This is so strange and yet beautiful…

As you are probably aware by now, I have been channeling beings of light and energy called The Council of Light.

I have created a show of how my journey with The Council began, and will send that to you in the next couple of days.

I get asked all the time… “How did this happen?”

And all I can answer is that I got in the receiving mode, allowing myself to go direct to consciousness and said “YES!”

My books are channeled and that was my first experience 17 years ago when my first book, Perfect Pictures came through me.

I then opened up to the healing energy that was coming from me to my clients and witnessing them receive healings.

And now THIS:)

Click Here to learn more and register for the next Healing Event!

I am grateful, because not only does it feel amazing to be able to feel that high energy flowing through me, I am so grateful that I now get to bring this to my audience and clients so they can feel free as well.

I am having another Healing Event on February 23rd in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you have things you want to be freed from, I highly suggest you attend. GO HERE:

But hurry… as we only have space for 20 people in the room.

Feel a warm hug from me and The Council surrounding you.

Thank you, Christy

P.S. Just by being in the room, and on the livestream you will also feel the energy release and receive the energy shifts. And there is nothing like having The Council work directly on you.

Before the event I set the intention and asked my angels and spirit guides to intervene on my behalf to help me get what I want or what I need. While I didn’t get what I thought I would be getting and didn’t get asked the question explicitly what I wanted to heal or have better in my life, I’m certain I got what I needed, if not necessarily what I wanted. I did have an insight later that day at lunch with Sue (from the event).

I was talking to her about being in my head so much because it is an easier place to be than in my body where there’s fibromyalgia pain. It then hit me…I have been taking pain medications for years for fibromyalgia pain, precisely to dull the sensations in my body. That’s what they are designed to do. I had successfully cut the medication by 1/3 prior to the event and plan to continue to cut it back to none in the near future. But wow. What an insight.

Prior to that realization I was a little bummed about not being able to feel any sensations while the council worked on me. After more reflections on the trip home I realized it probably worked out best in that what I got was confirmation that there’s nothing physically wrong and that I have the power to direct my body to heal and for my cells to behave a certain way. From that perspective, I got what I needed. The power is within me to change my experience. Intellectually I knew that, of course, after having gone through QSCA and going thru it again, but in the moments of pain I get caught up in that and forget what I know.

Thank you so much for this fabulous event.

-Mary Magouirk

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