Awakening Your Light Body

Next Class Opens March, 2021


Are You Ready To Awaken Your Light Body?

Are you a coach, therapist, counselor or healer? If you are, you’ve most likely wondered if there is a way to have a greater impact – to help create profound change in your own life and the lives of others. It all starts with your journey.

Awakening your light body creates opportunities for greater world service and allows you to make a difference. It will change your life for the better and ripple out into the lives of others. 

Awakening your light body allows you to reach a higher vibration. Existing in this higher state attracts more opportunities to you. You will radiate light and positive energy and you will become closer to enlightenment. 

When you live in this higher energy, it affects the way people interact with you. They will pick up on the unlimited flow of energy within you, and will treat you more positively without you trying to change them. 

It will attract the good in the universe to you. You will find good experiences are drawn to you. 

It’s common to fear opening your heart up. But when you live in your light body, you open your heart up completely and let go of fear. You feel overwhelming joy and abundance. You’re able to experience greater control over your emotions and mind. Instead of a lack of control, which is what you may fear, you can expect inner illumination and mental clarity. Choose how you want to feel and control what you think. Your emotions and thoughts won’t control you anymore.

yes, christy!

I’m ready to experience transformation and spiritual growth

About the course

This course is only offered to coaches graduating from the QSCA. There’s a limited class space, so don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime transformative opportunity. 

The Awakening Your Light Body course is a year long course full of meditations, energies and mentorship. It is taught via zoom for video or phone meetings. There are course audios students will need to work with in between classes to run the light body energies. The course does offer a schedule of the audios provided. 

Awakening your light body requires time and energy. Go within and ask yourself if you are ready to take this next step towards life changing growth. Can you devote the time needed toward your personal path to enlightenment? 

What you can expect

  • 6 volumes of Audio Downloads for Awakening Your Light Body (These are emailed to you so you can download them and keep them)
  • An instructor and mentor who will guide you through this transformation (They will transmit energies for you to help you reach a higher level of consciousness)

When you’re doing spiritual work such as this, you need a mentor to help you with your transformation towards a higher vibration. If issues arise or you have questions during the program, you can reach out directly to someone who understands the process.

Taking on this process alone can be overwhelming. The support of an instructor is important to keep you on the right track. You will have someone who is sending you light and love while giving you the courage to let in higher frequencies of light. Fear is a lower level energy and your guide can help you to release it. You will allow yourself to reach higher states of consciousness you otherwise might fear while working by yourself. 

Awakening your light body will change more than your outer reality. It will touch the deepest parts of you. Awakening is evolving into the highest form of yourself.

By awakening your light body,
you will:

Accelerate spiritual and personal growth
Experience higher, expanded states of consciousness
Acknowledge and open yourself up to the good in every experience.
Possess the ability to transform the lives of others, and teach light body to your own coaching clients
Let go of the feelings and experiences that no longer serve you, and make room for the new
Live a life of self reliance and creativity
Trust your inner guidance and act on what it tells you
Embrace and utilize your sensitivity to energy
Create your own reality – one that you look forward to existing in every day
Learn more about your higher self and your soul, and how they work together
Enhance your meditations and develop your psychic or clairvoyant abilities
Find and live your ultimate higher purpose
Nada Howart


Nada Howarth is a Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Light Body Teacher, a Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Success Coaching Academy Instructor, Mentor and Member of the Support Team for Christy Whitman International.

Nada is the Founder and CEO of Nada’s Essentials Life Coaching, Caregiver’s Oasis and Essential Connections. She is a highly acclaimed Personal Empowerment and Relationship Coach, Energy Healer and in-demand meditation teacher.

Nada has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is also the well-known co-host for Live LOA Radio.
She lives in Utah with her husband and two cats.

Nada has spent the last six years integrating Awakening Your Light Body as a student, and the last year as an approved teacher. She was consistent in holding the space for new students, substituted for previous classes, and has gone through her teacher training and ready to help you awaken your own vibrational energy centers. ~ Christy Whitman

yes, christy!

I’m ready to experience transformation and spiritual growth

“Light Body is an evolutionary year-long journey into the beauty and healing of subtle and higher energies”

“The Light Body course takes you deeper into your own truth and awakens a deep commitment to your soul purpose. If you are feeling at all drawn to this work, you are being called to take this next step on your path.

Trust your heart!”

– Ellen Wetzel

“Christy’s classes are packed full of information. They are so much more than I could ever imagine.”

Everything is so well organized & professional. Christy presents the material in an easy to understand way and offers amazing support with her classes. Christy always goes the extra mile. Her generosity is greatly appreciated and a wonderful example for us all. She calls us her family & truly makes you feel that way. Christy has facilitated positive growth and change in my life and has opened the door for many new opportunities. I feel empowered, inspired, and enthusiastic about my life. Thank you Christy.

– Beth Duval

“Through all my life I’ve been searching for something. Reading hundreds of books, studying religions, traveling all around the world…”

There’s nothing bad with it but it is a wrong place where to seek about the Truth. LB is not just an answer, among many others, but it is first of all an incredible experience of who you really are, an unthinkable propellant on a totally different level of existence. I can not be enough grateful for doing it. And doing it with Christy was the best thing I could possibly do for myself. She is a living guide that takes your hand and teaches you how to fly high. She helped me to discipline myself, to be consistent and to grow in an indescribable way. I strongly recommend Christy’s LB course to everyone who is really ready to embrace a huge change in his life and on the planet.

– Anna Juricic

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