CWI Mission Statement

We inform and inspire people to create and live a “having it all” and unlimited life.

CWI Pledge

We are dedicated to bring a positive difference for good in the lives of individuals globally.Through programs and products, we empower coaches and people interested in personal development to create the measurable success they desire while discovering and living their dreams.

The Five Pillars of the CWI Experience (Who We Are)

  1. We Believe In People – We know that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition.
  2. We believe in service and value: we bring the best service and value to every client and every interaction. We continuously surprise and delight our clients and each other by providing tons of value and exceeding expectation.
  1. We Believe In Integrity – We live what we teach. We deliver what we promise.
  2. We Believe In Fun – We create joy, laughter, and fun in all aspects of our work.
  3. We Believe In Growth – We grow by achieving our goals and exceeding our best.

CWI Team Core Values & Culture


  1. Live Our Dreams
  2. Care About Each Other and Our Clients
  3. Create a Vision Driven Company
  4. Create Fun and Encourage Humor
  5. Build Open Honest Relationships Through Communication
  6. Believe Customer Service and Quality are FIRST
  1. Go the Extra Mile
  2. Educate Ourselves – If We Don’t Know How, We Find Out
  3. Pursue Growth and Learning – “Stay In the Study”
  4. Are People of Increase (Add Value to Every Interaction)

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