modules and Christy. In this 90 mile-a-minute society, we often seek to find the fastest way of doing things. Sometimes we need to stop acting and start being to discover what is just in front of us. The Quantum Success Coaching Academy is a very comprehensive program that empowered me to start being the coach I was meant to be. Just try it, you will absolutely love it. It is AWESOME.

I feel excited about being a QSCA Certified Coach and a part of the QSCA coaching program family. The Academy’s comprehensive certification program is just perfect and an excellent value. The many different instruction modules are well thought out, constructed, and awesome to experience, beautiful to look at, and easy to follow. This Quantum Success Coaching Academy far exceeded my expectations. Christy, Thank you so much for creating this awesome Quantum Success Coaching Academy .

I love all the exciting and wonderful resources, teaching modules, hands-on coaching experiences with top-flight, feed-back, and the AWESOME bonuses of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy certification program. I am still learning a great deal about myself, which was my number two goal with number one learning to coach. I am enjoying the continuing education learning, the hands-on coaching, the reading, and expanding my environment, my bright future and my success. With like-minded colleagues, you too can discover a wonderful world of opportunities and a comprehensive methodology and the framework to make your coaching profession successful in your own unique niche.

Many people come to me for support in their everyday lives. I often thought that there should be a place like the Quantum Success Coaching Academy that would teach me how to be more supportive and yet allow my clients to find their own solutions that would allow them to soar, to thrive, and fully discover the pleasures of success in their personal and professional lives. I believe that the Quantum Success Coaching Academy is THE very best place to find or refine your profession. I give it my highest recommendation.”

Sarah Langston

“As soon as I began Christy’s QSCA program, I started gaining deeper insight about what I truly desire for myself as well as for my business. The way how Christy delivers the program makes the learning process enjoyable. The materials covered are exceptionally inspirational. I find myself looking forward to completing the assignments as I move through the program. I’m so glad that I’ve signed up.”

Henrietta Chan

“I have experienced a total transformation in my life and myself as a result of working with the QSCA and Christy.

The energy involved is so amazing and the Spirit of my coach Abraham and his teachings are so present and beautifully taught, it makes me feel like a better person. It encourages me to live and share them with whoever is interested in living a better life.

Being part of the program has opened the doors of the world to me, I am feeling that I belong to a big family, a family that teaches, empowers and commits to my own success, a family that believes in me.

Christy has the ability to make me feel at home, safe and sane…”

Thanks Christy…

I love you.

Lucre Carreras

“I feel that since enrolling in the QSCA program that I am finally on the right path to fulfill my purpose in this lifetime.

I researched other coaching programs but the QSCA was the one for me because it contemplates the metaphysical element, which I feel, is crucial in bringing about change in people’s lives. However, the program is also very practical and gives you the tools not only to be a great coach but to be a great businessperson as well. How to set up your business and the resources to do so are discussed in detail. I love how Christy and the rest of the QSCA staff treat you like family and they are dedicated to you succeeding. I am proud to say I am a QSCA student and that I am in the process of becoming a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach!”

Melissa Lindo
Law of Attraction Life Coach

“I have only 100% positive experience with Christy Whitman’s Coaching program. It is a true fit for my inner healing and growth as a spiritual being having an awesome human experience.

I am in constant awe of the integrity and love I feel throughout the QSCA program.”

Stacy McCusker
LOA Life Coach Owner of Phoenix Star Solutions

“I am so blessed to know about Christy Whitman and QSCA. How I wished I had known or heard about it much much earlier in my life. Christy Whitman is such a wonderful, awesome, loving, caring and understanding coach.

And my lecturer Evelyn Apostolou, she’s just as wonderful, awesome, loving, caring and understanding!! If only I have an opportunity to hug each of them, I would surely give them a BIG BEARY HUG :)) The staff at QSCA are very helpful too. Three cheers to Christy and her QSCA staff.

I have no regrets signing up for this course. It has simply opened my eyes to a whole new world :)) I would definitely recommend QSCA course to anyone who wish to expand their vision, have a positive outlook of things in life and make a difference in another person’s life :)) I just love every aspect of the QSCA program and I am glad I signed up to be a student of QSCA!!! :))”

Jacqueline Lim
Business Owner

“I just can’t say enough fantastic things about the QSCA Coaching program! It is a very comprehensive program and I have learned so much already.

I already see improvement in every relationship in my life, and it fills me with joy to pass on that knowledge to others through my own coaching. I can already see the contribution I am providing to others, and have received feedback about how I have touched their lives.”

Wasaga Beach, ON

“By becoming a member of the QSCA, I feel like I am part of a supportive family. Not only have I learned how to help others improve their lives, I have improved my own life as well. It is totally a win-win!”

Bonnie Bray

“What do I love about Christy and the Quantum Success Coaching Academy?”

I had set my intentions right before finding Christy to have people in my life that I could learn from and were full of light! Well, the Universe definitely didn’t disappoint, and it was no coincidence that I was attracted to her academy! Christy is so warm and just VIBRATES love and support, and is VERY accessible and professional at the same time! Even if I never make a dime from coaching, the shifts I’ve had, the tools I’ve learned, the connections to other sources of learning I’ve made through Christy is worth SO much more than the cost of tuition!

At first, I went through a little bit of doubt about whether I could afford it or not, but, like Jeanna Gabellini said in her newsletter, “Choose to say yes and line up your beliefs behind that choice… Once the decision is made to afford something, it will be affordable… the solutions will unveil themselves to you. When you say no, it’s a dead end street… So, as always, just say YES to what you want and make your life be easy.”

Chi Myers
Law of Attraction Life Coach

“I’ve attended several of Christy’s group LoA coaching sessions throughout the course of a year and with each session I became more and more excited about and empowered with using the Law of Attraction. Christy is not only enthusiastic about her coaching but she is 100% invested in providing the best and most accurate information available to each of her clients and students.

Because of Christy’s enthusiasm I choose her QSCA over several other courses. – “Christy Whitman was one of the few ‘teaching’ coaches whose course really called out to me Her QSCA Program encompasses an entire year giving the student everything from the basics to running a full fledged Coaching Practice. There is so much that I can write here about Christy’s QSCA Program that it would take up an entire page – so, if you would like to learn more, please send me an email and I would be more than happy to give you more feedback about the Program – Cheers. P.”

*Do not live by accident or by default. **Live by Design. Design your life using goals, visualization, imagination and plans – all done consistently, daily, clearly, accurately and with details.*

Phillis Benson

The QSCA Certification Program offers a structured process to gain the fundamental knowledge of the Universal Laws. It also gives a structured method on how to apply and share the principles and processes with other people who wish to empower themselves.

Christy’s QSCA program is truly amazing! While I am learning to be an effective coach and build a prosperous business, I am experiencing positive changes in many areas of my life.”

Capt. Sarab Sandhu

“I have experienced an exciting and enlightening journey so far working with the QSCA and Christy Whitman!

I feel I am on my way to becoming a successful certified LOA coach and therefore will be able to help others help themselves live happier, healthier, wealthier lives as a result of my being a part of this program.

I am confident that once I complete my training with Christy and the QSCA, I will be able to truly make a positive difference in this world and fulfill my true life’s purpose. I love the wealth of information I have been given access to through the QSCA program in which Christy has addressed every part of creating a truly successful business. As a result, I am able to design my business as a perfect fit for me.

Christy definitely has a true passion for what she does and it shows. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the QSCA.”

Mary Sell

“I am truly enlightened by the Quantum Success Coaching Academy certification program. I had my reservations at first, and now I am so pleased that you have taught me specific ways on teaching and coaching to the Laws of the Universe. Your course has given me the confidence to speak to a large number of people and share the knowledge that I have learned with others. You are very supportive and I can not thank you enough for allowing me to be enlightened by you and the course. I look forward to my success in coaching with your help and guidance.”

Tina Collura
Toronto, Ontario

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how wonderful your Quantum Success Coaching Academy has been for me. I have a Master’s in Social Work and I have always wanted to help people, I just didn’t know how to do it on my own. I had been discouraged by what I thought had to happen in order to start my own business. I was confused so I set out to find something that was in alignment with me and what I wanted to offer to my clients. I had been searching for something to show me the path and that is when I found your program. I am now a Certified Law of Attraction coach and it is all because of your program. I now have the confidence to coach my clients and empower them because you empowered me! As a result of your program I manifested almost $12,000 in 40 days, I have release 25 pounds off my body, my business is growing daily, I have been featured as an expert writer in Success Skills on the homepage of one of the top self help websites in the country, and to top it off I am able to teach these techniques to my clients and watch them reap the benefits as well. I am so very grateful to have you in my life, you can tell that you really care about your students and their success. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much!!!”

Mary Owens

“Thank you, Christy. I would like to let you know how much I enjoy each class and how much uplifted I feel. Not only contents cover in a class are enormous, but also vibration you raise is awesome. NO, awesome is a bit underestimated terms. I cannot find the right word for the atmosphere and energy you bring to the class. I can see now myself becoming awesome success coach in a very near future! Form nothing to the own practice/business, I can feel that path is laid out. Thank you, my life will never be the same after QSCA, and I tell you QSCA is the best of bests.”

Ikuko Nakazawa

“Thank you for offering this course. As soon as I discovered it, I knew it was for me and I have not been disappointed. The skills I’m learning (both coaching and business building) will help me to create the coaching business I desire and allow me to reach my goals of teaching others to live happy and fufilling lives- especially children. I also appreciate your genuine love for coaching and concern for all those that you attract into your life.”

In deep gratitude,

Robyn Ladinsky, MSW

What I like about the QSCA is the overall support I get going through the program. It is well designed to be the best I can be.

Love the mentor that they assigned to our class.

What I have experienced is a deep calming within. It is pulling everything together that I have taken to date. Confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. I now hold my own in any type of conversation, maintaining who I am. Close friends have noticed a shift in me, giving me compliments and even a few hey you’re looking good these days “what are you up too?”

I love volunteering and doing live processes in the coaching calls. This was a huge step in my growth.

Best to you in each and every moment.”

Douglas Purcell

“I am confident that I have found my Life Purpose in joining the QSCA program. It has given me a whole new outlook on the way I lead my life. The satisfaction I feel in helping people fulfill their dreams and goals is indescribable. The course has been a gateway to a more prosperous life in so many ways, and with my joining the course, it felt like the doors of heaven have opened to me, and a wonderful and bountiful life awaits. I am now the creator of my existence, and that for me is worth every cent of the course fee.”


“As a result of the QSCA and Christy Whitman, I feel that I am expanding in numerous areas of my life as I share the Law of Attraction techniques and processes with clients who are manifesting results in their own lives. Christy is extremely generous with her resources, her experience, and her wisdom. I am so grateful to be guided by her mentoring. I am learning very quickly how to be a deliberate creator in my life and how to inspire others to do the same.”


“I love the fact that I can take this class via online and telephone classes. Given my busy schedule, this makes it so easy to be anywhere and still participate and complete the course requirements. This is the first on-line course I have ever taken, and it has been a terrific experience.

I think the website is fantastic. I love the way that you have integrated all types of information for your coaches here. You have made everything available to us that you have produced so that we can continue learning even more information between calls. The member section is a great help and easy to navigate. Although it was a bit scary at first trying to figure it all out, it is truly simple and easy to work with.

