Believe me I know what it is like to have a feeling of discontentment in my life.

As an example, I know what it feels like to have a difficult financial situation. I remember the feeling of wanting to work in alignment with the universal laws and feel what I wanted instead of what my reality was and have credit card companies calling and demanding to know when I was going to make a payment. Or the feeling of not knowing how I was going to pay a bill that needed to be paid. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. Each time it knocked me off, and I would go back into the reality of my situation.

These were actually very beautiful times in the eyes of my soul, because it was during those desperate times that I would get on my knees and pray to God to help me. Money is a symbol to go back to God. So is any other situation that you are both unhappy AND happy with in your life.

Everything is an opportunity to connect with God. And we as humans seem to do this more intensely when we need help.

At these times, when we are in the midst of what we really don’t want, we have to pivot and focus on what we do want, or we will continue to create more of the same.

God/energy/Source/Universe/Creator/Divine Intelligence—it doesn’t matter what you call it—it does its part, but we also need to do our part.

We are co-creating with this invisible and great Soul of the World. And we need to direct, decide and move in the direction of what we do want.

I would like to offer you a different perspective on those places where you desire, where you have that longing for your life to be different; those areas where you are so tired of having that tension that you wish things to be different.

Take an area of your life where you are dissatisfied, to whatever degree, from mildly annoyed to deeply anxious and fearful, and shift your perspective that this was a gift for you.

The giver of this situation (the Universe) has gifted you with an opportunity to learn about yourself. This is an opportunity to become more aware and conscious about how you think, believe and therefore vibrate in this particular area of your life. This situation was not given to you to punish you in anyway. And it is very temporary, as is everything in the physical universe we live in. If it was created, it can be re-created. If it has brought you tension and clarity for a different way of being, then you have the ability to create something different.

So do this and see how your life begins to change.

  1. Think of the situation, circumstance or relationship that you desire change in. What is the new desire? What do you want? What would you like to change about it, and what would you want to change it into? What is your new vision of the greatest outcome?

  2. Ask yourself, “What can I learn about this? What is this situation teaching me about myself, or my behaviors or beliefs? What would I have to believe in order to create this?

  3. What would you want to believe? How would you want to behave (which is what you say and do)? How would you want to feel?

  4. Just as you thought of all those people, places and things you have gratitude for, feel grateful for this situation and all you are learning for yourself about yourself. Feel gratitude you have the power to change it. The more expanded part of you has everything you need to create something new.

  5. Vibrate in the place of already having it. Be consistent. When you get knocked off with “reality,” go within yourself and feel what you do want. That will shift the energy of the situation and begin to create something new.

Remember, you are always in relationship with everything in the Universe. That includes everything that is outside of you, like people, money, food, traffic, and so on. AND the relationship always starts inside of you first. Everything is ENERGY. 🙂

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