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May 2, 2018
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It’s crazy how the universe works sometimes and I mean it in a good way! Here’s a great example…

I’d been receiving guidance for many, many months that I wanted to have my own TV show and be able to reach more people who could make shifts in their lives by applying the principles I teach.

One by one, I started making connections and had a couple of meetings with companies that I could potentially work with but they didn’t feel right.

Then I get an email from my Business Manager asking me if I knew of this person who had reached out and suggested I would be great at hosting my own show…

And what happened next just blows my mind!

The person who reached out is named Dave Pratt and he was the rock DJ that I used to listen to when I was in college and I even met him in person at an event he hosted at ASU.

I was even more excited when I found he created his own media company called Star Worldwide Networks. It’s one of the fastest growing internet radio distributors and producers in the nation, offering fully produced and distributed worldwide TV, radio and podcast shows. They have over 200 channels.

And, wait, there’s more to the story…

The studio is located just 15 minutes from my house, right here in Arizona!

Frederic and I made plans to visit the studio and we really love Dave and his team. And I’m happy to announce that I’ve partnered with them to create The Quantum Success Show on their network!

So this is a little different format and focus of my previous shows, but don’t worry, I’m still doing those types of shows too. With the new format, I’ll be spending time with people who have experienced true freedom and success in their lives, including athletes like the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball player, Luis Gonzalez, celebrities, like Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing With the Stars and founders and CEOs of large companies and organizations.

We want to inspire you to create success in your life!

Here’s a brand new show for you to watch that’s in this new format. It’s where I’m having an impromptu discussion with the producer, Rob Trygg, on several issues like why people have a hard time letting go of negative emotions or trauma, how energy works, how healing can help us open up our power center, hearts and minds… and so much more!

Thanks so much for watching! Your feedback is very important to me and I’d love for you to leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

Enjoy the show!

Much Love,


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