I love the way that you are available to your students. I had a need and you were right there to help me even though we hadn’t gotten to that part of that class yet. That allowed me to REALLY help a client who was really in need and she was completely blown away with the process you taught me. Your availability is a tremendous asset.

I love the built-in support system both with you, as well as within our master mind groups. It is very helpful, especially when we don’t all get to actually be with each other, to connect and support each other in between classes.

All of the teleseminar reminders are fantastic, whether it be for our class or for an interview. You make it very easy to schedule things because you constantly make sure we know all the information about the call, and that is extremely helpful.

The amount of information you are giving us is unbelievable! I LOVE knowing that all these things are available even if I’m not yet ready to integrate them yet. There is information that you have shared by having guest speakers on the calls or on separate calls that I have never even heard of, and it is awesome to know these things exist. Every time I get off a call with a guest speaker I am so excited and even more sure that I did the right thing for myself by taking your course.

Helping me to find clients by referring people to me via sample sessions is a great way for your customers to understand your/our services and also allows us the ability to practice with people we don’t know.

I really enjoy the way you make sure on every call to say that you want to surprise and delight us. It just makes the learning fun and you are always so positive and full of energy that it is contagious. You have a way of teaching that is very supportive and encouraging.

Christy, there has been nothing that I do not enjoy about QSCA, I have found this to be an extremely positive experience and I thoroughly enjoy all of it.

Since joining QSCA, not only am I learning a tremendous amount of invaluable information and skills to be a Law of Attraction Life Coach, but what I am learning is applicable to every area of my life. I am watching my life change and improve every day by integrating what I am learning in everything I do. Thank you Christy, this is a powerful and dynamic course and I can hardly wait to see what happens next!”

Bambi Corso
Westlake Village, CA

“The QSCA has given me permission to dream again! Not only because of the outstanding content of the classes, but its the synergy with my classmates that continue to validate that ANYTHING is possible.

Christy and the QSCA has given life and structure to my passion which is helping others suffering through “burnout syndrome” discover and pursue their passion. I suffered through 12 years working at a job I had no passion for and now I am dedicated to inspire and help others dream again despite their hectic jobs and despite the opinions of others! Thank you Christy for empowering me to live a life now full of joy and FREEDOM!”

Esther Oparah

“The QSCA is fabulous. I love how everything is laid out for you, the manual, all the worksheets. It is very easy to follow even though the classes are done on the phone.

I have always been a successful person. I have held six figure jobs for the past 20 years. I worked in corporate America training their employees, from the sales representatives to the president. I knew how to create the life I wanted regarding my finances, where I lived and how I lived.

I decided to become a coach and teach others how to use LOA to create whatever they want. This coaching class was fabulous. It was easy to follow, fun (couldn’t wait for my next class), and informative (it gives you many good ideas and connections to help you start your own business). This coaching class has taken me to another level. The best way to describe it is, Joy and Freedom.

This is one of the best experiences in my life. The information that is shared at every class is so helpful. I believe I would have to spend hours, days and probably weeks to learn what I learn in one 1 hour session. I believe this class is “priceless”

Paula DeMuria

“Since starting the QSCA Program, I have literally become a totally different person. I have been on the path to enlightenment for several years now and somehow realized I wanted to help others feel relief too, which is why I decided to become a life coach. After researching several programs, I chose QSCA as it seemed so comprehensive in scope. With only being partway through the program I have found the required reading materials and information presented by Christy have given me more insight to myself and my desires in just a few short months than I have received in the past 2 years!

I was really nervous when I first strated my actual coaching, but Christy not only gave us the tools, but she is so positive and encouraging with her feedback and support, you can’t help but feel like a winner. I now look forward to all of my coaching sessions. I am so totally delighted with this program and am always excited to see what new things I will learn on the class calls. Christy has a dedication to our success as students that stands far and above any expectations I originally had and its this feeling of wanting to “amaze and delight” which I will happily “pay it forward” to my clients.

Thanks Christy, for being the authentic and magnificent person you are.”

Karen Bunke, Life Coach
KB Connection

Hi Christy!!! And the amazing team :)

I am thrilled to have an opportunity to share my time with this program so far. What I love about the QSCA is the love, energy, and bond that I am experiencing. It feels amazing to be surrounded by same like minded souls that are all here not only expanding in their own lives but helping others too!!

If I had to come up with something that I do not enjoy would be trying to figure out the technical end of things. I have been stretched with my technical abilities with sending in feedbacks and making sure that everything is attached. haaha took 4 attempts my first time and I honestly don’t really remember how I even did it to do for the next one. I see myself getting there though. If I had to say anything about doing differently maybe just dedicate a class on really going over the technical details for feedbacks. I know a handful of students that had no idea how to do it.

One of my amazing clients that I have been working with for the last 5 months in person was so impressed with what we were doing she has now signed up for this next intake!!! That has made me so happy :)

I love the energy, love, and support the QSCA provides. It is an empowering program with golden nuggets around every corner!!

I feel blessed and right at home being a part of this program.
I am confident that with all the amazing training and hands on experiences provided through the QSCA that my life coaching practice will continue to expand!!!

As soon as I enrolled in the QSCA I knew I found a second home. This program has provided me with the hands on training, support, and love to help me continue growing my life coaching practice. I feel blessed and completely honored to be part of such an empowering program. Many thanks and lots of gratitude!!!”

Danielle Dailey

“I just wanted you to know that I am a seminar junky and I think the value and energy of your Academy program is top of the pile.!! I am including the Harv Ekers and the Mark Victor Hansens of the world is that class. I am so glad I signed on.”

Dave Smith, California

“I also wanted to tell you that I never realized how my coaching clients would be total reflections of myself. I knew coming into this course that I would learn to coach, but also figured that I would also help improve my own life by the removal of blocks and obstacles simply by learning the material. Never would I have guessed that my exact issues are the issues of my clients ! What better way to help yourself but to help others ! Thanks Christy I appreciate all you are doing for us and for offering such a wonderful and thorough course.”

Maryann Wilkin

“I have been studying and using the Law of Attraction for more than 20 years. Since joining QSCA, I have been able to actually integrate processes and techniques in my own life with such power and precision like I have never known in my own creations. I feel so incredible all the time.

The classes are fun , informative and thorough. The material is well laid out and the member website with all the extra goodies is fantastic. I know that I made the right decision in joining Christy’s QSCA certification program.

My favorite part of the program is probably the group calls. I enjoy interacting with my fellow students. Thank you Christy, I consider QSCA to be the best Law of Attraction Certification Program around.”

Lexie Moon

“LOA at it’s best!!

The idea of becoming a Law of Action coach is what led me to listen to your free teleseminar. It was your experience and business expertise that convinced me to join your Coaching Academy. Above all else it is your loving spirit and flare for life that has inspired me to take this to the farthest limits imaginable, to make my desires a reality. A gift from the universe has been bestowed upon me… and her name is Christy Whitman.”

Steve Wilder

“As a student with the QSCA I am learning so much of value that will help me personally and as a Wellness Coach in the LOA. The program offers visual, and auditory learning with so many great meditations, bonuses and referrals to excellent other resources. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their own and/or other people’s lives.”

Wendy Mackay

“I have experienced amazing growth since working with QSCA and Christy! She helps me feel that all things are possible! I feel such joy and expansion by being a part of this program. I am confident that I will have the success I have always desired because of the QSCA program. The most amazing foundation is being created! There is a continual stream of support offered to all of the coaches. I love that it feels like a loving community experience. I love being part of the QSCA program. Thank-you Christy!”

Sharon Ballantine

“I have experienced breakthroughs in my own Energy system during the work with the QSCA and Christy. Teaching others the processes of Law of Attraction requires putting them in practice and then coaching others through the processes. This is a great energy boost not only for clients but for students of the QSCA program.

I feel empowered by being a part of this program –helping others realize limiting beliefs, releasing limiting beliefs and raising self-imposed ceilings. I am a Law of Attraction student and have studied several approaches including Psych-K, hypnosis, and others.

I love the support, the varied approaches, the interaction of the small groups and the energy of the QSCA program. I investigated several coaching programs before making the decision to join this program — I have made the correct choice.”

Brenda Randel
Quantum Coaching Connections

“I researched many continuing ed and coaching certification programs before signing on with the QSCA. This program is perfect for me (live and interactive, supportive, and above all, an extremely well-designed curriculum).

It’s also both practical (business module) and spiritual, gives me the articulation I needed to teach and coach my clients, not to mention that a designed-in HOW to get clients (!) even exists! At this stage in my life and career, the QSCA (as a program and organization) has exactly enough touch and independence built in, that it facilitates my learning on many levels. From Christy throughout every team member of the QSCA, all my general and support interactions have met or exceeded my expectations, which are high for myself throughout life!—because believe me, poor customer service is my pet peeve. QSCA is an exemplifier AND amplifier of this high expectation LoA. I can’t rave enough about this program and the individuals associated, including those I’ve met through QSCA (from my pod group, coaching buddy, and at the Goddess Weekend)—all are very high quality individuals, adding up to a profound and enriching life expanding experience. I will eternally be grateful to Christy Whitman, a sisterly energy I vibe with.”

Simone da Rosa, SF, CA

“Christy’s QSCA program is truly amazing! While I am learning to be a most effective coach and build a prosperous business, I am experiencing profound healing in many areas of my own life. Christy is very available and very generous with her time and resources. This course if worth so much more than the actual cost.”

Shaina H.
Law of Attraction Coach

“I have experienced an amazing shift in the way I see the world and my purpose in it since working with the QSCA and you. I feel thrilled every day to be on my personal path to fulfilling my life’s purpose, and I am confident that I can touch others’ lives and empower and encourage them to manifest their dreams in Spirit. I love everything about this course from the classes to the resources to the reading material to the meditations. It’s a sheer joy to be working with you and my peer coaches and mentor. Thank you so much for all you do!”

Fondly — June A. Van Valkenburg

“The Quantum Success Coaching Academy is absolutely the most amazing Law of Attraction coaching program there is available. Being a part of this coaching program is helping me create not only a successful coaching business but also creating an abundant life for myself. I highly recommend being a part of the Christy Whitman extended family! I have being in coaching programs with Christy for over two years and she has given me tools to enhance every area of my life from, relationships, finances, and my spirituality. Christy is an amazing person in her own right who’s goal is to share “everything” she knows, (which is a great deal) to create amazing new coaches! I feel honored to be a part of the QSCA and to be trained by the “Best”!”

Love & Light,

Judith E. Hineman

“Joining the QSCA is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I knew right away that I had found my life purpose.

I am learning so much and I have experienced huge growth in the short time I have been with the QSCA. It really is awesome! I continue to expand every day in my life and the skills I am learning are invaluable. I love how the classes are laid out and how I can do them from home. I look forward to graduating from the QSCA and making a difference in people’s lives. ”

Jamie McCall

“I have experienced amazing personal growth while working with the QSCA program and Christy but more importantly am already confidently coaching clients and starting to build my business just 3 months into the QSCA program.

This program provides us with amazing online tools & additional programs to enhance our lives and attract more abundance. We grow and learn with our POD team members and develop close friendships all around the continent. Christy is amazing and always available to answer any questions we may have while going through this program.

