The Power of the Mind: Believe in your possibility for transformation

What if the life of your dreams was only a dream away?
May 2, 2013
May 2, 2013

The mind has the power to shape your entire life – your way of “being”. I encourage you to use it to your advantage. Consider this:

The health of your mind affects emotions, emotions affect actions and actions provide results that are evident in the external environment. The power of the mind is like a cycle of influence between the internal environment and the external environment of human beings. As Marianne Williamson said, the level of thought is the level of cause and the level of your life experience manifested in the world is the level of effect. This means that if we want to create changes in our environment, such as the way that we express ourselves, we can start with the internal environment which is our mind and utilize the power to create change internally.

The objective of the Mission to Mind Mastery is to optimize your mind for all that is possible for you to achieve. The series has brought together 45 experts in the fields that I believe have the greatest contributions to your maximum peace, potential, performance and prosperity. Join me on May 3rd as we explore the difference between lack and abundance mindset and the law of sufficiency and abundance in the best of Mission to Mind Mastery Series.

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