The Clutterfly Effect

A rare chance to transform your life
May 2, 2013
Live an Empowered Life Now – Top Experts Share Secrets to Ignite Your Confidence and Vitality
May 2, 2013

The Clutterfly Effect offers a way out through the muddle. Its step by step design will get you where you want to go. Can you imagine creating an environment where your pain and disappointments are turned into an asset that you leverage for your own success? The Clutterfly Effect shows how ordinary lives can be transformed by understanding the power of intention and tweaking, clearing away the clutter that keeps us stuck, and building momentum while celebrating each step of the way. You’re at the right place at the right time. Get Clutterflied! And the book was written by the first graduates of the QSCA – The mother/daughter team of Christine Marie and Julie. Come join us for The Clutterfly Effect Festival beginning May 17th.


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