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Connect With The Christy & The Council To
Release Past Traumas And Realign Your Spirit

Life can be full of heartbreak. Painful memories we can’t let go of; fears that keep us from moving forward. It’s easy to fall into a pattern where these negative emotions control our lives.

Everything is made up of energy. And sometimes the negative energy we’re holding onto creates pain points and blocks, preventing us from feeling whole and happy. Sometimes, we need help to remove these blocks and heal. Channeling your energy into a higher energetic vibration can help you release these blocks and heal from past trauma and fear.

The Christy & The Council are infinite, divine beings who transform others through the use of energy. Christy Whitman provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with the Christy & The Council.

Join Christy in channeling the Christy & The Council. Experience a special one-on-one connection with Ascended Masters and Infinite Beings of Light that share the message of Energy Mastery via a private session on Zoom.

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In this session, the Council
will help you:

Release blocks and let go of fears and traumas holding you back
Create Abundance in all aspects of your life
Realign with your Divine Design of Loving Relationships
Feel a sense of wholeness and physical wellbeing

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I’m Ready for my session with
the Christy & The Council!


  • Greater openness to others, to new ideas, and to life.
  • No longer hanging on the past or trying to keep things from changing, trusting that whatever comes will be even better.
  • Greater freedom from old, negative ways of thinking.
  • More frequent feelings of joy and gratitude.
  • Feeling more connected to other people, able to overlook their “faults.”
  • Feeling more connected to nature.
  • Taking action to get what is wanted rather than wallowing in self-pity and feeling like a victim.
  • Becoming more aware of choices you are making and knowing that you have a choice.
  • Focusing on what can go right rather than what might go wrong.
  • Thinking of your future with positive expectations rather than fear or worry.
  • Wanting to bring harmony and peace to situations rather than adding to the drama.
  • Automatically transmitting Divine Will rather than trying to save people.
  • Becoming more focused on making your own life work rather than spending all your time trying to solve and fix other people’s problems.
  • Accepting yourself, believing in your abilities, and acknowledging your inner light
  • Having more moments of feeling loving, compassionate, and forgiving of others.
  • Desiring to transmit light and love to others rather than criticizing or judging them.
  • New emotional responses, less reaction to negativity and more positive emotions
  • Higher level of trust and surrender.
  • Greater ability to be in void and tolerate confusion and not knowing.
  • Letting go of trying to control situations and allowing what happens.
  • More awareness and consciousness in areas of previous unconsciousness.
  • Greater sense of inner peace.


  • To trust your inner knowingness and take action accordingly…in personal and professional actions.
  • To call Divine Will to any and all circumstances! To feel surrounded by loving energy and to surrender to Divine Will in the midst of uncertainty, when the shoreline is out of sight.
  • To be in touch more with what brings JOY, and move towards the Light of JOY. Joy shows life purpose!
  • To appreciate the energy cycles of life. To flow with the down cycles as well as the up cycles. To follow guidance on prioritization regarding what areas of life to put energy work into at a particular time.
  • To believe in the magic of life…the Divine Will of LIFE! To be child-like in WONDER. To explore new pathways and new levels of consciousness and awareness of the Universe of All-That-Is.
  • To send love, light and Divine Will to past, present and future. For myself, my loved ones, and any worldly issue.
  • To believe that you are powerful in good…that my energy work makes a difference!
  • To connect in Divine Will, love and light with others.
  • To experience humanity in a much more nobler light.
  • That you are more aware of your soul and its loving presence.
  • To sense your challenges now as an opportunity and a sense of creative victory. Instead of opposing, you now sense that you am becoming the real director of my life, that what you will, YOU WILL. You are a creator.
  • To forgive easier, you trust more, to see more with innocent perception.
  • To discover a greater sensitivity to inner tones, movements, rhythms, colors, light, temperatures, and communication with all life, including the shining ones.
  • To know more than you are, and can identify with, all that is good, true, and beautiful.
  • To have a greater sense of humility.
  • To take life easier and am less tense.
  • More light filling your life.
  • To generate more money from your spiritual work.
  • You are more creative and you have the energy to act on it.
  • You have sold your art and are able to release your art to the world, completed.
  • You complete more things and feel compelled to complete it for the rush of clean and clear energy you get from the completion.
  • You have more patience and yet a clear sense and ability to request what I want and when you want it.
  • You have come closer to appreciating how worthy and deserving you are.
  • Your motivation comes from more confidence instead of need or wanting to fill a gaping hole in yourself.
  • Divine Will has made you more grateful and appreciative and has opened many new areas for you to explore.
  • The impossible seems very possible and also makes you more careful of what you ask for.
  • Divine Will has made you aware that you are here to teach.
  • Divine Will is a beam of light you hope to work with for years to come because it not only adds consciousness to your daily life, it is like riding a beautiful beam of love, growth, compassion, awareness, and light.
  • Before you would have efforted and imposed your will. Now you transmit Divine Will to the situation and give yourself, the other person, and/or the situation room to unfold.
  • Each of these (Divine Will) Energies have propelled you as only they can towards the deeper and unexpressed longings within you.
  • You have come home to your Self. You have expanded into your Soul…and it is such a peaceful, loving and allowing place.
  • You have stopped berating your personality self. The compassion that you have allowed your personality self radiates outward and it becomes more and more difficult to judge others.
  • You feel the deepening presence of your soul and you feel free. You are feeling the potential in each direction that you look.
  • You are in your center, a place of no push and no pull.
  • Trust that you do not have to effort or hurry. I trust that whatever you have to do will be done in the right time and place.
  • You trust that you do not have to “go” anywhere, you are just experiencing being here in a better and different way.
  • Since you have been working with Divine Will your insights have become greater. You now know your path in life and which road to take. You are now more loving and forgiving.


