September 22nd at 10-11am PT / 1-2pm ET – Quantum Light Shift Theme: Freedom From Stress. 60-Minute Group Healing Session With Christy & The Council to Release Your Blocks to Well-Being, Abundance, Success, and Love. (Replay included.)

2023 Quantum Light Shifts – Join Christy & The Council as they take you through processes to create more ease and flow in your energy, physical, emotional, and mental bodies so you can thrive and feel good in every aspect of your life.


In The Energy Vortex we bring together spiritual seekers and deliberate creators to integrate energy mastery into our daily lives to apply new insights, awareness, processes, and actions as we integrate new higher frequencies/energy so that we can find pleasure in life, and experience ease, freedom, peace, and connection with aligned living within your Divine Design of well-being, abundance, success and loving and supportive relationships as we connect with like-minded people in a supportive, connected and loving community.

Discover Membership You are starting to apply the laws of the universe and creating more of an awareness of how to deliberately design your awesome future. Join us in a ‘one stop spot’ with resources shared and taught by a master teacher and coach who has been applying these principles for 25+ years. This complimentary membership is for you if you are interested in expanding your life, as you are looking for something better or different. In The Discover Membership You Will Receive:

  • Watch Your Words – Days 1-10
  • Christy & The Council’s Energy Vortex Online Community – DISCOVER Level
  • Discover Resource Library: Daily Quotes, Win Win Women Show, Desire Factor Podcast, 7 Essential Laws Videos
  • Surprise and Delights

Illuminate Membership Do you desire to go deeper and to stay connected so you can consistently increase your vibration with a loving and supportive community? You are open to meditation and would enjoy inspirational pop in’s every now and again by Christy. You love that the surprise and delights are now all in one place in this membership area. In The Illuminate Membership You Will Receive All Discover Member Benefits PLUS:

  • Christy & The Council’s Energy Vortex Online Community ILLUMINATE Level
  • Watch Your Words Continuation – Days 11-30
  • New Surprise and Delights
  • Pre-Recorded Monthly Meditation

Enlighten Membership Designed for those that want to stay plugged in and are open to the higher messages from The Council. You are interested in utilizing this information to understand and apply it at a whole different level for yourself and in shifting your relationships in Light as you operate from the circle of Love. In The Enlighten Membership You Will Receive All Illuminate Member Benefits PLUS:

  • Christy & The Council’s Energy Vortex Online Community ENLIGHTEN Level
  • BONUS: Drama To Love Video 30-Day Series
  • Additional Surprise and Delights
  • $27 Promo Code each month for 1-time use in the online store *

Ascend Membership This is for seekers who are passionately committed to their higher Light path. You are eager for deeper understanding of who you are with a willingness to be reminded of your power and Light. Support with processes and techniques from Christy, as well as the guidance of The Divine Quantum Council of Light. In The Ascend Membership You Will Receive All Enlighten Member Benefits PLUS:

  • Christy & The Council’s Energy Vortex Online Community ASCEND Level
  • BONUS: 30 Days of QS Meditations Replay
  • Monthly Quantum Light Shifts (Live with replay included)
  • Quarterly Q&A with Christy & The Council

30 DAYS OF QUANTUM SUCCESS – THEME: Divine Presence & Power

October 1st – 30th at 8am PT / 11am ET – 30 Days of Quantum Success Meditations with Christy Whitman & The Council. Each month has a different theme. Be my guest for the first three days of the 30 Day series. You will discover how to release all the imprints from your societal, cultural, religious, and family lineage. Christy & The Council will take you through processes and meditations every day for 30 days so that you can return back to your Divine lineage and release the patterns and imprints that are limiting you from your family, cultural, societal, and human lineage. The sessions are held through a private and exclusive Facebook Live page or a private Zoom session (you choose how to connect).


December 1-4, 2023 – Goddess Rising (LIVE) – Receive hands-on energy healing from The Council. This type of healing can only be done in person and is 10 times more powerful than virtual. Get away from your normal reality, travel to a beautiful destination at a wonderful time of year in Scottsdale, Arizona, with other women, that you will collaborate, connect, and initiate new relationships. Every time someone spends time with Christy and The Council in person, their lives are naturally upgraded. New surprises and delights will enter your life as if by magic. And there are so many other health, well-being, Success, Abundance, love, support, and benefits available that will only be revealed in person by the collective collaboration from this configuration of women. What other women share that they are going through, creates a bonding, and a healing, all on its own, beyond even the workshop with The Council.


FREE TRAINING: Become a confident, purpose-driven, fulfilled, and profitable Life Coach. It is possible to serve, love what you do and make money! Become the sought after coach you deserve to be. Get Immediate Access to a 5-part video series where I explain the quickest, most effective way to begin life coaching including how you can:

  • Gain clarity and reconnect with your life purpose
  • Align with the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions you need to experience the life you want
  • Increase your confidence in owning your gifts and using them to help others
  • Master a tried and true process of energetic transformation
  • Turn sales into service and eloquently offer your expertise without feeling pushy
  • Gain lifestyle freedom and flexibility while securing a prosperous future

JOIN THE GROWING COMMUNITY OF HAPPY SUCCESSFUL COACHES: Get started right away and learn at your own pace with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy Online Certification. You can join us for the next LIVE Office Hours (held 2 x per month).


If you have questions about any of the menu options above or are unsure of what the best next step is for you on your journey, book a 15-minute discovery call with my Program Concierge, Kim Gore. Kim will be able to guide you in choosing the perfect option for you.

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