I am attracting more into my life and have more abundance due to working the QSCA program!”

Marnie Houston
QSCA – Coaching student

“I am LOVING the Quantum Success Coaching Academy!! What an honor it is to know and work with you! My life will never be the same! Your programs are so amazing and offer every single person out there a chance to learn and grow at their perfect pace.

I love the way you offer a “buffet” of information, connections, and mentors through your Coaching Academy. This ensures us that at every moment, we have access to the very best information, and we will all get exactly what we are looking for! It feels good to be a part of the community and family spirit that you created through your passion for empowering individuals to be their most authentic self! Everything has surpassed my expectations and I’m forever grateful to you!

This investment that I’ve made for myself, in joining the QSCA, will pass on to all those that I touch, as a Law Of Attraction Life Coach!”

Truly Inspired
Anna Gonzales

“I could not possibly have imagined how my life would change and transform by enrolling in the QSCA. I trusted my intuition when I signed up, it said, “Yes! Don’t think just say yes” and I didn’t even know if I wanted to be a Coach. I quickly found that this is my calling. I have never felt such a supportive, nurturing environment in which to learn, I’ve never been so impressed with the wealth of information that Christy provides and all the gifts and bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the whole year-long course. In a very short time, I’ve gone from someone totally devastated by life and with no idea of what to do with my future to someone who is planning a successful business and already coaching!”

Jennie Thom
Artist~Law of Attraction Life Coach

“I put my intention out to the Universe that I would like to become a Life Coach and then I forgot about it. Then, shortly after that, I was sent an email about Christy Whitman’s tele-seminar. When I heard Christy on the tele-seminar, I knew immediately that QSCA was for me. Right away, I was excited to begin but I had no idea how truly amazing Christy and her program would be! Words cannot accurately express the value that I have received from Christy and her Quantum Success Coaching Academy and it has not even been 4 months into the program. Because of Christy, I have a clear vision of my future career as a Law of Attraction Life Coach and it is amazing! Christy’s program is so comprehensive and empowering, she leaves no stone unturned. All that I could possibly need for my personal transformation is included in this truly amazing program. I am eternally grateful that I have found Christy. It has changed my life!”

Julie Kleinhans
Law of Attraction Life Coach

“I had been thinking to become a life coach (or some sort of life teacher) for many years (decades). I received an announcement about Christy’s teleseminar about her Law of Attraction Coaching certification course. Christy’s offer was perfect. I signed up for the Christy’s course. I didn’t have any idea how I can pay, but she is so nice to give us an alternative flexible payment schedule (thank you, thank you, thank you!!).

I love Christy. The course is very well designed. She gave me a good push to start coaching. I really love the openness and infinite perspective Christy displays in the course. She manifests everything she teaches us. She is a great teacher but at the same time she demonstrates that she is a great student. She makes sure that we secure our birthrights of Joy, Freedom and Growth inside the course. She shows what abundance is all about by demonstrating herself as Abundance itself. She gives us bonus after bonus so that we can continue growing and having fun. I jumpstarted the bonus courses, meditations or tools she provided us, and tried them out everyday. I finally started to transform. I could go deeper and deeper into my subconscious level (creating a collaborative environment with my once-troublesome sub-personalities) and broaden my conscious level.

Thank you Christy. I strongly believe that you are the next BIG thing!!”

Best Regards,
Keiko Marutani

“This has been a great learning experience that covers everything you need to know about coaching, building a successful business, and hands on experience with personal one-on-one assistance from Christy…so much content, so much value and so much great material…If you want instruction from the best, then take this course with QSCA!”

Ron Price

“I have enjoyed every moment of the QSCA program so far. This is the first time I have taken an on line course and I didn’t know what to expect. Christy’s program is incredibly organized, and her teaching is very clear, making it easy for me to absorb, and incorporate the wealth of information and insight she so generously shares. Being part of this program has caused my life to change dramatically, almost immediately shifting my perspective and drawing greater abundance into my life. I have already begun to work with clients and have seen amazing results occur. I am confident that by the end of this program I will have all the tools and knowledge necessary to become an amazing and effective, Law of Attraction Life Coach.”

Thank you Christy, I am loving the journey!

Teena Calderoni

“I have known Christy for such a short time but it feels like a lifetime of friendship. She has helped me rediscover the excitement of learning and application of what only a positive, forward thinking mind can achieve. I have experienced a wonderful awakening, it’s like being able to see and feel for the first time in years, thanks to Christy and her QSCA program and her excellent teaching and guiding skills. Since starting the QSCA program I feel so much a part of something much bigger than life itself; learning a gift to continually pass forward to others to enlighten their path in life is fulfilling in itself. I love the individual coaching with my clients and am really looking forward to doing group coaching in the future.”

With warm regards,
Leah Steinberg, MSC/BSP
Law of Attraction Life Coach

I have experienced great learning and fun with working with the QSCA, Christy and Evelyn
I feel privileged and grateful by being a part of this program.

I am confident that I will be able to be a great coach in helping women come into contact with their true abundant nature because of the QSCA program and that I will earn a good income doing it.

I love the very professional way of the QSCA program is administered. And I really think the cherries on top of the ice cream cones – the mentor calls, that I feel they ought to be made compulsory. Janet is a very rare gem.”

Lian Henriksen

“I have experienced accelarted growth working with the QSCA and Christy (more than I can ever imagine). I feel and know that I am following my purpose and making a difference by being a part of this program. Because of the QSCA program I am confident that I am becoming an effective and successful LOA Coach. Christy is a very dedicated, supportive and inspiring teacher. I also love how Christy has been so generous in her teaching and how she embraces her students as her family.”

Vitri S Sukardi

Maureen Huntley

I have been truly amazed by Christy and the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. I have learned so much from Christy, not only around the universal laws and energy principles, but coaching, networking, marketing and how it’s all connected. Every class would just get better and better. Christy is extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and will guide you to creating the reality you desire from the inside out! I so admire her! Christy guides with love, creating abundance for all who step into her energy sphere. I am so grateful for having found Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Thank you does not seem like enough.


Maureen Huntley

Glen Rock, NJ

“As you are aware, I have been a therapist for over 40 years. I made the decision to convert my entire practice to LOA. After a diligent search, I found you and subsequently the QSCA. This is possibly the best discovery of my entire career. Your methods, energy,and value are beyond belief. While I might wish for a little less homework, I love what you do and come away from every class feeling energized and confident that my converted practice will grow beyond belief and be filled with perfect clients. You are great!”

Dr. Ed Moloney

“Working with you made me realize how important it is to feel good. Our thoughts and feelings mirror what we attract into our lives. You made me realize that there is always abundance and that there is always enough in this world. I am enough. You helped me open up. I feel like I have blossomed and discovered a very powerful connection to source energy. I’ve learned that it is and always will be there for me. I’ve also come to learn that it is extremely important to raise our vibration and connect to high level energy and emotions. Most importantly I have come to realize that I have power. I can be or do anything I want. It is so important to love yourself and to be gentle with yourself. You taught me how to manifest what I really wanted. Thank you for teaching me how to be very successful. I am truly grateful.”

Vanessa D’Andrea

“The QSCA is a comprehensive, information-packed and life-changing program–Christy teaches you everything you need to know to be a coach. Not only is this program training me to be a successful life coach, it has transformed my life on a personal level as well. And, I’ve met so many wonderful people in the QSCA. I’m so glad I enrolled in Christy’s coaching academy!”

Holly Keefer

“Christy’s classes are packed full of information. They are so much more than I could ever imagine. Everything is so well organized & professional. Christy presents the material in an easy to understand way and offers amazing support with her classes. Christy always goes the extra mile. Her generosity is greatly appreciated and a wonderful example for us all. She calls us her family & truly makes you feel that way.

Christy has facilitated positive growth and change in my life and has opened the door for many new opportunities. I feel empowered, inspired, and enthusiastic about my life. Thank you Christy.”

Beth Duval

Vanessa DAndreaand Christy Whitman.jpg“Being part of Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy has been a truly transformational experience for me, both personally and professionally! Christy is a top notch coach, teacher and mentor.

It has been a wonderful experience to be around her positive energy and expertise. I am confident that I am growing both as a coach and personally because of the excellent training and loving guidance and encouragement Christy provides. I am so happy to have attracted Christy and the QSCA into my life!”Estra Roell
Coaching student

“I just have to share with you how happy I am that I found Christy and the QSCA. I listened to the teleseminar, and knew right away that Christy had beautiful positive energy, and a vision that resonated within me. I joined right then, and have been grateful for that ever since.

My year with the QSCA has been one of transformation. I now have tools, resources, and mentors who have helped me clarify my choices, become even more empowered, and become a deliberate creator. I have made such powerful bonds with fellow coaches, wonderful people whose energy is in alignment with mine, who share success, challenges, and joy with me.

I never could have envisioned the depth of the course. I especially resonated with the Light Body module, and felt for the first time, the power of meditation, the link with Spirit. I was exposed to business building, a whole new field for me! I found wonderful clients to coach, who allowed me to perfect my craft, share in their joy and expansion, and allow me to know that coaching is my calling.

Above all, Christy’s wonderful energy, well-organized and thought-out course, and ever-present vision of her students as great life coaches, allowed me to expand and evolve into a COACH.”

Thanks for being you, Christy.

Elmasue Zylberberg
Certified Law of Attraction Coach

I am extremely grateful to be a part of the QSCA as it has provided so much breadth and depth to my coaching practice.

I recommend this program to anyone, whether you are new to the profession or have been coaching for years.
Taking this course has provided so many more techniques and processes to add to my skill set, as well as, valuable business building concepts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Sheila Sornsin
The Grateful Goddess

“I cannot believe that a year has passed since I began your class. I would like you to know how this class and especially you have changed my life.

Like I had told you during our phone call, I took this class strictly to feel better about myself. I did not have any interest in coaching other people that was until I experienced the huge shift in my life. I thought that if I had money I would be happy. I soon learned that that was not the case at all. Money was not going to make me happy only I could make me happy. I have experienced such joy, happiness and peace since starting this course. I cannot wait to spread this joy all around the world.

You have been an inspiration, a guide, a good friend and a truly loving person. I feel such a closeness to you. I believe that comes from the fact that you have taught me to love myself. That I did not need anyone to tell me how great I looked, what a good person I was, etc. That all came from me. What a freeing experience. It has made my relationship with my husband a lot better. I used to look to him to validate myself and I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on him.

I want to thank you so much for all that you did for me and to thank you for all that you will be doing for other people thru me.

I wanted to send you a picture with this but I purchased a new computer (yes I had that on my attraction list) and have not uploaded any yet. I will send you one as soon as I get the chance.

I am looking forward to my certification and to tell everyone that I learned from one of the best teachers out there.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me, my family and the lives of the people I have yet to touch.

May God Bless you, your family, and all the new coaches that you will be teaching. Together we will make this world a more loving place to live. ”

Michele Competello

“This year long coaching course has changed my life in so many positive ways. The most important one for me has been with my relationship with myself. Many wonderful life changes have happened for me as I applied my training in my own life including a beautiful loving intimate relationship with a wonderful man with whom I share my life with now, as well as allowing more abundance into my life in so many ways. I have a new understanding of how life works and how I create my reality and that I am accountable for my joy.

