Conscious Connected Coupling

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Build A Healthy, Happy Relationship

Relationships are sacred. You’re building a life with someone which requires trust and compassion.

Do you feel heard in your current relationship? Do you feel cared about? There are conscious steps each of us can take with our partner to form a better, more connected relationship than ever before.

There are several major principles to becoming a consciously connected couple:

Be supportive and receptive of your partner’s creative ideas.

When they make suggestions on what they’d like to do with you, such as a date night, don’t say “I don’t want to do that.” Instead, offer a different time to do what they want or suggest something else fun. Don’t deflate their excitement. Supporting their ideas is crucial to conscious coupling.

Share a glance to show you care.

When you’re at social gatherings and events where you’ll be talking to other people more than each other, it’s good to share a look of tenderness with one another every once in awhile. This is a great way to reaffirm your love and send energy to your partner that they can requite.

Communicate with your partner when they hurt you.

If your partner speaks before they think and says something that hurts, say “Ouch, that hurt.” There’s no need to be reactionary and cause a conflict; just be acknowledge your feelings openly and express that to your partner. They most likely were not being deliberate in hurting your feelings and will apologize.

Touch is important to create meaningful coupling.

Just as with sharing a glance, a quick touch can speak volumes to your partner. You can be flirty or tender, or comforting. Just reaching out to caress your partner is a great way to show them how much they mean to you and pass along that positive energy

Speak words of affirmation thoughtfully and often.

Reminding one another of how much you appreciate them and value them is a great way to build a lasting healthy connection for conscious coupling. It doesn’t come from a place of emptiness that needs to be filled. You’re both whole on your own as individuals. It comes from a place of love; as a way to further build on your relationship.

There are so many ways to mindfully connect as a couple. Your relationship can always be stronger.

Begin Building your relationship consciously and deliberately.

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