Vice Freedom Challenge Day 1

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 2

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 3

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 4

Vice Freedom Challenge
Day 5

Vice Freedom Challenge
Day 6

Vice Freedom Challenge
Day 7

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 1

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 2

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 3

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 4

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 5

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 6

Vice Freedom Challenge Day 7

Yes, Christy! I’m ready to know myself and my life as unlimited by releasing the vices holding me back. Please enroll me in the 30-Day Vice Freedom Program.

30-Day Vice Freedom Program will help you release a vice … so you can continue raising your vibration and allowing in more sense of freedom. Enroll now to:

Identify a vice that is keeping you stuck and holding you back – especially the deeply rooted vice that underlie other bad habits.
Apply the 7 Essential Universal Laws at a deeper level for faster transformation and manifestation.
Experience firsthand how releasing a vice will shift your vibration and allow you to deliberately create the life you want.
Align with your highest self – and tap into your unlimited creativity.
Live in a state of joy and abundance.
And much more!


Here’s what’s included in this 30-day program so you can easily get started today:

Daily LIVE connection with Christy Whitman on Facebook Live broadcasts from July 8 through 30, 2020. During these powerful 30-minute sessions each morning, Christy will offer a teaching or process to help you dive deeper into understanding the 7 Essential Universal Laws – and using them to start to let go of your vices. (A $1,000 Value)

The Vice Freedom 30-Day Program Activity Sheets … full of exercises and space for you to capture your thoughts, ideas, insights and transformation. (A $50 Value)

2 LIVE Zoom Calls with Christy where you can ask questions, get coaching and learn from the insights Christy shares with other participants. (A $200 Value)

Recordings of each session in case you miss any sessions. Also listen to the sessions multiple times each day to keep your vibration high and your energy focused. (A $500 Value)

SPECIAL BONUS: Receive the 30 Days of Quantum Success for August for FREE! The 30 Days of Quantum Success is delivered LIVE in a private Facebook group. In just 20-30 minutes a day, Christy will lead you through teachings, processes or meditations to help you connect with your Divine Self – and create energetic shifts that will empower you to deliberately create the life you want. You’ll:

Establish a stronger and deeper connection with your Divine Self – the eternal part of you that is constantly looking to expand and experience more.

Bring more love, peace, beauty, fun and joy into your daily life.

Facilitate deep healing and energetic shifts to you can raise your vibration.

Accelerate and amplify your ability manifest exactly what you want.

Feel happy in your own skin and life.

Get relief from the fear and uncertainty about what is happening in our world today.

The regular monthly tuition for The Vice Freedom 30 Day program is $497. Register today for $397 and you will receive access to the 30 days of Quantum Success for August for FREE. ($297 value)

Tara Lee England

“Christy Whitman is amazing ,she is such an authentic healer! Before working with her and the Council in the Vice Freedom Program I would often use food to numb my pain and discomfort. Reaching for sweets and emotionally eating whenever a bushwhack would arise .With the emotional clearing and many creative tools I have learned, I am now much more aware of this tendency and much better prepared to meet the bushwhacks I encounter with love and curiosity. I learned that stepping outside the drama triangle and into the circle of love, that is truly what life is about, makes all of the difference. The results have been both subtle and profound. Working with Christy is pure bliss!

With Extreme Gratitude.”


“The Vice Freedom program helped me to quit drinking Jan 2, 2018, such a good feeling. This moved the needle for me and was a great awareness: my relationship with wine, thinking about my schedule…oh, I won’t be going out for 3 days as I work from home…so when I go to the store I best get 3 bottles. Now, it feels soooo good not having that relationship. Now, my relationship is with Source and Love is more connected because that’s what I called in and now I’m calling in Wealth.

Thank you, Christy.”

Liz Acar

“The Vice Freedom Program is a powerful combination of education coupled with meditation. The way Christy explains the drama circle, the energetic connection and impact of “bushwhacks” as she calls them and the role internal and external vices play in the drama triangle that keep us stuck or in lack, created a big paradigm shift in me. Regardless of how much you ‘think you already know’, I’d highly encourage you to sign up and show up with a beginners mind. The thing that is causing any hesitation might just be some of those internal vices that are subtly impacting your life in ways you aren’t even aware. Showing up and working daily with Christy has helped with reawakening me to more joy, empowerment and fulfillment than I have felt in years. I would highly encourage signing up for this powerful program!”

7-Day “Your Happiness Is Guaranteed” Promise

My Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

I wholeheartedly believe that The 30-Day Vice Freedom Program will help you free yourself from the vices that are keeping you stuck and holding you back. But see for yourself – join me each day for the first 7 days, and if:

  • You don’t get clear on the vices that are standing in the way of your Having It All life
  • You don’t start feeling more in control of your life – and less at the mercy of your vices
  • You’re dissatisfied for any reason (even the way the course is designed)

… let me know, and I’ll happily refund 100% of your financial investment into the program – no questions asked.

“The Vice Freedom Program went above and beyond my expectations. I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

Anne KirkwoodIt was an incredibly transformative month in my life. Not only was I learning tools and techniques every day that helped incredibly in my daily life including and beyond releasing a vice, I found it incredibly uplifting to be hearing metaphysical concepts on a daily basis and also meditating daily. Christy makes it fun and interesting to attend, it was awesome spending time with her daily.

Christy and The Council were incredibly supportive and have helped me to release some vices that really needed to be released. While I focused on one specifically, stress eating, I can see it wasn’t the only vice I have released during the program. We learnt about the Universal Laws, the drama triangle and bushwacks which were all so interesting and incredibly helpful. What she taught us made a lot of sense.

Not long after the program finished I had a huge bushwack and instead of blaming myself, going into victim and acting how I had in the past when hurtful things like this have happened, I was able to process it much faster and react in a way that was expansive and not contractive. I was able to step back and look at the bigger picture and instead of blaming (either myself or others) and closing myself off, I decided to open myself up even further to better things. This has stopped me from becoming bitter and guarded and who knows what else that would have caused me a lot of grief down the line. Friends have noticed the difference in me and were amazed at how well I have dealt with this bushwack and the perspective I have on it. I’m choosing to focus on what benefits have come out of this rather than what has been lost.

As a result of doing this program, I have rediscovered my inner sense of calm, I’m excited about life again and I am able to deal with things that come up, because, hey, life happens! I recognise much faster when I am going into the drama triangle and am coming out of it much faster than I ever have. I feel like my life is flowing much better and I now carry around a deeper sense of inner peace as a result.

I highly recommend this (or any of Christy’s programs) if you are considering taking it. It’s so much more than about releasing a vice, and it will change your life for the better!

– Anne Kirkwood

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