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I’ve been known as the girl who “has it all” among my peers. A multimillion dollar business, two New York Times best-selling books, two great kids, and to top it all off… a husband I can honestly say I’m still in love with after 12 years.

But that was not always the case. Quite the opposite actually.

I’ve had more than my share of “life” moments that brought me to my knees.

→ In 1998, my sister took her own life.

→ In 2006, after 5 years of marriage, I found myself divorced.

→ After 7 years in a 6-figure corporate job, I found myself feeling empty.


My life had no direction and no meaning. I was just paying the bills and fulfilling my needs and wants.

This is what happiness is supposed to look like, right?

Christy Whitman with her husband and two sons smiling


Until I decided to make a change…

I’ve always been a driven person, and while being “driven” can help you get what you want, how do we learn how to want the right things?

What I wanted – was purpose.
But I didn’t even know what purpose felt like.

All I knew was that it didn’t feel like this.

So I focused my attention on attracting feelings of purpose. Keep in mind I had no idea about the law of attraction at this time of my life; I simply reasoned to myself that if I didn’t know what something was, – I needed to focus my attention on it so IT could find me!


It was 1:05 am when I woke up to a voice. I could hear someone speaking in my ear – delivering great information to me. I immediately began to write down everything that came through but I realized it wasn’t my hand that was doing the writing. It was as if consciousness itself was coming through me and “downloading” all of this information.

But it didn’t stop there.
For the next 7 days in a row at 1:05am I woke up and began writing.
AAnd then, on the 7th day, I was finished.

This is how my first book Perfect Pictures was written.
Little did I know, this was just the first of many “downloads” I was to receive

The road to becoming a
new york times bestselling author

After downloading my first book, my go-getter nature kicked in and drove me to seek a literary agent. Why not market the book, right? Now, keep in mind, I had no goal of becoming a New York Times bestselling author; I just had a message and wanted to get it out there.

So while seeking an agent I simultaneously began doing my own speaking tour by visiting local bookstores and presenting my message.

It was at one of these bookstore events that I was approached a man who asked me to sign his book and said “I know you’re going to be really big one day. I look at you and I see where you’re headed.” It was flattering, but at the time only a handful of people were showing up to my “book tour” so it seemed like a stretch. but he was right.

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