New Year’s Eve Meditation
Free Teleseminar

Presented by: Christy Whitman

Happy New YearHappy New Year!!! This meditation is going to set the energy for 2017.

I will connect you to your future self so that you can deliberately decide what you want to create in 2017, five years from now, and throughout the rest of your life.

I do this meditation every year and it just keeps getting better and better! Be sure to listen to this meditation so that you can create the powerful future you desire.

You want to be on this call. It will help you step into the energy you want to experience for the entire new year.

Enjoy the Event Replay below:

Replay of the New Year’s Eve Meditation

New Year’s Eve Video Recording

New Year’s Eve Audio Recording

Enjoy the Event Replay below:

Happy New Year!!! Listen to the replay by clicking the play button below:

At 9am PST/ 10am Mountain/ 11am Central/ 12pm EST

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