Quantum Success Show: There is a Solution to Every Problem

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April 4, 2018
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April 16, 2018

When you were growing up, how did those around you deal with problems? When life brought something unexpected – and unwanted – to the table, how did those in your immediate environment around you typically react?

If you’re like most people, the way you observed parents and caregivers relate to problems was not as events that arise in order to deliver us into the arms of waiting solutions, but as cause for panic, frustration, fear, or even rage.

What exactly is it that causes us to react so reflexively to people and situations we perceive to be problematic?

Well, over time, human beings come to form air-tight beliefs about how life is “supposed” to look, feel, and unfold. We hold expectations about big things – such as how we believe the government should act – and about little, everyday things – like who should have brought what to your annual holiday party.

When our internal expectations do not match whatever is unfolding in any given moment, we experience this as a problem, and most of us react to problems with a flight, flight, or flee response.

If you honestly observe your own knee-jerk reactions when confronted with things that you perceive as problems, you will likely see that your reflexes either mirror those of your earliest caregivers, or have been created in defiant opposition to them. But whichever way you instinctively lean, the key word here is “reaction.’ As long as we are reacting to life’s events, we cannot be the deliberate creators of our own experience.

In today’s Quantum Success Show, I offer you an entirely different paradigm through which to relate to so-called problems. Rather than viewing them as day-ruining intruders or obstacles to our success or happiness, we can actually learn to embrace them as agents of awareness which open our minds to solutions that are in every moment in the process of unfolding.

Think about it: Would anything ever occur as a problem for you if it did not automatically point to a solution that you’d much rather be living?

By virtue of the Law of Attraction, we find evidence for that which we habitually think about, worry about, and come to expect. The more of your attention is focused upon problems, the more problems you will encounter in virtually every aspect of your life. And the more you can train your awareness to rest on the solution that each and every problem brings to light, the more effortlessly solutions will flow into your life.

Tune into today’s show and learn how to begin building this essential muscle!

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