In this episode Christy and The Council discuss:

  • Abundance and money 
  • Staying focused in the present
  • Experiencing wellbeing and abundance

Key Takeaways: 

  • Money is part of abundance, but it’s not all it is. 
  • Focus on your present, so that you can enjoy it. Your life is now, and it’s for you. Every moment is a gift. 
  • Be curious about how you can create abundance in all aspects of your life. 
  • In light, everybody wins. Light serves all. Your abundance is an extension of light, and it serves everyone. 


“Abundance includes money, but it’s not just money… it’s everything. It’s abundance of love, abundance of patience, abundance of kindness, abundance of support.” – Christy Whitman

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Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla

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