I found out about Christy and her Law of Attraction Life Coaching certification from Marci Shimoff. I had gone through a training as a workshop facilitator based on her book ‘Happy for No Reason’, so I knew I should pay attention. This coaching certification offers more than I could have possibly imagined. Christy is a true teacher who teaches from the heart. Her love for her students is evident throughout the training. She has practiced what she teaches and has manifested her desires in her own life as evidenced by her success in her business and personal life. Her course offered intensive training that covered every aspect of the universal laws of attraction as well as other modalities. Each module builds on the previous one and expanded me in ways I am still beginning to experience and know always will. I feel well prepared as a life coach. And I feel well prepared for life. I have great appreciation for having attracted Christy Whitman and her course into my life. I know I have expanded and will continue to do so throughout my life as a result of this incredible course. ”

Thank-you Christy Whitman from the bottom of my heart!

With Love,

Kathleen Martin

“It’s been such a long time since your QSCA originals days… I wanted to reconnect with you and just say – THANK you for EXISTING.

Your QSCA course, what I learned from you – was the first pivotal and essential foundation for what was to come and who I was to become…

I will never forget that.

So how’s this for a QSCA graduate success story…

I self-published my first book, The Unleashing, on March 30. June 6th it became a best-seller on Amazon. I’ve manifested my dream life, passion… Got divorced. Am loving myself more than EVER, got on CNN (twice) and named a top leader in Latino Leaders Magazine. And it all began with your teaching of the LOA.

So, thought I’d just say THANK YOU, and just let you know what’s up in my world! Sending you much love and light.”

Osmara Vindel, LOACC
Founder, Padma Coaching

“Christy’s Quantum Success Coaching Program has literally transformed my life. Before I was a part of Christy’s life I was going in three directions, with two jobs, three children and always stressed out. I was not in touch with my emotions, feeling, self worth or connected to my children’s lives. After being in Christy’s program, I established a renewed self-worth, new future me and have completely slowed town my life with little stress and more fun and time with my family. Also, during this program, I was so energized that I was still able to do all of this and complete writing a book and launching a children’s social network website. I have never felt more grounded and present as I do after this class. I am now in Christy’s LB class and still finding more enlightenment, good energy and happiness than ever before. Christy truly is an amazing women, healer and teacher.”

Pam Tyson

“As a former psychotherapist and university teacher and now a business owner, I am impressed with the quality and quantity of content in the QSCA program. In addition, Christy’s teaching style is infused with a unique blend of the personal, professionalism, and a lot of heart. If you love the Law of Attraction and can imagine yourself as a successful Law of Attraction coach, I can confidently recommend the QSCA program. High Value-High Benefits-High Energy.”

Christine Peters M.A.
Co-owner Power Barn

“The Law of Attraction brought me to the QSCA in response to my strong desire to create a new life for myself, and my life has been an example of quantum “Attraction in Action” ever since I started the program. I love the unparalleled authenticity, enthusiasm and expertise that Christy brings to every class. This is a dynamite program, whether you want to be a Law of Attraction Coach or “just” learn how to apply Law of Attraction principles, processes and techniques to attract greater prosperity in your life. The best part is that failure is impossible, as you define what success means to you, and Christy and the QSCA provide all the training, support and encouragement you are willing to receive. What I’m learning through the QSCA is allowing me to transform my enthusiasm for helping people into a business that allows me to make an amazing living doing what I love to do and helping people transform their lives!”

Nancyann Rutledge
Law of Attraction Success Coach
QSCA Class of Fall 2009


I have enjoyed the classes thus far, the wealth of information is of course invaluable, and Evelyn has been a very enthusiastic teacher.

I have received greater clarity of what I would like to do which is to do speaking engagements and write books etc., rather than one on one coaching. I have already signed up with a publisher to help me start my first manuscript.”

Mike Jones

“I had been a student of Law of Attraction for the last 2 years after a major change in my life. I knew I was on the road to do something to help people while making a business for myself. I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason and so I put a request out to the Universe to help me find HOW to get where I needed to go. The next day I received the email about Christys Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Being impulsive (now knowing that means I am in the Vortex and allowing at the same time) I actually waited a week to sign up for the class.

I had taken another class to be a coach and had done some professional mentoring/coaching in a prior business so I felt it wouldn’t be too hard a jump to become a coach. But the first class didn’t resonant with me the way Christy’s does. All of the material- Abraham-Hicks were things I had already been studying. Everything clicked. Adding Christy’s energy and vision to that was exactly what I needed in a mentor and a business model.

My goals are lofty! I see myself as the next Christy Whitman or at least being a part of her team. This has been in my heart for a long time, but being part of Christy’s class has solidified my vision. The information she teaches and shares is critical right now. The people she is training and helping will change the world. It’s exciting to be part of the solution instead of just being part of the cause.

I am excited for my future as a Certified LOA Coach from Quantum Success Academy.

So far this class has exceeded everything I hoped for!

Anything I would change would be on my part- I’d like to understand technology better- how to record calls how to find calls online, etc. I would like more time to spend focused on my class and coaching.”

Thank You so much!

Sarah Saint Amour

“My heart is filled with gratitude to Christy and her staff for their extraordinary kindness and assistance to me before and during registration. They helped me dissolve my anxieties about the program, including the tuition, and eliminate uncertainties about my own possibilities in ways that could seem miraculous while assisting me in setting my intentions for exponential growth.

I am delighted with the QSCA certification program and very grateful that I came aboard because I am experiencing personal growth and self empowerment with QSCA and Christy. I feel that all good things are possible by being a part of this program.

I am confident that I am becoming the successful LOA abundance person and coach that I am already joyously experiencing in my dreams and intentions helping clients to attract abundance in every area of their lives because of the QSCA program.

I love the teleclasses and the growing wealth of information, resources, and bonuses of the QSCA program.”

Margie Sampson,

“The QSCA program is extremely well orchestrated and executed, geared towards the success of its students on every level.

I feel the QSCA experience provides me with the resources to acquire the information that will enable me to be the best life coach possible, while avoiding the common pitfalls that can be encountered during the course of practice.

I am confident that due to the QSCA program, not only have I acquired the skills to be a successful life coach, but my personal well being has been greatly enhanced.

I love the fact there is accountability – accompanied by great feedback and support from the QSCA team – throughout the program.”

Sheila McNeill R.N.,C.M.
Life Coach.

“I’m so excited to be getting out into the mix of things. You’ve really inspired me and given way more than many teachers who I’ve learned from and mentored with. Thank you! This has been the most comprehensive training that I’ve done (and the list is long!) You are always upbeat, available, and have a genuine interest in the success and happiness of every student, and you make it all look so easy! It’s truly a vision to live up to. Thank you again.”

Beth Delaney (A very happy student and coach )

“I guess there are no such things as accidents though I cannot say what force of attraction brought me to Christy’s site and the possibility of being coached as a Law of attraction coach. I knew right away that I was going to say ‘yes’ although it took me a few attempts to finally commit! During this time, Christy herself was utterly present with me, understanding when my credit card backfired and patient while I got myself aligned.

I also wanted to say that one of the best things about learning this stuff too is that not only do we get to acquire skill in the Law of Attraction which we can share with our clients and help them transform their lives, but WE get to implement the learnings as we are studying which impacts our own lives… win/ win all round!!

Since then I have nothing but praise for the content of the course, the way it is delivered, the efficiency of the ‘back end’ getting us the support we need when we need it etc etc and the integrity all round.
Furthermore the bonuses and extras we have received are nothing short of sensational… access to pretty much all of Christy’s arsenal of products and services… a probable value of more than we have paid for the entire coaching! And more keeps on arriving as we pursue the training… This brings me to the question of value for money….. i have attended literally dozens of workshops, seminars and online programs and am amazed that Christy lets this training go so inexpensively.. she could charge double or three times what she does and it would be worth it. I have since checked online at similar (and in my opinion inferior) programs and they charge considerably more and offer less. As you can tell, I am delighted and even though we are only a few weeks in, I know i am going to receive everything I need to not only expand my coaching horizons but also create a thriving business from the skills I am acquiring.

If you are considering being trained as a coach, then Law of Attraction coaching is definitely the way to go… as a therapist and facilitator already, I love the way that LOA coaching focuses on solutions rather than digging into the past and helps people feel good rapidly without ‘processing’ or going into the story, and it is certainly gaining in prominence due to the popularity of the teachings of Abraham.

If you would like a personal chat with me to find out more please feel free to contact me. I have nothing but praise for Christy and her team.”

PS.. Christy
As a postscript to my testimonial I also wanted to say that one of the best things about learning this stuff too is that not only do we get to acquire skill in the Law of Attraction which we can share with our clients and help them transform their lives, but WE get to implement the learnings as we are studying which impacts our own lives… win/ win all round!!

Much love XXX


“Before starting w/Christy in the QSCA program I had ended a 37 ½ yr marriage and done a few coaching programs with Christy. I am light years away from where I was then and where I am now! Through the QSCA program I have released more unproductive layers in my life than I would like to admit. I am more confident and self-assured than I have ever been in my entire life.

If you are thinking of signing on for the QSCA program with Christy all I can say is that is a decision you will never regret! There is no program out there like Christy’s. She is so so generous and is willing to teach you everything she knows. Then if she is not a pro at something she believes you need to know, to have a successful practice, she brings in the pro’s to teach you. You will not only learn and go through all the processes you will use in your practice but she will give you tools to help build and manage your business the 21st century way. The way she does!!

My life has done so many “360′s” in the past 4 years that I lost count. So if you’re ready for the journey, to an amazing life, sign on with Christy and you will be so glad you did. I am living a charmed life, building my coaching business by leaps and bounds, with an established web site, doing all the things I never thought were possible! All because of the tools given to me by Christy!”

Judy Hineman
QSCA Life Coach

I have loved this program since the very beginning – QSCA is a world of information, support and enlightenment!

I have been a student of the teachings of Abraham for many years so to be submersed in it has been amazing. My favorite element has been the many sources of support and connection
that are immediately available – from my teacher to my Pod Group to my coaching buddy to my mentor Lola…I feel like I have a new family that will be with me long after I graduate from the program.

I have been coaching for many years but I am learning new and valuable tools that are vastly improving my coaching style and benefitting my clients. I am thrilled and proud that I will have the QSCA certification to add to my resume.”

Tanna Marshall

“want to thank you, Christy, for your great help in the coaching session. It has helped me to focus better and clarify more what it is that I do want in my life with my relationship with my husband. It has also helped me to call forth my power as a woman, which I have not been in touch with before. I look forward to attending the Goddess weekend to learn more and to become even more empowered! Thank you again for your care and real concern. You are a great model for my own future coaching!”

Jenny O-R,
Alhambra, CA USA

“The QSCA is valuable! I’ve attended more than 50 courses in self improvement and leadership, and this course I TRULY recommend. My business IS growing!!! And when I’m ready to take it on faster and stronger, I have everything I need. That’s what I like about it – it’s set up in a way you can pick and choose how you want to use it, taking it slower or faster, depending on what’s happening in your life and how ready YOU are to amp it up. Christy is one of those people who is real and understanding. She doesn’t feel up on a pedestal, but instead is completely reachable and encouraging, showing you it’s just about taking the next step in front of you. There is a whole network of others who are eager to help, so plan on making friends and affiliates. You will leave understanding Law of Attraction so thoroughly, you’ll have enthusiastic confidence in every dream you’ve had being FULLY LIVED!”

