You Always Have a Choice

June – Note from Christy
June 3, 2013
Feminine Abundace Summit
June 4, 2013

I used to travel quite a bit because of the work that I did as a speaker. I had many days spent in airports where there were delays, cancelled flights, missed flights, crabby people, and plenty of crying babies. I used to resist what was happening to me. I used to think, “I am a Law of Attraction coach, so why I am experiencing these types of delays and struggles?”

What I learned is that sometimes these things happen for our growth and life lessons. Our reality reflects what is needed to be released, healed, or made conscious in order to support our highest intentions.

I used to get so upset and very impatient. My thoughts were “I just want to get home,” and I would feel very frustrated as I thought them.

This is a great moment to realize that there is a point of tension there. This is a place to realize there is inner work that needs to be done. Asking what the frustration is all about, what it is trying to inform us about, and digging deeper with the feelings will release not only the feelings of frustration, but also the point of attraction within us to these types of things that cause us to feel that specific feeling.

Years ago, I was on a trip from New Orleans traveling home to Montreal with a layover in Washington D.C. I got to the airport in New Orleans at 6am for a flight at 8am. The flight was delayed 5 hours because of mechanical problems. With the delay, I had just enough time to catch my flight from D.C. to Montreal. Once we were finally in the air, we had to stay in a holding pattern and could not land because of weather conditions in Washington. So I missed my flight. I had to stand in the customer service line for about an hour and a half.

I literally had a man breathing down my neck. I am not kidding. I now know where the expression comes from. He kept sighing and each time he did, he would breathe right onto my neck. There was another man behind him complaining that he should have been home by now. I listened to all the complaining people behind me. I listened to the two-year-old in front of me throwing a tantrum. By the time I got up to the counter, I found that the next possible flight out was at 9:30pm.

Something happened to me in that line.

I realized and remembered that I had a choice.

I could become just like the complaining man behind me and resist what was happening to me, or I could return back to myself and find my joy again. I remembered that I could connect with my joy anytime, and that even meant in a customer service line when I was tired and “just wanted to go home.”

In that moment, I returned to self-love and the rest of the time spent in the airport wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I made a choice to be in joy and not in struggle.

You always have a choice! In everything we do, we have a choice.

We are not children anymore, where decisions are made for us. We are adults and we choose. We have the freedom to choose what attitude we have. We have the freedom to choose what thoughts we think. And, we have the freedom to determine the energy we want to experience, vibrate in, and express.

Whatever your current situation is in your life that brings up feelings of frustration, anger, fear, doubt, or any other tension within you, just remember . . .

You always have a choice.


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