The Abundance Principles

Discover Why Working Hard Is NOT the Key to Success Anymore …
and the Critical Shift You Must Make to Manifest with Ease and Grace in the “Age of Abundance”

“Work hard, and you’ll be successful.”

It sounds familiar. It seems logical.

Unfortunately … it’s not true. (Which is why you’re struggling to achieve the success you want, no matter what you do.)

We’re in the Age of Abundance. Which means it’s time for a massive paradigm shift in how we turn our dreams into reality.

It’s time to say goodbye to the whole “put your nose to the grindstone” approach …

And time to shift to the simple, elegant, and incredibly fruitful art of expanding your abundance.

During this 70-minute online training, you’ll discover:

  • The key to expanding abundance exponentially – no matter where you are right now. (Whether you’re mired in lack or you’ve already manifested significant success, this will help you get to the next level – in all areas of your life.)
  • How to break the automatic thinking patterns that are repelling the very things you want. (I’ll teach you how to spot and shift the 2 biggest patterns that are sabotaging your success … so you can begin to shift immediately.)
  • The critical shift you must make in how you approach life that will unlock your ability to manifest with ease and grace. (This approach challenges the status quo big time … and will fill your life with joy, ease and abundance – guaranteed!)
  • The 4-step process to identify the negative beliefs that are limiting your abundance. (I’ll also teach you a fast and easy way to transform these beliefs into powerful affirmations to support your expansion.)

COST: $1,997

Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future

Discover the Missing Ingredient for Manifesting Your Dream Life Quickly, Easily – and Exactly as You Envision

Most people who use the Law of Attraction focus on developing a clear vision of their future. Yet, they often fall short of manifesting their dreams.

The reason? Visualization of the final results is only one small step in the process.

To manifest quickly and easily, you need more. Specifically, you need to connect with who you will be once your vision becomes a reality.

During How to Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future, you’ll discover the 3-step process to connect with your future self who already has everything you want.

Tune into this 70-minute online training and you’ll discover:

  • How to use the Law of Deliberate Creation to consciously choose and attract more of what you want. (If you’re using the Law of Attraction, but not getting the results you want, this information will transform your life.)
  • Why connecting with a future self who already exists is the secret key for manifesting the future you want to experience. (Multiple versions of your future self already exist – this process ensures you pick the right version.)
  • 3 aspects of connecting with your future self so you can easily manifest what you want in every aspect of your life. (Skip even one of these, and manifesting your dreams will become far harder – if not impossible).
  • How to choose the future you want to experience and live into that reality as it already exists. (Spiritual teachers and great authors alike already share this advice. I’ll explain why it works – and how to succeed at it, guaranteed.)

COST: $1,997

Creating Your Ideal Body

Discover How to Create Your Ideal Body With NO Dieting, NO Food Restrictions – and NO Guilt

Most weight loss experts claim that diet and exercise are the key to losing weight.

But not only are they missing a huge component that’s far more powerful than diet and exercise combined (and without which, losing weight is unnecessarily hard)

Their run-of-the-mill advice practically guarantees that you’ll regain any weight you lose.

During Creating Your Ideal Body, you’ll discover the missing component for easy weight loss – and the secret to keeping your ideal body forever.

Tune into this 70-minute online training so you can:

  • Define what having your ideal body means to you – and how to start creating it now. (Your ideal body is a personal vision, and it’s vital that you don’t let the media and society define what your ideal body should be. I’ll help you tune into how your ideal body feels, so creating it becomes super-easy!)
  • Discover the secrets to creating your ideal body with NO dieting, NO food restrictions, and NO guilt. (Discover the 2 key factors that no one in the diet world is telling you – but that are vital for losing weight effortlessly and keeping it off for the rest of your life.)
  • Learn the secret for keeping your ideal body forever – and permanently breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle. (If you’ve lost and regained the same 20 pounds over and over, this strategy will change your life. Hint: It’s the complete opposite of the standard advice you get from doctors, trainers and diet programs.)
  • Uncover how you’re unconsciously sabotaging your weight loss – and why. (I’ll help you pinpoint what’s blocking you from creating your ideal body – so you can finally change it.)

COST: $1,997

Creating Money

Discover How to Become a Deliberate Creator of Financial Abundance

Do you want more money?

(Of course! Who doesn’t, right?)