Regina Faustino

“I want to express to you my sincere gratitude for your dedication to your business in awakening the inner being, the intuitions in so many within our

universe. As I reflect on this past year I realize the universe had it all planned out for me as to exactly when I would be attracted to you, and to the

training you provide with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

My journey has been a long one, 40 years actually since I was a teenager with the desire to become a positive influence in other peoples’ lives.

I realize that I needed to experience many of life’s challenges to empower me with empathy and clarity as to my exact calling. Originally I wanted to

become a social worker, but was unsure of the structure surrounding the effectiveness of such. I had never heard of coaching, at least not life

coaching, and knew little about the law of attraction although I had the cd’s of “The Secret” which I had not listened to until after we connected.

To make a long story short, the phenomenal time, energy, and expertise, combined with the spiritual intuitive guidance you provide in your course has given me the confidence and training to go out into the world and be who I am meant to be. I have opened the doors of my own coaching business and will continue to learn daily the multitude of lessons the universe offers each of us.”

Wendy MacKay

“I have experience a very professional and throughout program with the QSCA program and Christy. I feel very happy by being a part of this program … I am confident that I will succeed as a law of attraction coach because the amazing teaching skills and materials we get during the program. I love the web class of the QSCA program as I can use it when I travel it makes my life so easy, I am so glad I sign up! I am so looking forward to a very exciting new career and to the freedom that I have been looking for.”

Yolanda Forootan


“I love every part of the QSCA program! I’ve experienced the extraordinary support, resources, and educational design of this Coaching Program and I feel very supported and encouraged by Christy as well as every staff member of the QSCA. The intention of everyone is to help us be successful people in our own lives as well as, of course, to be successful future coaches for others. I FEEL the power of that intention, and am already confident that I’ll continue becoming more and more successful because of the wonderful support and education I’m receiving at QSCA. And, I’m having fun in the process!”

Kate Droney
QSCA Coaching Student


“I have seldom, if ever, been surrounded by so much integrity as I have been in the QSCA course. I can count on high purpose, positive intentions, participant enthusiasm, and pure joy showing up in every interaction. Plus, the course is the best organized teaching effort I have ever witnessed; puts most university syllabi to shame. The benefits are like waves rippling out from a drop in the pond — ever expanding — for those of us lucky enough to be working with you. We get the promise of the content and yet so much more, so MUCH more!”

Darlene Roth, Ph.D.


“Since I’ve started with the QSCA Coaching Program, I’m better at releasing resistance and creating a new and improved me. I’m happier, inspired, solution oriented; I like me more than I ever have!! I know Christy is supporting me every step of the way. I love that she always responds to my questions and personally cares about me.

How great is that?

I’ve always helped people but I lacked the structure and tools to feel confident enough to charge money for it let alone make an abundant living from it. Since I began coaching using QSCA techniques my self-confidence is through the roof and I have no doubts about my ability to create the exact coaching business I desire.

More than ever I feel connected to the Source of all there is and a part something much, much larger than myself…

I’m so grateful to Christy for putting together such an incredible program that helps me grow into the person I want to be while I do something I love and gives me the keys to create a successful business. The QSCA program is worth many times over what it costs.

Christy is a genuine, authentic, caring person who’s making a difference in thousands of lives, especially mine.”

Charlotte Kimball


“Well where do I start? I have only been in the QSCA Law of Attraction Program for 2 months, and yet already I feel my whole life shifting! The experience is amazing — so much to learn, so much MORE to learn. I have learned a lot about myself as well, which was not something I expected. This was a pleasant surprise. It has given me the confidence to really KNOW what I want out of life and have not just the desire, but the belief that I can and will achieve everything I want. This gives new meaning to “your perception is your projection”. Believing in you first is so crucial. Helping others – that which you put out there will indeed return to you, and it seems tenfold. I have also gained a closer connection to my inner spirit, and no longer feel bad about asking for what I want, or more importantly, what I need. I see my prayers answered now, and everything is so much clearer.

I know that when I am certified through this program, I will be able to enhance the lives of others by empowering them to reach within and find that strength, courage and all the resources they need, to be the best possible human being they can be.

I LOVE Christy! She is the best teacher I have ever come across. She truly cares about her students, and I am amazed at how much of “herself” and her time she willingly offers to us each and every day, whenever we need her.

If you are looking for the best in Law of Attraction coaching, then QSCA is IT!

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you all at the END of this program!”

Julie Jeger


The QSCA has been a true “Feel Good” experience of empowerment….

to create all the magic in my own life and be excited to inspire others by giving them the tools to create the magic in their lives! It doesn’t get much better than that!!”

Nan Parks

“I am very satisfied with working with QSCA and Cristy because I can feel myself growing in knowledge and experience
both in coaching and in my life.

I feel my life enriched by being part of QSCA, with more optimism about my future, more confidence that I will learn all the components to have a
successful business and the satisfaction of doing what I love to do.

I am confident that I am becoming an excellent coach
because of QSCA program, therefore being able to make a career of coaching
others, do what I love and earn a living.

What I appreciate most is to have coaching as part of the training, because I
feel the connection that happens when I’m coaching someone. That experience
expands me and the other person as well, leaving me with a feeling of well being
and connectedness.”

Clea Holdridge.


“I’m currently attending Christy Whitman’s LOA certification program and it couldn’t have come in a better time in my life. In three months of class, not only have I learned a ton of valuable information but I have been so busy manifesting wonderful changes in all aspects of my life. It only keeps getting better. She’s a wonderful instructor and invites amazing experienced speakers to the class. I can’t wait until I get certified and I can help others manifest as much joy as I am.”

Ginell Parra Salmiya, Kuwait


“Christy you are making a huge difference in my life. I have been going through the coach certification program with Coach Training Alliance concurrently with the QSCA certification (I will be certified in mid August). I have learned a massive amount about the basics of coaching through my classes but the information you are teaching me is my true passion and fills the gap for me. The information I am receiving from your LOA classes will be the foundation of my practice and the real language I will use when I coach my clients.

You are fantastic and I can’t thank you enough.”

Steven Griggs


“As a former Associate Director for a top 10 MBA program, I know a quality program when I see one. The many components of the QSCA program including the class requirements, pod groups, coaching buddies, and mentors mirror the things that made the MBA program successful. Christy’s positive energy and eagerness to help all of the coaches are key factors to making the QSCA program great.

Being in the classes and pod groups are both fun and enriching. I am confident that the QSCA program will provide me with the tools to help me become a successful LOA coach.”

Ellen Lee
Intuitive Coach, Creative Talent


“Hi Christy,

I just wanted to let you know how truly grateful i am to have attracted you and the coaching academy into my reality. It has only been a couple of months but i am already experiencing un-imaginable growth personally, spiritually and professionally. I can not even begin to explain the huge positive change in me, i am even getting comments from my friends and family and i look forward to your class every wednesday.

I have made such strong connections with my coach buddies i know the friendships will last beyond certification. I so can not wait to get certified and help other achieve the changes i am seeing in myself. I know there’s so much more growth and positive shifts coming my way and i happily anticipate them.

Thank you for being such an awesome facilitator and for being there to promptly answer all my emails(even the trivial questions), you are truly an inspiration to me. Thank you i am forever grateful”

Amanda B. Stephen


“I am very happy with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy’s certification program as it is well planned from the beginning to the end.

Step by step instructions and guides are given as well as a top notch list of experts, books, resources, and recordings. I love that it makes me accountable for being at each class, group calls, doing assignments, working with clients, and to myself. Learning and using the skills of the Law of Attraction, with the guidance of Christy and Evelyn, I have grown, and I am positive and confident using the processes to help others/clients reach their personal, professional, and career goals. Thank you, Christy, for this opportunity.”

Leonard Diana


“The QSCA certification program has already transformed my life and I am only three months into it. I already feel confident and extremely eager to start coaching clients to assist them in transforming their own lives. The guidance, learning materials and the support of the entire QSCA staff has been outstanding.”

Best Regards,

Christy Vosges

“I just wanted to take a moment and express my joy and love for the QSCA and Christy. I have tried many programs and ventures and all have given me some degree of success but they also all fell just a bit flat. Then this last Spring I found Christy and the QSCA and I can say with passion and joy that I found my life path.

The teachings in the QSCA have provided me with the knowledge I need to develop my skills as a coach and more than that my life has been transforming at every level. Learning the Law of Attraction in such a complete and in depth way has given me the courage and freedom to know that I can do anything I set my soul to. Christy teaches in such a gentle yet effective manor that I feel cared for and loved even though I am one voice among many.

Christy truly does care for each and every one of her students and her program is so complete with so many tremendous resources. I have taken many of the “bonus” courses that Christy generously provides with the QSCA and I am learning everyday how to create the life of my dreams. I have never been more fulfilled and joyful in my life. I can say with total confidence that I am a successful coach and that I am living and working in a life that is filled with abundance and joy.

In the QSCA you will learn skills and processes that will change your life. Christy makes all this information available and accessible to everyone. Trust me, when I started the QSCA my family was in a financial crisis and I thought that I might not be able to afford to do it. But I am so glad that I went ahead because of everything I am learning and applying in my own life, not only are my finances transforming but I have found such a joy and appreciation for everything in my life that I have never been happier. The QSCA is affordable because it is priceless.

I just want to say thank you Christy. You are a beautiful soul and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for helping me to learn to change my life and not only pursue my dreams but make each and everyone of them come true. You are and inspiration.

Living with Joy – Abundance – Desire – Expansion”

Colleen Adams
Law of Attraction Life Coach
J.A.D.E Coaching Services
Albuquerque, NM (505)206-8896


“I just wanted you to know that I have great experience with the QSCA certified program. In addition to learn the essential skills and knowlege as a professional coach in utilizing the Universe Law of Attaction, most importantly, I have been given a chance to be exposed to your special training of the business building modules. I know this is extremely rare in other similar programs but I have really benefited from it. The QSCA program has not only made me a better LOA coach, but also a much better business professional.”

John Joon
Well-known Singing Coach


“I would just like to take some time to reflect on my experience of your course so far. I come from a very positive family and I naturally have a positive mind set and I have participated in some great experiences in my life so far, I have also participated in some not so great experiences, ones which, with a mindset like mine, I have wondered how it happened. But now I know quite clearly, where I was going wrong. I have had a many ‘aha’ moment during the first few months of this course. I have always felt confident in the knowing that you can achieve whatever you want, and this course has not only confirmed this but has now taught me HOW to to achieve whatever you want. This is so exciting, I am revelling in my new found knowledge as are my family members, who are having weekly coaching sessions with me and are now also having aha moments and have already started in creating the reality that want to experience. All is well.”

Vickie Butcher-Phelps


“This wonderful Law of Attraction Coaching Program has taken over my life, and I am very grateful for that “fateful” day when I signed up for your Global Teleclass, “Meeting Your Future Self”. Since starting the coaching program my life is be-ing transformed, and although this has been a bumpy ride at times I am so happy to becoming a deliberate creator of my life! I have had all the Abraham books for years and yet did not fully immerse myself in them until now – if I was to ever get a tattoo it would be one that reads, “It is good to feel good…” because it is so amazing, and peaceful, and wonderful to feel like this.

