I lived in Chicago for almost three years in my early and mid-twenties. I remember feeling that I had everything that I had ever asked for. I was in a career where I was making good money. I was living with my best friend. I had a tiny little body. I had a boyfriend. Things were pretty good, but spiritually I was completely lost.

I remember that I was really attracted to the very old beautiful churches in Chicago. And there was a gorgeous one down the street from where I lived. I started to go back to the Catholic church, trying to find some type of connection to something. And I felt even more depressed because I felt even more lost.

As I sat in that church on one particular Sunday (way before I knew about the Law of Attraction), with tears pouring down my face, I put out an intention without even knowing I was doing it. I asked. I asked to feel a deeper connection. I asked to feel fulfilled. I asked to have purpose and meaning in my life.

And as with any good prayer or intention, things started moving. I moved to California to be with the guy I was dating. And you may have heard this part of the story: I found out he was cheating on me. I quit my job. I had to live with a woman in a strange house because I did not know anyone and had no means of having my own apartment. I was even more lost because I had no friends, family, or support system around me. I also gained about thirty pounds and got myself into $60,000 of credit card debt.

And that’s when I found meditation, the Law of Attraction, and me.

During this trip to Chicago, I was waiting to go to that exercise class on Sunday morning, I and got to the class a bit early. I felt called to take a walk, and I saw a beautiful church.

Without even thinking, I felt the call to go inside. So I did. And then I sat down and started to cry. This time, it was because I felt that my prayers and intentions so many years ago were answered. I prayed for a spiritual connection, and I now have it. I prayed for fulfillment, and I was now feeling that. I prayed for purpose and meaning in my life, and I have that now. I had just completed the Quantum Success in Business event the weekend before which was all about becoming a world server. I was in complete and absolute gratitude in my life and in my heart. All I could say in this moment of prayer was “thank you,” and I know that prayer and intention was heard as well.

I had forgotten about this time in my life and was so happy to be reminded of the pain, loneliness, and struggle I was once living. I was able to see how I have not only manifested the life that I wanted, but also how I am a different person by doing this work. The husband, kids, houses, cars, vacations, business, money, friends, etc. are all amazing and part of the life experience I have created, but it is also about the emotions and how I feel inside of me.

That is priceless and I am so grateful!

Reflect how far you have come by applying this information. You will be surprised and amazed at how much you have changed your life, just as I was.

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