QSS 16 | Fill You Up


Most of us do certain things that make up for a certain kind of feeling. These certain things are what some of us call vices – from coffee, shopping, and wine, to smoking, drinking, or drugs. We try to reach for these things in order to fill us up. However, we should ask ourselves whether or not these things serve the kind of life we want. Get in touch with that inner alignment as Christy guides you to find the place where you can be satisfied.

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What Do You Look For To Fill You Up?

In this episode, I wanted to talk to you about vices. As human beings, we’ve been totally trained, and I am one of those people, that if we want to feel a certain way, we need to go outside of ourselves. A lot of times we use vices, whether it’s coffee to feel more awake or more stimulated or wine or shopping or many other things that we use as vices. There are these outer vices, things that are habits that we try to reach towards. It could be wine. It could be marijuana. It could be all these different things to help us feel better in the now. After years of experience of this, the only thing that can help us feel aligned and alignment and momentum are the keys to creating whatever you want in your life.

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The only thing that can help you feel aligned is your connection to the energy that you want to feel good with. Whether it’s success, whether it’s abundance, whether it’s prosperity, whether it’s love, it’s aligning with that source of energy that’s never ending, that’s always there. That is always waiting for us the human to connect with it, which is the sole relationship. Allowing it to go higher and higher to create that sense of alignment. From that place when you are then hooked in, then when you want to manifest something. Whether it’s a book or a business or loved one or bringing in a baby or money, whatever it is, when you’re coming from an aligned source then we are bringing that energy out. We can source the things that we want in our lives.

QSS 16 | Fill You Up

Fill You Up: Find the place where you can be satisfied. When you do that, then you open yourself up.


A lot of times, we as humans look at those things as sources and they’re empty because we get them. It didn’t bring us the energy that we wanted. The only way to fill yourself up and the reasons that we go to vices is because we want to be filled up. It’s to allow yourself to feel that sense of alignment first. That sense of love, that sense of prosperity, that sense of success. How do you do that? You start to feel good at the moment. Find the place where you can be satisfied. Find the place where you can know that all truly is well. When you do that, then you open yourself up. It’s the higher and the lower meeting, connecting and sourcing you.

When you feel that, then you take all that energy that’s in your heart center and you can send it out to the things that you want to create because you are a creative being. You have the creator, all of the creativity flowing through you. It makes so much easier and more fun and more elegant to then create the things that you want instead of pushing, striving, struggling, forcing and being driven. You’re being called. I hope you have an amazing day. If you want more information on how to get free from vices and fill up from the only place that you can, I have a Vice Freedom seven-video series that you can get more information.

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