I appreciate all that you have done in developing the coaching program – all the details that provide us with everything we need to be good coaches. The bonuses are fabulous and add another dimension to our personal growth as well as resources for our coaching businesses – thank you for your generosity; we are spoiled!”

All the Best to you,

“I was attracted to the QSCA program because it uses all The Teachings of Abraham and Abraham-Hicks processes as a major part of the core curriculum. Once I got into the program I discovered additional aspects such as Future Visioning (which I love) and the books by Sonya Romain, which have opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have been surprised and delighted by all the bonuses that Christy has given us, including private coaching with her and access to all of her other programs. The small support and accountability groups, buddy coaching with others in the class, and coaching clients provided by the QSCA program have been extremely helpful in developing my coaching style and skills. The combination of all aspects of the QSCA program make it incredibly powerful as a personal tool for growth as well as for learning to coach from spirit.”

Sara Pencil Blumenfeld

“The QSCA is a fantastic balance of professionalism and fun. I love the way coaching is integrated in the program and I have felt success right from the beginning. I am amazed at how powerful the Laws of Attraction are when you truly live them! I highly recommend Christy Whitman’s Coaching Academy – you will feel honoured and delighted to be part of her community.!”


“My experience working with QSCA, Christy and Evelyn are so amazing. I have not always been pleased with my life and since I have started QSCA my life has completely transformed. Understanding LOA so well that I can teach it has helped me tremendously improve in every areas of my life. I feel that I was lead to this program by a higher source. I am confident that I can help others find joy and happiness in their lives. I have walked the hard road and now I’m on easy street. Feeling self worth and self satisfaction with my creation. I now know how to raise my vibration and lift my spirit to a higher place. I will always be grateful for Christy, Evelyn and the QSCA program for helping me find and live my truth. Thank you so much for giving my life back!!! I will be able to take my knowledge from QSCA program and transform other peoples lives and I will forever be grateful for my experience with all of the wonderful teachers, mentors and friends at QSCA.”

Forever Grateful,

Miko Batty


I love that the QSCA is a comprehensive program.

Every angle is covered in this program: the foundational information of business and marketing all the way to the Light Body program and everything in between. The emphasis all through the program is to believe in your work, your own abilities, and the abilities of the client you are working with and seeing the potential in everyone! Thank you!”

Marilyn Eagen

“Thank you Christy!”

I have lots and lots of gratitude and appreciation for my experience at QSCA. Thank you for creating such an amazing program, with such high and loving energy. It all seems normal to me now, but from where I was, it’s a real transformative experience, to have this kind of consistency in authenticity for my work, connecting so meaningfully to people, opening my heart to receiving. I will treasure this for a lifetime.

In Love, Light and Power,

Eliana Shen

“Words are too few too explain the growth I have experienced by participating in Christy’s class. From the organization and structure of having POD groups,(masterminds) to using partner coaches, to the assignments and class participation. It all blends together to make a wonderful and transformational experience. Yes I have been able to completely replace the income I was making in my full-time job through coaching, and yes I have a plan for where my business will be going in the next few years those semm trivial to the personal growth I have experienced.

I counsel everyone to jump in full force. Start doing the readings and assignments right away, they will add to your class experience. Be on every call, not just for your attendance count, it will transform you.

How blessed we are that Christy took the time to think through an plan a program where she could continue to teach even during these special years of having her children born. Christy, I can’t thank you enough.”

Marian Hobson

“I have experienced law of attraction coaching with one of your students which has really moved me forward in my life and one of the reasons I signed up for this course. I had extremely high expectations of this course and it’s proving to be everyting I expected. The content, support and responsiveness are excellent. I was particularly interested in the Business Building module which is providing all the information I need for me and since I have built my website. I feel inspired and envigarated by being part of this program. The modules spread over the twleve months together with the POD group meetings on a regular basis are just what I need to keep me on track. Thank you Christy and team!”


“As a coach in training at the QSCA, I have experienced an incredible amount of joy and excitement. Since I began taking courses at QSCA, I feel and seek this newfound appreciation for life, people, knowledge, and most importantly, authenticity. Through the curriculum, based on the Universal Laws of Attraction, expertly developed and presented in an orderly and systematic format by it’s gifted founder, Christy Whitman, learning has never been so accessible and comprehensive. I feel so empowered, grateful and actually born again, by being a part of this incredible living program. Every day presents itself as a special gift, thanks to the positive and passionate support from Christy, Evelyn Aspostolou, my mentor, my buddy, guest speakers, the technical staff and the amazing bonus programs gifted to us, for being students at QSCA. I am confident that I will be prepared and sufficiently proficient as a Law of Attraction coach when I complete the QSCA’s certification program. One of the aspects of the program that I love is, Christy pairs up the coaches in training with a buddy, and I have had the privilege and honor of being paired with a buddy that I adore. If it weren’t for QSCA, I would have never met this wonderful person. Thank you Christy, for demonstrating the Universal Law of Attraction, that “like attracts like.”

LOA coach in training


“Cannot begin to describe the pleasure and positive experience the QSCA was to me. As I have told you many times you are great. I have been a therapist for over 40 years and I was already a certified Life Coach as well as a certified Hypnotherapist. The QSCA not only allowed me to convert my entire practice to coaching but also to enrich my personal life beyond measure. I would sincerely recommend this course to anyone who even thinks they have an interest in coaching. I have attached a picture and I would certainly be interested in being a QSCA coach. Thank-you so much.”

Dr. Ed Moloney

“While I have been coaching before I entered Christy’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA), the experience has been extraordinary. I have become consciously competent in the coaching process. I believe that I can now coach successfully in most difficult situations. I have developed confidence through Christy’s program that clients will get good value, based on the structure of the QSCA . I really love experiencing the energy changes, with clients and myself, through using the coaching processes that Christy applies in our training. I recommend your participation. It is worth it.”

Philip G. Rochford
Author and Life Coach


My experience so far with your coaching program has been exceptional. The learning, the material, you, Evelyn & the people in my Pod is top drawer. This is a wonderful stimulating personal growth journey that I am thoroughly enjoying & getting value from. Specifically, the clarity around becoming a deliberate creator is huge & very profound for me. So powerful. Yes. one of my dreams is now in progress.

I have participated in numerous other programs, yours is first class, I commend you & endorse your program.”

Robert Smylski

“I really enjoy Christy’s QSCA Law of Attraction certification program as Christy and her team are so dedicated ,helpful and always go the extra mile to make sure your questions and/or concerns are answered. I feel this program not only will help to make changes in my own personal life but I am excited to share it with others through my coaching business. I have been to alot of seminars on Law of Attraction and read alot of books and I have to say this course is rated as one of the best courses I have ever taken. I would highly recommend this program as I feel it is life changing.”

Charlene Fisher
Wealth Building Coach

“When I listened to Christy’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy teleseminar, I was impressed. But, the one thing that really stood out for me was when she promised that, if we studied with her in the QSCA class, she would amaze and delight each of us. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical because I have seen many courses that are long on promises and short on delivery. However,only a little over two months into the course, the doubt is gone. Not only is the class amazing, but also it is a delightful learning experience and well worth the investment.”

Martha James


“I have experienced some major breakthroughs and insights with working with the QSCA and Christy. I feel confident in becoming a QSCA coach by being a part of this program. I look forward to each and every call in this program and find it more a joy than any type of learning or work I’ve done before!”

Leah Moretz


“The experience I have had with the materials offered in your program is absolutely wonderful. Every detail, every need that a new student may have is offered in such a way that one can rely on you to have it before one even realizes that they need it.

After working in the program for just awhile the appreciation sets in that this is truly a bargain in terms of what you get and what you have paid for the course!”

LaDonna Romero

“I can’t say enough about my experience with the QSCA. It all starts with Christy and Evelyn. They are both wonderful — wise, compassionate, supportive and amazing teachers. They lead by example — always. They truly care about their students and are very much available. Christy’s generosity is a wonderful bonus to my already great experience. I feel very blessed to be a part of the QSCA program. And by using the laws of attraction and all the wisdom they offer, I am confident I will continue to grow in ways I could never have imagined!”

Barbara Anselmi


“I love this class. I have taken SO many classes to better my life, or change my career, but none have offered what Christy’s class does! Everything is SO well organized and put together! I love knowing that I can actually make money doing something I LOVE, which makes it feel like it is not work! I feel that the Universe has synced me with the perfect program, teachers and classmates, as the women in my group calls and my coaching buddy are all perfect matches for me! Everyone is so kind, I learn so much every week, I feel so supported and I have nothing but positive expectations for my future now. Not only do I feel like I am becoming a completely competent Law of Attraction coach, but, at the same time, I am also healing my own life completely! Thank you Christy for helping so many people turn their passion into a career, which in turn, will also help so many others in the world who need this type of help! I am really enjoying every aspect of class and am so grateful that you put this class together!”

Melanie Joy Vertalino
Buffalo, NY


“When I listened to Christy’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy teleseminar, I was impressed. But, the one thing that really stood out for me was when she promised that, if we studied with her in the QSCA class, she would amaze and delight each of us. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical because I have seen many courses that are long on promises and short on delivery. However, only a little over two months into the course, the doubt is gone. Not only is the class amazing, but also it is a delightful learning experience and well worth the investment.”



“The QSCA is giving me the confidence to become a coach. I love how I am not only learning the Universal Laws for myself but learning how to use them while coaching and running my business. I enjoy the feeling of not going through this alone with all of the interactions with other students.”

Peggy Samson

“Working with Christy and the QSCA has brought profound clarity about the Life Coaching program. Being a part of this program has been so much fun with strong confidence in their ability to prepare me for a great career ahead. The support structures makes the program richer in content and practice. I feel truly blessed to be in QSCA”

Tunde Makun


“I am having a great experience with the QSCA. I truly enjoy going to all of the classes and have loved meeting with my POD group. My buddy coach experience is also going very well. I honestly can’t think of anything that I don’t enjoy or like about the program. I am getting a lot out of this program. My personal life is also benefiting from it as I am beginning to attract a lot of great things into my life. The processes in Abraham’s book have done wonders for me every time I practice one. I am so glad that I attended your teleseminar back in April and signed up for this program. It is well worth the money!”

Linda Almeida


“Christy and her number one, Evelyn, are dream mentors. They’ve been magnificently supportive as they hold my highest vision. It’s almost too easy to quantum leap in their successful coaching academy. What a smart move I made!”

Nathaniel Montgomery


“I can’t even begin to put into words how powerful the information in this course is. We have been working towards my sisters goal for almost 10 years and in a few short months we are living it.

I want to share this information with anyone that is considering registering for this course as it is life changing stuff. The information that you will learn will be all that you need to achieve anything that you want. And you may not dream of being a singing superstar but you will become a superstar in your own life.

This course has been the best (apart from marrying my husband) decision I have ever made and not just because of the fantastic progress with my sister but on a personal note as well. I have had an amazing, life changing journey and I am only 8 months in and still have more to learn. The way that Christy has put this course together is genius, you are not just signing up to receive the certification of a law of attraction coach, you are signing up to have an amazing 12 month journey, you will obtain amazing skills, you will have access to lots of business information to start your own coaching practice, you will do practical work so that you can develop your coaching skills along the way, you will make new friends, you will laugh and you will cry.