For the first time in almost 30 years I am so grateful to be alive and I have no shame, guilt or any regrets.

“After taking responsibility for the years of resistance between my sister and I and finally being ready to face it, I reached out to Christy Whitman. I knew this was something I did not want to face alone because it was buried deep and the emotional pain was too intense for me to even try to heal alone.

Christy invited me to one of her healing calls where she channels through The Christy & The Council. I was a little nervous before the session as I had never consciously communicated directly with spiritual beings before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, however, I knew I was in safe hands with Christy and I totally trusted her!

The Christy & The Council felt that I had many places in my body where I was holding resistance without me even mentioning it to them!

They helped me find and release the shame and guilt that I had been repressing since the age of 13 when my father yelled at me infront of my 8 year old sister. I couldn’t believe it, decades of physical pain around my solar plexus literally released there and then during the call! I had no idea that it was shame.

They also helped me find and release the energy of undeserving and regret that I had repressed and buried very deep when I tried to end my life at the age of 27. I had been pushing my sister away since then because I believed I caused her pain. The Christy & The Council guided me to process the emotions that I had never faced.

They helped me to release the emotional pain I had been suffering with and replaced it with light, love and gratitude which I never thought I could ever feel about this particular event.
The entire experience has transformed me emotionally, mentally and physically!

My relationship with my sister is healing and I feel free and safe to love her and receive her love too.

I am forever grateful to Christy and The Christy & The Council.”

Nicky Mehta

You and the Council have been helping me prepare for my talk that I did on “What is Hypnotherapy”.

“I want to personally thank you and the Council for helping me along the way. The talk was last night and I am happy to share that we exceeded the room capacity in attendance (60 people). I felt excited, energized, prepared and confident going into the presentation. Without question, I attribute this “new confidence” to working with you one-on-one as well as the meditation series you have been doing (and of course all of my previous training with you).

Leading up to last night’s presentation, I could feel the Council’s presence. And at times, they clearly came through in the early wee hours of the morning (as I was awakened with messages). I am so thankful that they were with me and have helped me strengthen my own connection with my own divine.

It never ceases to amaze me of the timing that the Council’s teachings correspond to what I needed at that moment. In just February alone, this has never been truer. Just today, when the Council did a “sharp turn healing process”…perfect timing as I was in such a whirlwind after last night’s presentation. I definitely needed to regroup and reground and the healing helped to calm me back down. I loved the meditation the other day with the circles of light down our spine. I have been using that every day since intentionally activating those areas as needed. WOW, we are really expanding our learning of concepts that are so advanced that I feel such a deep privilege to be a part of.

