The Desire Factor

Amplify To 7 Figures Podcast Interview

I was interviewed by Paul Ace for The Amplify To 7 Figures Podcast. Paul found a way to get all my secrets on how I got to where I am now and how you can get here too. We discussed The one principle that teaches desired factors and the seven universal principles The...

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3 Energy Mastery Secrets to Raise Your Vibration

The secret to improving any aspect of your life lies in learning how to raise your vibration.  First, here’s a quick refresher on what vibration is, and how it forms the basis of everything you experience and create. As human beings, we are both energy transmitters...

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5 Steps to Being Less Emotionally Reactive

  Being overly reactive to the people and situations around you is more than just exhausting.  It actually displaces you from your personal power and undermines your ability to create the life you desire.   Here are 3 principles that you can begin applying today...

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Answers Network with Allen Cardoza Interview

I was interviewed by Allen Cardoza of Answers.Network today. We talked about The Desire Factor: Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Spiritual Power. You can watch the episode below. Allen asked me to answer a specific question about the word desire, that...

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