If you want to be a coach, I urge you to take this course but only if you want to be a skillful, confident and successful coach and If you don’t want to be a coach I urge you to take this course anyway, but only if you are interested in being the very best you!”

~Vickie B-Phelps


“I just wanted to let you know that I have been listening to Teleseminars for over the last two years trying to find out in which direction I wanted to move. I have listened to “Healing with the Masters” in that span of time, Bob Proctor and others from the movie, ” The Secret ” and I think the value and energy of the QSCA program is top notch. It is at the top of the pile for sure. I had been thinking about Life Coaching off and on for about four years and nothing was calling me. Then I listened to your Teleseminar by way of Rich German and felt it Flow through me that I had to sign up immediately and I am Thrilled to Life that I did because it is changing my life in so many ways, that I don’t even know them all yet, because the Best is Yet to Come. I am so glad that I signed on.”

Colleen Humphries ( RN )


“I am a learner and seeker at heart so I am always looking for ways to expand personally and professionally. I began the search for a program to formalize my coaching skills and had researched several programs before enrolling in the QSCA. Christy’s QSCA program stood out above all the rest. I was at first hesitant about whether it was possible to actually gain the skills I needed to be a successful coach through online training. My very first class eliminated any doubts I had. Christy and all her team are genuinely committed to offering you everything you need to excel as a Law Of Attraction Coach. I have been amazed and thrilled not only by the high quality of instruction but by the level of support I am receiving. Without a doubt this course is responsible for transforming both my personal and professional life. If you are considering becoming a Life Coach I urge you to check out QSCA Certification Program.”

Teresa Everitt


“Christy, I have been exploring Law of Attraction all year and tried some different programs. I want you to know that they all pale to my experience with the QSCA. I love your authenticity. The information you share is huge; and the spirit in which you (and all of your staff) work, is what makes the experience with your school unique. I love my pod group and I love our mentor, Bambi. Evelyn is an awesome instructor. I can’t believe we’re starting the last module!”

Amie Alter

“Thank you for an excellent, world class program! I had great expectations of the QSCA and all have been exceeded. I have been a practicing coach for many years and had hoped to pick up a few helpful pointers, what I received is a full spectrum of processes and strategies; all the bases are covered. Additionally, the required reading has opened up a world of exciting ideas and possibilities. As a result of this program I have gained increasing levels of confidence that I will be able to attract my perfect clients and guide them in realizing their fondest dreams.”

Many thanks for all you do.

Austine Flynn

“Through Christy and the QSCA Academy, I am having a fantastic time growing with others who value expanding their lives, understanding how to achieve a fulfilling life and learning how to share this with others. I am all about encouragement in growing and never giving up no matter what life throws me! I am truly loving deliberate creation and believe no one should ever live a life of default. Did I know what deliberate creation was before QSCA? No! Thank you Christy and Staff!! I feel being a part of this program has made a huge impact on my life. The knowledge that I have encountered about the energy I am “carrying around” is a huge reflection of what direction my life is headed or for that matter not headed. I am confident that I will always have everything I need in life because through the QSCA program I am learning to put the universal laws into practice. I apply at least one process daily and I am always excited in sharing these processes with my clients so they too can use them to manifest all they desire in life! What I truly love best about the program is the interaction among the students; past and present! It is truly remarkable to relate with such an ambitious, positive and helpful group of people from all over the world! Through QSCA we are expanding the universe. My life is now made of joy, freedom and growth in which I continually am accomplishing through the program. Where I am today is not even my full testimony of where I will be next year at this time thanks to QSCA!!! I look forward to every moment!”

Sharon Cultra
Universal Law Life Coach

“This program has exceeded all my expectations! Besides the rich content of the program, and the built-in strong accountability system, I love how it provides the opportunities to connect with many like-minded fellow students from all over the world.”

Marielle Borthwick Estonia

“I have to say that I’m really happy I enrolled in the QSCA; it was a major step forward for me in my life and I think it was one of the best decisions I made for myself. I like how it is such a well-structured, all-encompassing program that gives you the tools and training to be the best law of attraction coach you can be. We only just started the second module and I have already learned so much! I really enjoy attending class and listening to the client processes on the members’ website (not to mention all the generous bonuses you gave us all as gifts!). At this point, I really don’t think there’s any need for improvements as you and your team have done an awesome job all around! Once again, I’m so happy I joined the QSCA and am so eager to go through the rest of the program. Thank you Christy!”

With love and light,

Vania Majarian

“In addition to learning how to become an amazing LOA Life Coach, I have experienced building relationships with like minded people in an environment where I feel completely supported and free to be myself. I am confident that I am learning all of the tools I will need to succeed in every aspect of my life because of the QSCA program.”

Nicole Stone

“I am now 4 months into the QSCA programme and am enjoying the challenge and especially how I am growing on a conscious level. Just committing to making the decision to starting, created an alignment in my life and gave clarity to goals. I feel confident in the course process and all the resources are there to support me. I am so grateful to be a part of the QSCA and look forward to being a awesome certified coach.”


Brent Cottle
New Zealand

“II think QSCA has an AWESOME amount of support. I love how we have pod groups and mentors and how all the technical aspects, like audioacrobat, etc. are dealt with for us. I love how in the business building module, things are laid out completely step by step. And I LOVE the assigned reading and the bonus courses we have access to. I love all the bonuses so far. They are awesome. :)”


Shannon Baxter

“I have experienced a miraculous change in myself since i joined QSCA. Its been a wonderful journey of self awarness and personal growth.

Joining QSCA has been the best desision I made during my entire life time. It offers so much more then the moneys worth.

I feel very confident of myself becoming a great coach because of the QSCA program. As they offer a unique way of teaching , training and cover everything in detail in order to transform one into a great coach.

I love the weekly coaching calls from Christy and Evelyn and the bonus gifts which Christy offers in the course.(The bonuses are simply great gifts) I also love the pod group meetings we have, its so much learning and accountability.”

Romi Jaiswal

“I have found your coaching program very helpful and comprehensive. I only wish I had found it sooner, it would have saved me a lot of money.

I would highly recommended it and have, to anyone, thinking of becoming a coach of any kind. The recommended readings have been excellent also.

It is not only exciting, but very professional. I am impressed.”

Linda Hainline

“I feel you have great value with all your programs and deliver everything you promise and more and I am proud to always share that I work with you. Your newsletters are great and I try to keep up but its impossible with being inundated everyday but, yours are some the very few on my list that actually take notice and pay attention to right away when they hit my inbox.

You have your systems and process perfected which is great except the business section in my opinion comes to fast before we are really ready and competent to help others.

But beyond that because of my extremely busy schedule, I really appreciate how all your training teleseminars and resources are always available to review conveniently 24/7 from wherever we may be in the USA.”


“Since joining the academy I have experienced a major transformation within myself. The program offers valuable information, tools, and empowerment that is truly priceless. Its no coincidence that QSCA came into my life when it did. Its been a blessing working with Christy; truley a life altering experience.”

Kristie Stephens

“I love this program. Christy is fabulous. I appreciate her generosity,teaching style and commitment to helping us become the Best
LOA coaches. I am grateful for the depth to which she explains everything.

I truly can feel her deep love and care for us budding Coaches!

I also appreciate the level of integrity, and professionalism everyone who is working for the QSCA program brings. All concerns are always answered in a timely fashion. This program is a 10!”

Michelle Magid

“Hi Christy,

I just want you to know that I have enjoyed being a part of the QSCA. I am confident that because of the training and support I receive f!rom Brenda(my class instructor) when I graduate, I will be able to serve my clients better. During every class, I am always learning something new!”


Elaine Erickson

“I have been thoroughly inspired and excited as I have journeyed through the QSCA program. I find myself looking forward to each class, each book, each assignment, and each encounter with eagerness and anticipation. What a wonderful springboard into the next part of my journey in life!”


Paula Bensen

“The things I like about the QSCA is that it is an incredibly organized, focused program. It keeps me excited, but I am also reminded that I am a student, and I need to get the assignments and reading done, and attend regularly the teleseminars and POD calls. Most of all, I like Evelyn Apsotolou! She is the real, genuine deal! I love her teaching as she walks the walk of the talk she talks! I want to be like her when I grow up! :-)”

Karl Gruber

“I have been looking at coaching schools for a while. I was asking for one that would fulfill my needs.

I received an e-mail with a video of Christy talking about QSCA. I watched and I liked what I heard.

Something inside told me this was an exact match to what I was looking for. I have not been disappointed in any way.

Being in the classes is exciting, fun and challenging all at the same time. They have great teachers who keep you on track.

My life is changing every day as I apply the lessons to my own life. QSCA is giving me a new perspective about the way I perceive my world and the choices I make in my life. It is
giving me back to myself as well as teaching me a new career to help others just the way I’ve always wanted to.



Dale Ivy Hall

“There is so much that I love about the QSCA. What stands out most for me, about the QSCA ,is the opportunity for practice and interaction. Unlike any other program I’ve seen, the QSCA has coaching buddies for practice, 1:1 sessions with a mentor, small group calls several times a month, and the opportunity to receive other practice clients. I have no doubt that when I complete the program, I will come out with an extensive and comprehensive education and a feeling of confidence in my abilities as a coach.”

Susannah Hansen

“What an honor to be a student of the QSCA program. It has truly been a blessing, and has been shifting my life since the very first class. I have experienced a new connection to my higher being since working with QSCA and Christy. I feel extremely confident building my business from the tools that I am learning from this program. I now know how to use the laws of the Universe to live an abundant, spiritual, and joyful life and to introduce this to people around the world! I love the instructors, coaches, mentors, and new relationships that have been building throughout the QSCA. I love having the option to grow at my own speed, to use the website and materials to continue learning, and I always look forward to every class! Thank you Christy for holding such a beautiful vision for the QSCA and for your students. In love and gratitude…”

Renee Marcou

“My name is Albert Karantza. From the very first moment I saw the presentation Christy Whitman, made about the QSCA program to become Law of Attraction Life Coach, a new light was shed in my path toward the future.

I had seen many different programs, but the important thing about being taught here is that we, as future coaches, we are accompanied from the first to the last step of our education, while other programs just arrive in your email box and the confused student will have to unravel himself what is hidden behind the information. Although at the beginning I felt a little overwhelmed by the density of information, the expertise of our teachers gave me the confidence that everything will fall in place as we go ahead. Needless to say that I loved the first module where the key is being coaching and not doing coaching, being from a state of high personal energy, from a place of joy and enthusiasm and authenticity.

But, the most important teachings so far, are those in module two, related with the secrets, the rules and the right choices, coaches have to discover, to know, understand and apply in the INTERNET, in order to expand the light of their knowledge over the ever growing mass of people who are ready to receive a friendly hand to embark in a new, fulfilled life, to help people find meaning in life. I would say; “We, as coaches prepared from the QSCAcademy, are required to replace the darkness of ignorance with the light of TRUTH.”

And that is what QSCA is giving us, the power to remove the ignorance, the fear. Through experienced teachers we are increasing the power to touch peoples’ lives, to conduct them to find their own inner power, to connect ourselves and the others with the universal superior intelligence and to bring the change everyone is expecting, the new world.”

