How to Deal With The Anxiety of Change

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February 10, 2019
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February 24, 2019

Now, I share in the beginning that my book is coming out later this year, which of course came out in September, 2018.

I want to share this part of the book with you.

There are two parts to a transition no matter what the size or scope:

  1. What we are leaving behind, or releasing from our lives.
  2. What we are moving towards.

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The only thing that makes it difficult or painful in a place of ANY transition is when we are focused on all the things we are losing, or missing. In other words, the lack of something.

If we are getting married, we will miss out on single life. But, what are we moving towards?

If we are getting divorced, we will miss out on having the family together, having our partner to do things with on Saturday night. But, what are we moving towards?

If we are mourning the loss of an animal passing, we focus on how we won’t be able to hold that animal anymore. But, what are we moving towards?

How can you tell what end of the spectrum you are on?

Thank you. I deeply appreciate you.


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