My family and I took a road trip to Chicago, and it was full of wonderful lessons that I thought I would share with you. These are some great examples of how the Law of Attraction and the other universal laws work so beautifully, and that even when contrast shows up it can turn out better than expected.

You can have harmony in all areas of your life when you work with the Law of Attraction. So my first example on how we can have harmony in our lives with the Law of Attraction is a weather example. On our way to Chicago, my best friend Dawn told me that the weather was “supposed to storm the entire weekend.” I told her that was not my reality. So I made an intention, expanded my energy, and asked, “If it must rain, please do it at night so we can enjoy our trip.”

On Saturday we had planned to take the boys to the zoo and she told me, “It is going to storm around 2pm.” And it never did. Later that evening, we went out to dinner and we walked to the restaurant. When we were leaving, the ground was all wet, but the sun was shining again. Throughout the entire weekend the weather cooperated with us and our plans, including the last day when I wanted to go to an exercise class. I walked out of the hotel and the ground was wet because it had rained all night, but at the time I wanted to walk to the class, the sun was shining! My biggest intention was that the weather allowed us to experience what we wanted to. Then I expected that as my reality, and it was created.

The second big magical lesson and example is that sometimes when contrast shows up, it can actually turn out better than expected. We sometimes look at something that is unwanted and unexpected as a problem, but if we are open and flexible, what we had originally planned can actually end up being even better.

We needed a large room to stay in because we had the boys, so we booked a suite at the Palmer House Hilton (what a gorgeous hotel). When we arrived, we found out that they had given our suite away because there was a mix-up. So they offered us two adjoining rooms. For our inconvenience, they also bought lunch for us and gave us another three nights in a suite for free. Woot woot!

And little did I know, this was an even bigger blessing because Alex had gotten a little cold and was up most of the night blowing his nose. We had experienced a night of nose-blowing the night before, and I could not sleep at all. With him being in the next room, we all slept (Max can sleep through anything) and felt really rested.

We are safe. Let emotions be your guide. My last and final example is that my biggest intention for me and my family is that we are safe. I always call in angels to surround us and to protect my boys. I was told at a young age that a mother’s prayer is the most powerful type of prayer. There really is no way for me to measure that, but I believe it and I take my role as a mom very seriously. So on Saturday, after a great day at the zoo and having lunch with my friend Dawn, the boys and I went back to the hotel.

We had just got on the elevator and all of a sudden, a man who did not look like a guest at the hotel got on the elevator with us. There was another man that was about to get on, and he was blocked by a young tall man who stood in front of the elevator doors that were closing and told the man that got on the elevator to leave. And he did. Then he told the other man that was trying to get on, to leave. Once the elevator doors closed, the young man told me that he was a bellman at the hotel and those men were just about to rob me. He said I was a target and that I need to be careful. I can’t tell you in words how grateful I felt and how truly blessed and protected and watched over I felt. Remember, my dominant intention is safety for me and my family. I am so grateful that they did not have to have that type of life experience, and that they still feel safe in the world. I am always watched over, as are you!

Days after I got home, the shock of this event wore off and I had so much to process. I hadn’t let myself feel my experience because I was being strong for the boys, and they had no idea what was happening. They were in their own little happy world, and I am so grateful for that. When I got back to Montreal and I was home, I broke down. And then came the emotions. I had attracted this situation based on the emotions I was already feeling because that is how manifestation works. So I had to look at where in my life I was fearful. And one significant area is when I am with my kids. I get so scared when they go down the stairs or when a car drives by in a parking lot. This is now my work—to release the fear in that area of my life. I was actually surprised to see where I was suppressing fear in my life. And here is the good news: I have manifested everything that I have wanted, even not being aware of this fear. The way I became aware, was because this situation occurred.

The emotions are always the first manifestation, and then the physical evidence of something that recreates those emotions is manifested. I was in fear with my children, and then I was given something to really be fearful about. I was protected so that I could get the message from this, shift and change it, and live my life in this area from a place of courage, love, and confidence. There will be so much more coming from this experience that I will share in upcoming Quantum Success Shows as I journey through this experience of feeling, being informed by, expressing and releasing my fear.

In the Divine Manifesting section, I have the most amazing lesson from that weekend which I am so happy to share with you.

The point of all these stories is that a prayer, a moment of intention, or an asking is heard. Your non-physical partners, guides, and angels are always there for you. They hear your intentions and they are there to serve you.

Be mindful in your intentions and what you ask for because you are asking when you are complaining, and you are asking when you are in gratitude.

How are you asking? And what are you asking for?

As always, in this newsletter, there are teleseminars, resources, affirmations, and meditations to help you on your journey to empowerment.

Have an amazing month and know that you deserve everything you desire and more!

Imagine and enjoy,

“Your outer reality is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.”

Bill Harris

Jennifer McLean

Alex the Hulk

The back of the rental car!

Cuddle time

Remembering how to float

Golfing time with dad

At the Lincoln park zoo with the boys and Dawn

Precious Maxim telling me about his experience of living in my belly

Fun at Lego Land

Ham Alex Gobeil, future comedian!

Daredevil Alex!

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