Are you in a significant relationship?

Of course you are.

Whether we are in a love, work, friendship, relative relationship, those are significant to us and we want them to work, right?

Do you know what holds most people from experiencing the love and support that they are Divinely Designed to create?

I would love to share this information and so much more on a complimentary webinar Frederic, myself and The Quantum Council of Light are having on Wednesday, January 29th at 6pm PT/7pm MT/8pm Central/9pm ET.

We will discuss:

  • Why most men are resistance to couples work
  • How resistance of previous interactions cause the same non-supportive and fearful interactions to manifest, and what to do about it.
  • How to set the reset button in your relationship so that you can return back to the love that once connected you
  • How couples coaching is different from therapy
  • A simple process you can do daily that takes just minutes so you can let go of resistance and push the reset button.


Kim and I were reflecting on “wouldn’t it be nice” if we had learned this information that Christy and Frederic share in the 30 days of daily wisdom in their brilliant “From Drama to Love” program when we had first met one another in 8th grade in regards to relating in relationships? Wow…the shifting during a time of chaos, drama, and insecurity based on what our parents knew, how they parented, and how they related would have created a very different reality! The quick awareness and tools that are presented daily has us continuing to enhance and operate from the circle of love in our 18-year union (44 years of friendship) beginning with the couple’s work that we experienced at their Couples Retreat. These 2-3 min. videos are a daily habit, (like daily hygiene practices), that we have created for ourselves by continuing to listen, learn, and shift in our daily life and relationship. As The Council of Light shares through Christy, “there are no problems” and that is how we have chosen to continue in our marriage as we live out the rest of our lives with the options created in the “Circle of Love!”

– Beth Myers

Great bite-sized gems of information and tools to positively impact any relationship…especially in how couples can shift their communication and frame of reference from the pain created from operating in the drama triangle to being in the “circle of love.”

– Kim Gore

Wow! I have always felt that I share a pretty balanced relationship with my husband and watching this video series has really given me the opportunity to explore myself and who I am in our relationship as well as all relationships.

Each video offers a captivating tidbit of information. While all of the videos resonated with me, I have made myself a shortlist of those that have particularly struck a chord so I can go back and focus a little more on these improvements.

Spending 5 minutes a day with Christy & Frederic has been such a powerful & uplifting experience. This is a great place to start making those small and big changes to succeed as a happy, connected couple! – Tabitha Hamilton

I loved watching these videos! Each one reminded me of just how Awesome my relationship already is and helped me make it even better!!! It was so amazing how they also affected my husband. He seemed to make noticeable, positive changes in how he related to me the more I watched and received this incredible guidance and such powerful reminders each day!

We are both feeling so very grateful for such a fun and easy way to continue to focus on and improve our relationship! The value of having this amazing opportunity is priceless and will continue to bless both of us as we revisit them together!!!

– Nada Howarth


Christy and Frederic have been married for 12 years and have two children together, Alex and Maxim. Christy has been a relationship expert and coach for over 18 years and teamed up with Frederic to create massive change for conscious, connected couples that want to make their relationship a priority, want to learn more loving and effective ways of communicating with their partners and get what they want, and move from drama to love.


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