Couple communication on spiritual beliefs and practices

Let me first wish you a Happy New Year!

I hope you are joining me today for our annual New Year’s Eve Meditation!

Here is the info so you can join us live, or listen to the replay:

Dec. 31st at 9am PT/10am MT/11 Central/12pm Noon

Facebook Live:
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
Local Numbers:
Meeting ID: 655 331 520

I hear people tell me all the time that the “theme” that they chose to create for the year manifested, because of setting the energy and intention for the meditation.

This is my gift of gratitude for you. To help support you make 2019 your best yet!

If you are watching later, you can still listen to the replay.

On to today’s Quantum Success Show, which is a three part series with my husband, Frederic.

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We discussed last week the 7 areas that couples need to communicate in order to have a conscious, loving relationship that lasts.

Those seven areas are:

  1. Your vision for your future, which we discussed in the show last week.
  2. Your fighting style, which we will discuss on next weeks show.
  3. How involved your families are in your lives.
  4. You agreements on taking care of the house.
  5. How you relate with money.
  6. Your sex life.
  7. Your spiritual beliefs, which is what today’s show is all about.

Doing your own inner work and personal development leads to a happier more fulfilled life.

When you AND your partner do inner work together, even if the practices are different, you are both coming from a higher awareness and perspective, which makes for a more conscious interaction in the couple.

I believe you will love this conversation.

All our love,

Christy & Frederic

P.S. Next week will be the last of this discussion around these 7 areas, and includes your fighting style. You will LOVE this show. Be sure to tune in. And if you are interested in more information on the Couples Retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona with both Frederic and myself, please email

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