Staying centered during coronavirus

How are you doing? I am thinking of you and sending you so much love and light.

If you feel you are having difficulty staying at peace right now, here are some helpful tips and resources. I have included a free meditation below as well.

  1. Continually strengthen your connection to your soul and Divine Self, the source of all your abundance and supply. This is the most important step and brings the greatest shifts.
  2. Be patient! Know that every step you have taken is building a new consciousness of abundance, and will eventually appear on the outer as new circumstances and conditions.
  3. Refuse doubts. Do not engage in negative thinking; this postpones the good that is coming to you.
  4. Express gratitude. Giving thanks and appreciation for all you have makes you magnetic to more.
  5. Focus on what you have, not what you are lacking. Energy follows thought. Whatever you focus on increases.
  6. Practice, practice, practice! Manifesting does not come from an intellectual understanding. You need to practice what you are learning to experience the fruits of your work.
  7. Listen to the still small voice within you that is always showing you the way. Be open and receptive to new ideas.
  8. Trust and believe in yourself. You have all you need within you to succeed. Let yourself and not others be the authority of what is right for you.
  9. Ask for the energy of inspiration to open new paths and directions.
  10. Say out loud with feeling and conviction affirmations that feel good. Download this PDF of some of my favorite abundance affirmations. 
  11. Watch empowering and inspiring videos such as or videos on YouTube:
  12. Listen to the daily one minute inspiration tips on Alexa by me. If you have an Alexa device or app you can enable it here: you can listen to it on my website:
  13. Come to the healing call Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 6pm PT/9pm ET on Zoom or Facebook live – To RSVP for Facebook Live click here. To RSVP on Zoom click here.

You are infinitely loved,

Christy & The Council

P.S. I am gifting to you a mediation called Calming Your Emotions. Watch below:

Affirmation: Whatever I do, it’s because I want to do it.

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