In this episode Christy and The Council discuss:

  • Bringing compassion to all parts 
  • A part of you that doubts 
  • What it means to be infinitely loved 

Key Takeaways: 

  • If you feel infinite love and compassion, then a part of you starts to doubt if you really are feeling it or if you even deserve to feel it, then you need to release that part. You need to bring the energy of compassion to the parts that don’t feel it. 
  • It’s not all of you who doubt that you are loved or deserving of love, it’s only those parts that are limited. Parts that have been imprinted. Let the parts that are resisting receive the energy of compassion. 
  • It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. You are approved. You are accepted. You are infinitely loved. 


“The part of you that resists, that’s the part that needs more than love.” – The Council

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