Connect With Christy & The Council To Release Past Traumas And Realign Your Spirit

Life can be full of heartbreak. Painful memories we can’t let go of; fears that keep us from moving forward. It’s easy to fall into a pattern where these negative emotions control our lives.

Everything is made up of energy. And sometimes the negative energy we’re holding onto creates pain points and blocks, preventing us from feeling whole and happy. Sometimes, we need help to remove these blocks and heal. Channeling your energy into a higher energetic vibration can help you release these blocks and heal from past trauma and fear.

The Council are infinite, divine beings who transform others through the use of energy. Christy Whitman provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with The Council.

Experience a special one-on-one connection with Ascended Masters and Infinite Beings of Light who share the message of Energy Mastery via a private session on Zoom.


Hear It In Their Own Words

In this session, the Council will help you:


Release blocks and let go of fears and traumas holding you back


Create Abundance in all aspects of your life


Realign with your Divine Design of Loving Relationships


Feel a sense of wholeness and physical wellbeing


Yes, Christy!
I’m Ready for my session with the Christy & The Council!




Greater openness to others, to new ideas, and to life.


No longer hanging on to the past or trying to keep things from changing, trusting that whatever comes will be even better.


Greater freedom from old, negative ways of thinking.


More frequent feelings of joy and gratitude.


Feeling more connected to other people, able to overlook their “faults.”


Feeling more connected to nature.


Taking action to get what is wanted rather than wallowing in self-pity and feeling like a victim.


Becoming more aware of choices you are making and knowing that you have a choice.


Focusing on what can go right rather than what might go wrong.


Thinking of your future with positive expectations rather than fear or worry.


Wanting to bring harmony and peace to situations rather than adding to the drama.


Automatically transmitting Divine Will rather than trying to save people.


Becoming more focused on making your own life work rather than spending all your time trying to solve and fix other people’s problems.


Accepting yourself, believing in your abilities, and acknowledging your inner light


Having more moments where you feel loving, compassionate, and forgiving of others.


Desiring to transmit light and love to others rather than criticizing or judging them.


New emotional responses, less reaction to negativity, and more positive emotions


Higher level of trust and surrender.


Greater ability to be in a void, and more tolerant of confusion and not knowing.


Letting go of trying to control situations and, instead, simply allowing what happens.


More awareness and consciousness in areas of previous unconsciousness.


Greater sense of inner peace.




Trust your inner knowingness and take action accordingly, in both your personal and professional actions.


Call Divine Will to any and all circumstances. To feel surrounded by loving energy and to surrender to Divine Will in the midst of uncertainty, when the shoreline is out of sight!


Be in touch more with what brings JOY, and move towards the Light of JOY. Joy shows life purpose!


Appreciate the energy cycles of life. To flow with the down cycles as well as the up cycles. To follow guidance on prioritization regarding what areas of life to put energy work into at a particular time.


Believe in the magic of life…the Divine Will of LIFE! To be child-like in WONDER. To explore new pathways and new levels of consciousness and awareness of the Universe of All-That-Is.


Send love, light and Divine Will to past, present and future. For myself, my loved ones, and any worldly issue.


Believe that you are powerful in good…that my energy work makes a difference!


Connect in Divine Will, love and light with others.


Experience humanity in a much nobler light.


Be more aware of your soul and its loving presence.


Sense your challenges now as an opportunity for creative victory. Instead of opposing, you now sense that you are becoming the real director of your life, and that what you will, YOU WILL. You are a creator.


Forgive easier, trust more, and see more with innocent perception.


Discover a greater sensitivity to inner tones, movements, rhythms, colors, light, temperatures, and communication with all life.


Know that you are, and can identify with, all that is good, true, and beautiful.


Have a greater sense of humility.


Take life easier and be less tense.


Experience more light filling your life.


Generate more money from your spiritual work.


Be more creative and have the energy to act on it.



