the universe has your back

Let’s begin by stating the obvious.  

You are a physical being.  Through your five senses, you are able to interact with the world around you.  You have a physical, an emotional, and a mental body – and each one registers pain and pleasure; wanted and unwanted.  Your physical body alone performs billions of miraculous functions that sustain your wellbeing in every moment of every day.  And the vast majority of these functions require no conscious attention on your part whatsoever.  

Your heart simply beats, invigorating your body with life-giving blood. The stomach digests the food that satisfies your hunger and replenishes your energy. Your lungs breathe, providing you not just with oxygen, but with life force itself.    

These functions occur on the physical dimension of life. They can be seen, observed, and documented.  But from what source do they originate? The answer is, they are given as divine gifts from the source that creates and sustains all things.  Why? Because the universe has your back, now and always.

You are an inseparable part of All That Is

As a human being, you are not separate from the force that created you.  And whether you refer to that force as God, Nature, Soul, Source Energy or something else entirely makes no difference.  

Whatever you consider being good, positive and worthwhile in this universe, know that there is no shortage of it.  Experiences such as love, happiness, friendship, connection, laughter and joy exist in abundant supply. This universe is like a well-stocked kitchen.  And you have the ability to order up exactly what you desire, in whatever combination and quantity is most satisfying. 

You are inseparably connected to the life force which created you and sustains you.  This means you are divinely designed to experience abundance, loving relationships and success in all forms. In the same way human beings were designed with eyes to see and skin to feel, you are designed to live in utter wellbeing. The universe is always protecting you and providing for you.  In other words, the universe most definitely has your back!

And, sometimes it feels like the universe is against you.

What about when painful, disappointing, or contrasting experiences show up in your life?  Does the universe still have your back when unwanted things occur?  

The answer is, the universe always has your back.  It is always showing you countless pathways to the fulfillment of what you desire.  If you’re attracting something unwanted, it is because, in this moment, you don’t have your own back.  You can’t see the path in front of you because you have blinders on.  When your beliefs contradict your desires, you block your ability to receive the abundance that is your birthright.  

If you’re attracting painful or contrasting experiences, it is not because you’re being punished or given a life lesson.  Anytime you manifest something unwanted, it is simply a reflection that your human consciousness is not allowing the divine to flow through you.   Think of it this way:

Life-giving oxygen abounds on your planet.  Just like other resources such as prosperity, wellbeing, love and joy, there is no shortage of oxygen.  

And yet, because you are designed with free will, you have the power to choose to hold your breath.  You can willfully decide not to receive that which is being freely and abundantly given. If you exercise this choice, you will experience great physical discomfort and psychological stress.   

But all you need to do is breathe again, and you’ll restore the perfect balance of your body and mind! 

The manifestation of unwanted things has nothing to do with the universe.  It has only to do with the contradictory beliefs that you hold. You cannot hold the belief that you are unworthy and attract manifestations of great abundance.  If you believe that life is hard, you won’t manifest your desires with ease. Open your mind to the reception of all that you want, and watch in amazement as the universe delivers them.

Christy Whitman is an energy healer, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  She communicates with, and for, The Council of Light, a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand that we are divinely designed for well-being, abundance, success and loving relationships. You can learn more about Christy’s work, including her Quantum Energy Mastery Course, at