The other day the boys were playing outside with their usual group of friends.

Three older boys were putting on a show and calling each other names. Frederic and I teach the kids that we don’t call each other names, because it does not feel good to the other person. I had talked with the older boys and said they were an influence on these young kids, who look up to them and think they are funny. And I asked these older boys to take their show on the road; basically, I asked them to be careful in front of these six little boys.

The one older boy, just 14, said, “You know, life is hard.”

I almost fell over.

He is 14 and already has this belief that life is hard.

I felt so sad for him. Imagine the direction of his life based on this one belief.

A little after that comment, the older boys, Frederic, and the younger boys were playing hockey together, and this little 14-year-old got hurt, living into the belief that “life is hard.”

We live from whatever we believe to be true.

We will attract everything and anything from this belief.

If you have something unwanted in your life or something you can’t seem to change, it is most likely because a belief is limiting you in some way.

Ask yourself, “What would I have to believe to create this situation?”

Find the belief and then change it immediately.


A belief is just a thought that was either given to us like a poisonous or beautiful seed that we accepted. We witnessed something and through our interpretation came to a meaning and a conclusion. We let it in and then thought it ourselves over and over again until we saw evidence of it in our lives. Then it became something we pointed at and said, “See? It is true.” Which made the belief even more solidified in our lives and then became our reality even more.

We can undo beliefs and choose to believe something different.

Life is not hard. Life is what you think it is.

What do you want to believe about life?