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July 31, 2013
July 31, 2013

Shatter Your Wealth Programming, Live Your Life Purpose, Ignite Your Power!

Margaret M. Lynch, who the Wall Street Journal posted as THE Wealth Manifestation Authority, is the Wealth EFT/Tapping Expert, and the author of the upcoming Tapping Into Wealth.

Margaret’s new video shows talented, heart centered people who are not getting the cash, money, and wealth they truly desire (and deserve) – even when they are working extremely hard…how to break through and break free!

In her video, Margaret shows the #1 thing blocking your flow of money, cash, and wealth.

  • The # 1 thing that stops very talented, heart centered people from getting the income and wealth they truly desire – even when they are working very hard.
  • Where you hold the raw life force power to both have the on-fire energy, to truly live your life purpose, and have the magnetic creative power to manifest all physical things – like actual money and wealth.
  • How to have the courage to delve into the vows and conflicts of our lower 3 chakras.
  • The blind spot in personal development and many spiritual practices that keep people trapped in their limited “money programming.”
  • How to recognize a lower chakra vow trying to control you, keep you in limitation, or push you into self-sabotage.

Most people are shocked to know their 7 Chakras are the hidden 7 keys to cash, money, wealth, prosperity and abundance. Many of us carry subconscious blocks that are also stored in our energy field. Without clearing these energetic “negative and limiting vows” held in your chakras you can never manifest the life you desire.

Margaret shows you how. Click here for her paradigm shifting video.


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