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  • Release a vice that’s holding you back from realizing that you and your life are unlimited. Set yourself up for Quantum Success in 2020 – and kick off the new year with your friends in a fun, joyful and peaceful way.
  • Automatically be entered to win an all-access lifetime pass to Christy’s entire Quantum Success Learning Academy library (A $1,500 value).
  • Get email reminders to tune in for your daily lesson. Christy will teach one of the 7 Essential Laws each day … guiding you through processes and meditations to help you start to release or let go of one vice in just 7 days.
  • Connect with thousands of people from around the world in a collective conscious effort to make lasting changes in your life. Share your experiences with others who are going through the same thing you are. You don’t have to do it alone!
  • Receive a professionally designed worksheet that you can print out and use to follow along with the challenge – a great place to record your thoughts, feelings and successes each day.
  • Get access to a special bonus coaching Q&A call after the challenge ends so you can repeat the challenge whenever you’d like.
  • And much more!

What People Are Saying About Working with Christy…

“The Vice Freedom Program went above and beyond my expectations. I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

Anne KirkwoodIt was an incredibly transformative month in my life. Not only was I learning tools and techniques every day that helped incredibly in my daily life including and beyond releasing a vice, I found it incredibly uplifting to be hearing metaphysical concepts on a daily basis and also meditating daily. Christy makes it fun and interesting to attend, it was awesome spending time with her daily.

Christy and The Council were incredibly supportive and have helped me to release some vices that really needed to be released. While I focused on one specifically, stress eating, I can see it wasn’t the only vice I have released during the program. We learnt about the Universal Laws, the drama triangle and bushwacks which were all so interesting and incredibly helpful. What she taught us made a lot of sense.

Not long after the program finished I had a huge bushwack and instead of blaming myself, going into victim and acting how I had in the past when hurtful things like this have happened, I was able to process it much faster and react in a way that was expansive and not contractive. I was able to step back and look at the bigger picture and instead of blaming (either myself or others) and closing myself off, I decided to open myself up even further to better things. This has stopped me from becoming bitter and guarded and who knows what else that would have caused me a lot of grief down the line. Friends have noticed the difference in me and were amazed at how well I have dealt with this bushwack and the perspective I have on it. I’m choosing to focus on what benefits have come out of this rather than what has been lost.

As a result of doing this program, I have rediscovered my inner sense of calm, I’m excited about life again and I am able to deal with things that come up, because, hey, life happens! I recognise much faster when I am going into the drama triangle and am coming out of it much faster than I ever have. I feel like my life is flowing much better and I now carry around a deeper sense of inner peace as a result.

I highly recommend this (or any of Christy’s programs) if you are considering taking it. It’s so much more than about releasing a vice, and it will change your life for the better!

– Anne Kirkwood


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