I had a great opportunity to practice the Law of Allowing the other day. I was flying into Philadelphia from my San Diego trip (pictures below!) and my flight was cancelled.

What I used to do was freak out. I would get upset and panic. I would be all sorts of constricted. Evidence of growth is amazing! Because this time I was different. I just said to myself, “Okay, what are the next steps and options?”

The first thing I did was call my travel agent—who is amazing and awesome—but he was not available to serve me in that moment. So I went to the customer service desk to get on a different plane.

In that line, all I heard from behind me was cursing and negativity. I heard one woman that was going to “give it to them.” She even said, “I had people tell me not to take it out on the customer service person because it isn’t their fault.” And then she said something that made me so sad for HER! She said, “Well, they are the ones that chose to work for this crappy airline. It IS their fault.”

I immediately felt myself restrict and really wanted to turn around and give her a piece of my mind. No one deserves to be treated badly, and it isn’t the person’s fault who is working the counters that the flight was cancelled. And it did turn out to be a blessing because at the same time, another flight had some major turbulence and some people got seriously injured. So she was being nasty when the “crappy” airline was actually protecting their passengers.

So the lesson for me here is 1) we never know why things are happening while they are happening. The ideal situation would have been that the flight was on time and we all got to Montreal safely. We must trust that the Universe is watching out for us. And 2) when I am in a situation where I want someone to do something or behave in another way other than I think they “should,” I need to not try to change or control that person, but instead send light to them.

And that is what I did. While she was complaining to the customer service person right next to me, I was sending her light. I was also sending light to the guy she was tormenting. I was being an example of a loving human being as I interacted with the man who was serving me.

I stayed in a very happy place and allowed her to be where she was. If she wanted to be miserable and angry, that was her choice. But I chose to be happy and joyful by expanding my light and energy within me, even in the presence of negativity.

So I spent my time getting a 90-minute massage at the spa. I had a lovely dinner at the restaurant. The food was amazing and nothing like typical airport food. I even enjoyed a glass of wine. As soon as my dinner was over, I walked up to the attendant of the 8:45pm flight and said, “I would love to go home and see my two children. I am on standby.” She typed in a few things and then handed me a boarding pass. I gave her a big hug. And I had a lovely time at the Philadelphia airport.

It’s like the song “Philadelphia Freedom” by Elton John. “Shine the light. Shine the light.”

Enjoy! And remember to expand, shine the light, and allow!!!

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