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Countdown to the New Year:  Master Your Mind & Manifest Miracles

Countdown to the New Year: Master Your Mind & Manifest Miracles

What does mastering your mind have to do with creating miracles? In a word, everything! Mastery is defined as a state of control or superiority over something or someone.  When we have mastery over our minds, we understand them as the powerful focusing mechanisms they...

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The Council Speaks on Current Events…

I wanted to get this out to you, because it’s really important information for the state of affairs that people are experiencing  right now. They were asked... Since the Fourth of July, I have been trying to formulate how to succinctly express myself in a “brief”...

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Conscious Millionaire Network Interview with JV Crum, III

I was interviewed by JV Crum, III on the Conscious Millionaire Podcast Network, named in Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Podcasts. The show is for entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers and business owners who want to make their First Million. I’m included with...

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Everything Imaginable Interview with Gary Cocciolillo

I was recently interviewed by Gary Cocciolillo for the Everything Imaginable Podcast. We discussed how to be fierce and feminine AND get everything you want! Listen in!   Christy Whitman is an energy healer, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and the New...

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5 Aspects To Being An Energy Master

In this episode Christy discusses: You, as a being of energy The power of words Conquering limiting beliefs  Aligning yourself to the light All-in on your actions Key Takeaways:  You are a being of energy and you are in control of the energy you give it. Words have...

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How I Can Help You Heal

In this episode Christy discusses: Breathing exercises to get ready for healing Transitioning from fear to desire The healing power of energy  Key Takeaways:  Listen to your “calling”. Your soul is telling you what it needs and what it wants.  Entertain the energy of...

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