Albert Karantza

“I really love the passion, the commitment that I hear on the coaching calls. I appreciate the academy’s intention to help empower freedom and joy and direct people in very helpful ways. The resources are wonderful and very helpful. There is such a wealth of information! I have found the teachings of Abraham very healing and I love the way the academy has provided a means by which these teachings can be taught and shared through coaching. As a Spiritual Minister, I recognize that coaching is what I do as I allow Spirit to lead as I have the intention to be truly helpful for not only the person I am ‘coaching” but for myself as well. In my ministry with ministerial candidates, I know first hand how powerful it is to ask powerful questions and let the answer emerge from the person so that they recognize the answers all lie within them. This is what everyone loves! They are amazed that such Wisdom lies within them ready to respond at their invitation.”

Laurin Kyle Boyle

“I love the QSCA and everything it has to offer. It is a tremendous value and includes SO many things I did not even expect. I can’t believe the amount of resources we have access to! I researched many coaching programs and QSCA had the most comprehensive package to offer with unlimited support and endless inspiration! Working with Christy is amazing and she holds the highest level of integrity for herself, her practice, and her students.

I feel confident that by the end of this program I will have learned everything I need to know to become a successful coach. I have already noticed big shifts in my thinking and fully realizing ALL of the abundance the universe has to offer if you have the key. Christy and the QSCA has given me a WHOLE SET of keys! I love everything I am learning and have proof that the law of attraction works if you know how to apply it in your life. I can not wait to become a coach and share all these amazing tools!”

Love and Light,


“I love the way you put the course together, with the different support systems you have made available to us to help us stay on track. I like the way the handouts allow us to participate with the classes. I can’t help but to appreciate the degree of thought involved to develope the course. One cannot but succeed with this course, just from the benefits you get from the content. I don’t know exactly where this will lead me. I only know I am really feeling good right now, and am very confident the future holds endless possiblities waiting for me to explore.”

Thank you,

Matilda Rubino

“The QSCA was welcoming me like a family member. I really enjoy what I am learning and looking every time forward to the next step it is simply exciting. Not only been I am giving the right tools to become a law of attraction coach, I been guided every step of the way. I hardly can wait to put everything into being my confidence is growing every day. And I love the changes I am undergoing . Thank you Christy Whitman and thank you to all the wonderful people connected and helping us to become a great law of attraction coach. My gratitude is with you.”

Susanne Di Pucchio Witte

“I am experiencing my own personal transformation through the training I’m receiving from the QSCA.

The QSCA, is all that was promised and more. The flexibility of the program, has been beneficial to me as I’ve been driving cross country, from California to Florida without missing a class.

It has been important to me to have been reminded that although there is a plethora of information imparted, not to panic and that where I am in absorbing it, is ok.

My only concern, is that I am able to grasp and master all the materials in time.”

Anthony Chambers
The Bringer of “LIGHT”


“This course has shown me just how powerful I am, how powerful we all are. In fact when I signed up, I just knew I had to take the course, I wasn’t even fully sure why, it just sort of called me. And I had no idea how I would pay for it. It was going to be a stretch for me at that time. But I trusted my gut and went for it. WELL, while learning all that the course offers I actually had no trouble paying for it. In fact half-way through I signed up for another of Christy’s courses. Her Light Body Course, again I wasn’t sure how I’d pay for a second course, but having the experience of it working out well the first time, I just went for it. Soon after, I had no trouble paying for both courses. The money was just there. My desire was strong and while working with all the processes I was learning the rest just figured itself out. In fact, I created being debt free after all that I learned with Christy. And I’ve gone on to do even more with her, she is really amazing. Christy has helped me to really get in touch with that bigger part of me, my intuition

I would have never known how to become a coach if it were not for the QSCA. I wasn’t already coaching before the QSCA, I was only working with Law of Attraction for myself, but now as I work with my clients I get it at a deeper level. I grow with each session that I give. It is just so rewarding. I am on such a high after each session, I mean, what a way to live.

But, I have to say, this course has lead me to so much more. I graduated one year ago and have taken more of Christy’s advanced courses and I have learned how to work with energy. I really get it at such a deeper level. I’ve expanded so much. I had no idea as to what I was missing until Christy opened my eyes to working with the laws of the universe and Energy itself.

I just totally loved the course, I promote it each time a new enrollment comes around. It really changed my life. Thank you Christy!”

Linda Armstrong

“I have experienced the realisation of a dream as I work with the QSCA and Christy to begin my Life Coach Business.

I feel so excited, enthusiastic and on purpose, by being a part of this program.

I am confident that I will be a phenomenal life coach and will make a huge difference in the lives of my clients, while also generating an abundant income, because of the QSCA program.

I love so many things about the QSCA program:

the energy of my fabulous instructor Brenda

the quality of the information in the classes and worksheets

the wonderful bonus programs

the 1st class support of coaching buddy, Pod group and facebook community

the excellent external contributors on the Business Building module and

the genuine encouragement, support and feedback received from coaching calls submitted.”

Maxine Hargreaves
UK Coach in Training


“Thank you Christy and the team at QSCA.

I have experienced Quantum growth since working with the QSCA and Christy. The learning never stops. I feel really empowered and stronger in my sense of purpose by being a part of this program and I’m so inspired to share this with the rest of the world. I love all the Law of Attraction principals that are the make up of the QSCA program. I am confident that I can finally realise some dreams because of the QSCA program and the awareness that has created.
Think it, feel it, and change your life.”

Jenny-Lee Willis-Robinson
Qld Australia


“Joining the QSCA Life Coaching Program has offered me a wonderful opportunity to deepen my understanding and experience of Law of Attraction and the dynamics of this Universe which we share. It is my intention to more fully live my human life as my Source Energy and being a part of this program is tangibly making this a reality. I enjoy and appreciate the ‘family’ that the QSCA has brought into my life. It is so uplifting to connect with others who share a similar vision and in that, it becomes quite obvious to me that humanity is moving powerfully towards greater improvement in the wellbeing of us all.”

Dr Colleen Anne Smith Ph.D.
(Metaphysics) B.A. Dip.Ed. Dip.Hom. Dip.Herb


“Thank you, Christy and the QSCA!

I have experienced an amazing life transformation.

I feel that I am heard and respected by being a part of this program.

I am confident that my life journey has been forever changed because of the QSCA.

I love connecting with people at the QSCA program. Each week as I participate in the pod group and listen to Christy teach the class, I am reminded how important it is to share and listen to others so that we can be transformed.”

Mary E Farrelly
MA.Ed, ACP & IET Practitioner


“Abraham’s “The better it gets, the better it gets” is a perfect metaphor for QSCA. Each class is rich in useful content, and it is exciting. It is an educational program like no other I have experienced in the content, the presentation and the support and follow up.

Each class is full, and if I take a breath, step back and allow the time and space to digest it as well as ingest it, it is not overwhelming, but challenging me to grow. Christy and her staff are committed to guiding us through the process of becoming Law of Attraction Coaches and in that process we are being empowered to be the best we can be and work on our own issues. We are also working on ourselves, for you cannot give to another what you have not taken for yourself.

I grow daily, could say minute to minute. It seems you don’t even need to consciously ask, the things I need just keep showing up. I know at the core of my being that I am free to ask for clarification, without being judged. It is obvious, that even though this is a class of many, each of us is valued as the individual we are.

I do not mean to imply that QSCA is perfect, it is just not imperfect. When a glitz occurs, it is owned, and immediately corrected. I would like to emphasize that this program is like no other educational experience I have ever had and I have many degrees.”

Tra Holloway


“When I asked Christy if I could have some private coaching sessions, it was for two reasons; to learn to consciously create more effectively in general and, as a coach in training with Christy’s QSCA, I wanted to experience how the expert did it! Like many people, one of my key goals was to remove my perceived blockage around manifesting money.

What Christy did for me was not only guide me to fulfilling these original goals, she provided me with SO much more it is hard to put into words. I knew that Christy is good at what she does; I knew she is an expert in her field, but when she coached me I experienced her depth and spiritual energy in a surprisingly powerful and highly transforming way. I began to experience huge positive shifts in every aspect of my life (not just financial) right from the first session with Christy. As well as maintaining the immediate improvements, thanks to Christy I now feel a strong sense of inner confidence and fearlessness in my path of consciously creating.

There are so many people around today who talk about Law of Attraction and all kinds of spiritual, new age-type ‘fixes’. Christy is an expert who not only brings her high vibrational, spiritual energy into her work, but she also has her feet very firmly planted on the ground. As a consequence, Christy is a master at taking her clients high and deep at the same time.

To anyone who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to connect with Christy, as either a private client or in one of her programs, I recommend you go for it!”

Amanda Lee


“What a transformation!” During my year-long certification with QSCA I resigned from a non-fulfilling job, published my first book “Truth Runs Deep,” and launched my own coaching business! What a difference one year can make… and I’m so grateful to Christy Whitman and her incredible staff for being the impetus to change. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Sheila Callaham
Founder, Magnetize Success


“Christy I got your first email about 3 years ago, it resonated with me, and your presence felt sincere, genuinely and loving, so pretty much read most of your messages. About a 1 1/2 year ago you introduced your academy to me. I thought that sounds great, that is what I do all the time with people anyway; always listening to their problems and concerns, and helping them feel better. It took me all this time to make the decision because I let my limited believes hold my dream a little longer.

No regrets though, because I know that what has happened during that time needed to happen to make me the person I am today, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am ready and that you, Christy, and the QSCA are the ideal vehicle to guide me through this new venture.

I believe my guidance has guided me to you and that through you I will get the right information and tools to make my passion, and dream a reality.”

Htullvhss Oregel Morgan


“I knew form the moment I saw Christy’s videos, that this was my calling, that this program will be the most amazing thing I ever encountered. I knew for sure that it was going to be life changing for me and for the people around me, and even if I just wanted to use this information for personal growth, it was worth the price.

After I started, I was surprised. It was even more incredible than I ever expected. The amazing and loving support we have from all the teachers, mentors, and QSCA family members, are amazing. The value of Christy’s information, bonuses, resources, and other courses are absolutely priceless.

Our Pod groups are amazing, the connection and friendship we create with our friends and the support we give each other, are a very important role in our success through out this amazing Journey.

I cannot say Thank you enough to Christy for creating this amazing program for all of us, (I have no words for you girl, but you have my heart forever), for the amazing QSCA family that supports us all the way and in every way, for my wonderful teacher that is awesome, loving and makes every class feel like a pleasure and a Joyful moment, and know exactly when to soothe our energy when we need the most. To Theresa, for all her guidance and mentor calls, helping us with all our technical stuff and work and assignments. And last but not least, to my beautiful Pod group girls, my “Soul Sisters” (as we call it) for all the love and support they give me. I know for sure we are going to have a bright future ahead of us and we are going to help change people’s lives, and together we are going to celebrate every win.

I feel very honored and proud to be part of this amazing family.

Thank you!! Thank you !!! Thank You!!!”

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,
Today and always,

Teresa Silva


“I have experienced some changes in myself since working with the QSCA. I feel more happy, positive, and able to stay focus on my goals. I have stopped my habit of procrastination along the way.

I totally have a different outlook on a lot of things in life.

Sue Leung


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