Get Ready For An Amazing Goddess Experience!

You’re Invited

A rich weekend filled with releasing, declaring, intending, visualizing, having and becoming the Divine Goddess that you are!

Connect with other spiritual minded women in a sacred place in the Arizona desert to nourish your soul, mind, body and emotions.

Dates: December 4-6, 2020
Location: Carefree, Arizona

What is Included

Accommodations (2 nights) and meals
Ask questions specific to your experience or sit back and collectively heal through universal energy
Be present as I connect with the Council Of Light to release emotional blocks you’re holding onto
Live a life of health and wellbeing, free from your past struggles and pain
Energy Healing Event Host Christy Whitman Smiling and Wearing Blue Blouse


I invite you to join me for this virtual event so that we can work together to identify and release that stuck energy so you can expand into your potential and make all of your dreams come true!

The time we spend together will be in a safe environment with other like-minded individuals (who will quickly become friends) who are part of the live or virtual sessions to release the blocks and fears and crap that is dragging them down with the help of energy healing.

The group of Goddess Rising women will learn and grow together, but the type of experience you have is completely up to you. You can be a willing participant and contribute to the discussions or ask for help with an issue or you can sit back and observe.

You’ll still experience the restorative work even if it’s done on behalf of another because energy is universal and all you have to do is ask or set an intention for it to help you and it will be done. The energy healing will still flow through to you!

Leave feeling connected, alive, expansive, and exude the JOY of the Goddess.

hear it in their own words

video testimonials

“The Goddess Rising Retreat has been an event I look forward to attending each time Christy offers it! This year will be my 4th event and I can’t wait! The past themes and processes have helped me step into my feminine and Goddess Self more fully. Christy creates such a safe, sacred space and I have such fond memories of deep conversations and soul connections that I have made with other Goddess Sisters and Friends. I look forward to going to an even deeper level this year with Christy and The Council of Light and the other Goddesses!”

– Beth Myers
I am so Grateful for Christy Whitman’s Goddess Rising Retreats! I have had the awesome pleasure of attending 3 of them in the past and am so excited to be signed up to attend the one she is holding in May of 2020!

Much of my deepest healing and transformation has occurred during these Sacred weekends with Christy and my Goddess Sisters. At these events, I felt like I was transported to the safest place on earth to play, connect, dive deep, dance, release and awaken my inner Goddess with some of the most beautiful, likeminded women I have ever met! As I expanded and integrated all of the Love, Light and Healing Christy provided, and I made some of the sweetest soul connections with many of my Goddess Sisters. I felt loved and supported by other women and was able to heal old wounds from some of the women I had known in the past. Truly some of the most precious time I have ever been Divinely Blessed to experience!!!

– Nada Howarth
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