You, Christy, rock! The Council rocks! I’m excited about what my future holds for me and the infinite possibilities that are in front of me. I have already had two people approach me asking if I would do the same presentation to other groups. I had many people signing up for my services. FYI, I did a plug for you and your book “7 Essential Laws”. Some people came up and took pictures of the book to go buy it. They might be checking out your website…I hope they do!

Love to you and the Council,”

Kim Silverman

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Intuitive Life Coach

It has not only been a privilege to work with her but an absolute blessing.

“Before I had the opportunity to work with Christy I knew that I was stuck at a particular level in my own coaching business. I just knew that working with Christy would ‘shift’ me but I didn’t realise to what extent. It became very clear from working with Christy, that I had emotional and physical blocks that were stopping me from moving forward – literally! During my time working with her, I no longer have to have a hip replacement as I no longer have any symptoms due to her wonderfully intuitive healings. I feel lighter and clearer and excited about the next steps in the journey of my life, thanks to her support and unending generosity in sharing her knowledge and experiences.”

Sandra Stocks, UK

I am still reeling from the energy after the process with The Council. Something huge shifted in me and for me today.

“It feels like today was the day that this shift had to happen. And I know that this shift is having a ripple effect – impacting everyone connected to my mission. Words can’t describe what I am feeling. I can only imagine the shifts people are going to experience when they watch the interview and do the process themselves.

The interview was off the charts. There was more of Christy today and The Council came in only for a few minutes – all part of the Divine plan.

Christy was in her element just flowing with wisdom. I love her authenticity. Please thank Christy for her generous contribution. Once again she has been instrumental in activating the next part of my divine mission.”


who i am

christy whitman

Christy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author, transformational leader, and Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach. She has appeared on The Today Show and The Morning Show, and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others. As the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 10-month Law of Attraction coaching certification pgoram.

Christy has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products. This has allowed them to find their voice, strength and healing.

Christy’s life-changing message reaches over 150,000 people a month, and her work has been promoted by and featured with esteemed authors and luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Brian Tracy, Neale Donald Walsch, Abraham-Hicks, and Louise Hay. She currently lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Frederic, and their two boys, Alexander and Maxim, and their dog Jax.


The Council is a collection of non-physical ascended masters, a collective consciousness, as extensions of source energy. They are teachers, in spirit.

The Council suggested that they teach through me about becoming an Energy Master so that others could learn how to create forms, objects, money, love in the physical world using the spiritual laws of abundance. The Council feels that the ability to become aware, understand and know your energy, where the source is from, how to manage it, how to create with it, how to take visions, dreams, hopes and fantasies and make them real in the physical world is one of the most important skills people can learn to empower themselves and become greater lights to the world around them. They want humans to learn how to manage and master their energy as tools for aliveness and growth, and let go of anxiety, confusion, and guilt in any aspect of life. They want to help people understand they are divinely designed for well-being, abundance, success and loving relationships.

The Council are beings of light. Great guides that exist in the higher dimensions. They are here as assistants and spiritual teachers to help you with personal growth and awaken you to the higher aspects and truth of yourself.


  1. You are an energy master of your life.
  2. All-that-is loves and adores you.
  3. You direct the unlimited flow of energy you desire wherever you want.
  4. You are always creating. You can not NOT create as it is your Divine nature.
  5. Your LIFE is your true “life partner”, and there is never separation from this Source.
  6. There are no problems, only what is perceived as a problem becomes your reality.
  7. Good feelings are the presence of Source and all things aligned with abundance.
  8. Lower level emotions are part of your personality development and is not you.
  9. Your inner reality and your connection with your Divine Self can never be separated, taken away from you, or damaged in any way. This is your constant energy flow of all good experiences and things, including prosperity, health and supply of all your desires. Therefore, it is unlimited, and always available to you.
  10. Drama, chaos, suffering and pain is not your Divine Design and is an illusion of this world and a limited mind.
  11. You as the physical counterpart with the Divine Self are the center of consciousness through which the power of Source flows. When you turn within and touch the realm of Spirit, your other mind becomes a channel for that power.
  12. Humans are spiritual beings in temporary physical form living in a material world-for the joy of it. Your actual state of existence is between two worlds.
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