The healing Event

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Saturday, May 29, 2021
9 to 11 am Pacific / 12 to
2 pm Eastern


In times like these we need to release activated emotions. It is a perfect time to release that which is coming up to the surface to be released.

You’re Invited

Do you feel hurt, lonely or afraid? Are there past traumas and negative emotions holding you back from the life you want to live? One of joy and peace?

Energy is universal. It’s constantly moving in and out of us. And sometimes, after a particularly negative experience, that energy gets stuck.

It creates points of pain that hold us back and prevent us from living our best life.

The healing event is an opportunity to release that negative energy.

How to Attend

Zoom Event
Saturday, May 29, 2021
9 to 11 am Pacific / 12 to 2 pm Eastern
Join in an intimate group setting where everyone is devoted to healing and bettering themselves
Ask questions specific to your experience or sit back and collectively heal through universal energy
Be present as I connect with The Council to release emotional blocks you’re holding onto
Live a life of health and wellbeing, free from your past struggles and pain
Energy Healing Event Host Christy Whitman Smiling and Wearing Blue Blouse

Special Invitation to Members of My Community

I invite you to join me for this live event so that we can work together to identify and release that stuck energy so you can expand into your potential and make all of your dreams come true!

The time we spend together will be in a safe environment in a small group setting with other like-minded individuals (who will quickly become friends) who are there to release the blocks and fears and crap that is dragging them down with the help of energy healing.

The agenda will be free flowing and open, where we will start conversations that spark discussion and you can give attention to whatever thoughts come up or ask any questions you have. There are no silly questions and no topic is off limits.

The group will learn and grow together, but the type of experience you have is completely up to you. You can be a willing participant and contribute to the discussions or ask for help with an issue or you can sit back and observe.

You’ll still experience the restorative work even if it’s done on behalf of another because energy is universal and all you have to do is ask or set an intention for it to help you and it will be done. The energy healing will still flow through to you!

What People Are Saying

“I Feel So grateful…”

Christy did a healing on me. Later that day I (just like Christy from the breathing exercise) was upgraded mysteriously to first class for the trip back to NY.

Now, long term something even more incredible is happening. I was having a hard time with SEVERE DAILY MIGRAINES and had an issue where my left hand was numb due to a spinal issue. The medicine my doctor had me on for years for the headaches was suddenly becoming contraindicated for my condition and making matters worse, after 25 years I was basically addicted—without the realization or even sense of it as I never thought about it or abused it, just followed instructions.

Fast forward to two months ago—new doctor takes over and is helping me get completely healthy and using the newer therapies and I feel like a new person. I also have the feeling back in my left arm.

I don’t think any of this is coincidence. I was literally saved from an addiction I didn’t know I had—and in so doing am also releasing past trauma.

– Jennifer Friebely

“This experience was life-changing.”

I am feeling so light and happy. I had a beautiful plane ride home into a gorgeous sunset, even our pilot commented on how extra stunning it was.

This morning I “stumbled” onto your first video with Fredrick which I watched and enjoyed, and underneath your video was a video of Abraham Hicks about using the first “17 seconds” in the morning to feel into a high vibration state and I realized that this morning when I woke, I had done just that, reveled in the peace and joy and clarity I felt in my power center after the healing I experienced with The Council.

I think, feel, know I’ve been given the gift of “re-set” and I feel so very very grateful to you, to The Council, to the Universe.

– Susan Stratton

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