Complete more things in a day, and feel compelled to complete them for the rush of clean and clear energy you get from the completion.


Have more patience and yet a clear sense of what you want and when you want it, and the ability to request it.


Feel closer to appreciating how worthy and deserving you are.


Are motivated more from confidence rather than need or wanting to fill a gaping hole in yourself.


Divine Will has made you more grateful and appreciative and has opened many new areas for you to explore.


See the impossible now as very possible, but are also more careful of what you ask for.


Are more loving and forgiving.


Can begin to transmit Divine Will into every situation and give yourself, the other person, and/or the situation room to unfold, where before you would have instead exerted great effort and imposed your will.


Are being propelled by these Divine Will Energies as only they can towards the deeper and unexpressed longings within you.


Have come home to your Self, expanded into your Soul…and found it to be a peaceful, loving and allowing place.


Have stopped berating your personality self, and that the compassion you have allowed your personality self radiates outward, making it more and more difficult to judge others.


Feel the deepening presence of your soul, allowing you to feel free inside the potential present in each direction you look.


Are in your center, a place of no push and no pull.


Know that you do not have to exert great effort or hurry, and can trust that whatever you have to do will be done in the right time and place.


Sense that you do not have to “go” anywhere, and are just experiencing being here in a better and different way.


Have deeper insights since you have been working with Divine Will, and now see much more clearly the path your life must take.


What People Are Saying

“I grew so much during my time with Christy & The Council.”

I feel so much more connected and whole than any other time in my life and am receiving that reflection back from friends I haven’t seen in a while too. Christy is so relatable, like a good friend, and the way she teaches just makes sense. The Council helped me navigate some big challenges in my life and I am coming out of my experience much more grounded, strong, loving and in harmony in so many aspects of my life. I am sad the class is over!

Sarah Dunn

“I came to Christy because I wanted to access energetic and spiritual principles for generating the full-time income I craved.”

After building a business for years and not receiving enough income to pay the bills, I was ready for change. In just two sessions with Christy, I began seeing my income increase easily and effortlessly. I feel good about how I attract money and I know it is always on its way to me now. I highly recommend working with Christy!
Haley Hoover, Success Coach.

Haley Hoover

“So. Many. Shifts! The first and most noticeable is my intuition has become so much stronger.”

Not only do I recognize more things happening before they happen but I become prepared for them – even if the situation isn’t so favorable I face it with so much more peace, joy and compassion. The second is my anxiety has been at the lowest it’s been in years and it’s all because of you and the council showing me ways to give others compassion for where they are and how to not allow that to impact me emotionally and energetically. The third is my ability to communicate with the universe and the people in my life. I implement my divine design game board and desires into every portion of my life big and small. My relationships with others and with myself have grown because of the love I give off and desire to receive in return. My entire life and outlook has shifted. I am so excited to see what’s to come in my future because I live in abundance of it today.

Thank you Christy & The Council for such beautiful strength and guidance.

Alexis Birkhoff

“Working with Christy and now the Council never ceases to amaze me!”

I have done QSCA, multiple Vice Freedoms and Quantum Energy Mastery- and yet I learn and evolve each and every time I meditate with her!

It could be the 7 essential laws I’ve heard at least 300 times by now… but each time I peel back another layer of understanding and see signs of new growth.

This platform she provides is worth its weight in platinum!!

Kashia Morse

“For the first time in almost 30 years I am so grateful to be alive and I have no shame, guilt or any regrets.”

After taking responsibility for the years of resistance between my sister and I and finally being ready to face it, I reached out to Christy Whitman. I knew this was something I did not want to face alone because it was buried deep and the emotional pain was too intense for me to even try to heal alone.

Christy invited me to one of her healing calls where she channels through The Christy & The Council. I was a little nervous before the session as I had never consciously communicated directly with spiritual beings before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, however, I knew I was in safe hands with Christy and I totally trusted her!

The Christy & The Council felt that I had many places in my body where I was holding resistance without me even mentioning it to them!