Yet no matter how much money you have … it never is enough.

You’re not alone. One of the biggest struggles that most people have in life is with money.

The problem is that most of us have split energy around money. Part of us wants it … and part of us repels it.

During Creating Money, you’ll discover how to transform your relationship with money. By learning to align yourself fully with your desire for more financial abundance, you’ll not only feel your power as a deliberate creator, but also easily attract the money you want and need.

Tune into this 70-minute online training so you can:

  • Discover the 3 most important principles about creating money so you can quickly shift your energy around money … which will change the results you produce. (Most people want more money, but end up repelling it. I’ll explain why – and show you what to do instead.)
  • Learn the critical keys for examining your misconceptions and false beliefs about money.(This important work will help you align yourself with abundance, so money flows easily into your life.)
  • Change your current financial circumstances – starting today. (Discover 3 quick and powerful actions to take each day to almost instantly boost your level of prosperity.)
  • Manifest the money you want – without guilt or shame. (Once you resolve the conflict about whether you should desire to be prosperous, creating money becomes easy – and fun.)

COST: $1,997

Attracting Your Ideal Partner

Discover the #1 Way to Attract the Perfect Relationship – in Just Week

Most people are trained at a young age to believe that only the perfect partner will make them whole.

But the truth is … relationship success starts within you.

Your energy around relationships – your beliefs, your feelings, your lingering hurt from past relationships – dictates whether you’ll attract or repel relationships – and what type of relationships they’ll be.

During Attracting Your Ideal Partner, you’ll discover the secrets of manifesting your ideal partner by changing your energy. Tune into this 70-minute online training so you can:

  • Discover the #1 problem most people face when trying to find their perfect partner. (This common mistake practically guarantees you’ll never find the love you want. But don’t worry – I’ll explain exactly how to avoid this pitfall.)
  • Understand how the Law of Attraction works in attracting your ideal partner. (You’ll be able to attract the perfect person quickly and easily once you understand these concepts.)
  • Learn why it’s so important to connect with your own soul first if you want to attract a person who is at a higher vibration. (This runs counter to how most of us are taught to find true love and happiness – and it’s the secret to ensuring that the person you attract is a better match for you now and in the future.)
  • Get clear on what feelings you’ll have once you attract your ideal partner … and use this clarity to magnetically attract the perfect person for you. (Hint: When you align with your higher self and your innate sense of joy, manifesting anything you want – including your ideal partner – becomes easy.)
  • Identify the blockages that are preventing you from attracting your ideal partner. (If your heart’s desire is to attract a soulmate, but your relationships never work out … this information will change your life!)

You’ll even get to participate in a process that will show you exactly how to connect with many possible souls who could be your ideal partner. (This is the best way to find anyone you want in your life … from your ideal partner to future children, friends, employees, clients and even pets!)

COST: $1,997

Magnetize & Manifest

Discover the Secrets to Tapping Into the Unlimited Abundance of the Universe – and Effortlessly Attracting Your Heart’s Deepest Desires

Most people believe that the success they experience is largely outside of their control.

They feel trapped. At the mercy of fate. And constantly in limbo, waiting for the lucky break that will finally give them a chance at happiness.

But turning your dreams into reality isn’t about luck or forces outside of your control.

You can deliberately create anything you want.

And the better you are at working with energy and magnetizing yourself … the faster your dreams will manifest.

During Magnetizing and Manifesting, you’ll learn a step-by-step formula for tapping into universal abundance and becoming magnetic to the things, people and experiences you want the most.

Tune into this 70-minute online training to discover:

  • The #1 thing to shift now to attract more of what you want – and less of what you don’t want. (Hint: You are the source of your abundance. This powerful shift empowers you to create whatever you want.)
  • How to turn on your money magnet to rapidly attract greater abundance. (You’ll also learn what to do before you take action to dramatically accelerate how quickly you attract what you want.)
  • 6 universal principles for becoming more magnetic. (If you’re used to working really hard to get what you want, these secrets hold the power to change your life.)
  • The hands-down most important skill for manifesting. (Master this, and you’ll not only feel the power of creating anything you want – you’ll be able to manifest your dreams quickly and far more easily than you ever thought possible.)

You’ll even get to participate in a process that will show you exactly how to magnetize yourself and attract precisely what you want.

COST: $1,997

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