They helped me find and release the shame and guilt that I had been repressing since the age of 13 when my father yelled at me infront of my 8 year old sister. I couldn’t believe it, decades of physical pain around my solar plexus literally released there and then during the call! I had no idea that it was shame.

They also helped me find and release the energy of undeserving and regret that I had repressed and buried very deep when I tried to end my life at the age of 27. I had been pushing my sister away since then because I believed I caused her pain. The Christy & The Council guided me to process the emotions that I had never faced.

They helped me to release the emotional pain I had been suffering with and replaced it with light, love and gratitude which I never thought I could ever feel about this particular event.
The entire experience has transformed me emotionally, mentally and physically!

My relationship with my sister is healing and I feel free and safe to love her and receive her love too.

I am forever grateful to Christy and The Christy & The Council.

Nicky Mehta

“I have had the privilege of attending 2 Goddess Rising Experiences.

I have had the privilege of attending 2 Goddess Rising Experiences. They have both been virtual. I have had years of struggle with my weight, health, relationships, loss of loved ones and financial issues. As the event started I had no idea that it was going to be life-changing for me. The environment is so safe and encouraging. I committed to the process of focusing on myself. Everyone feels something unique for
themselves. For me, I experienced a great amount of healing from old wounds. As a result of the first event, I lost nearly 30 lbs and recently went to the doctor’s office for a check-up and astonished the doctor on how low my lab numbers were. In fact, she wants me back in 3 months to see if they are the same. If they are, I will start going off of some of the medications I have taken for 19 years. The second Goddess event was recent but it was equally phenomenal. I can’t wait to see all the changes I’m processing. I no longer feel the extreme pain of loss of loved ones. I have a calmness and am truly feeling joy that I could hardly remember existed. To say I am truly blessed and so grateful to Christy and the Council for the dedication she takes in each and every one of us is barely scratching the surface to the depth of being grateful. Thank you for allowing us to have this healing of body, mind and spiritual soul.

Terri Martinez

“I was working as an RN at a very fast-paced hospital with a lot of overwhelm.”

I had a breakthrough healing session with Christy and The Council on Sept 30, 2020. It was a big job so The Council was called in to assist. It was found that my younger selves had anchored me at several points in my life. The Council and I dug deep and were able to clear some pretty big blocks. During the session, I had a vision of sparkling multicolored lights. I felt much lighter after the session.

I put in a month’s notice at my job. In doing this, I had a lot of vacation time saved up and it was all paid to me to cover having a month off of work. I took it easy, got back to my senses, and released the overwhelm. When I felt like I was ready to jump back into the workforce, and only when I was ready, the process was really quick. Oct 21, 2020, I applied to a Home Health Agency; Oct 23, 2020, I interviewed for the job; Oct 26,2020 I was miraculously able to get a doctors appointment for a physical to start work; Oct 30, 2020, I had a 2 hour paid “training” to meet the patient and her family and have the day nurse show me around; and Nov 2, 2020, I began working full time and am still at the position. My starting pay is less than I was making but with the increased energy I am able to work overtime so I actually make more. The old job was at least 10 hours on my feet running back in forth to help patients, now no more running and my workload is much lighter.

Healthwise: at the hospital, I was at a breaking point with overwhelm and medical issues. I was dehydrated and my vitamin D levels went to a critical low. After taking time off, getting out in the sun, drinking more water, and taking a booster dose of vitamin D I am no longer dehydrated, my vitamin D levels went back up and I have more energy.

I definitely believe that the session gave me the confidence and push for action that was needed in my life to allow expansion. I stop and think about how grateful and thankful I am to have had this major shift in my life.

Thank you.

Michelle Nash

“Recently I became a single mother and thanks to the support of Christy and the Council”

Her wonderful “tribe,” I am not only seeing my daughter begin to thrive, I am also allowing myself to find love again from a more connected and aligned place.

Elizabeth Langer

“You and the Council have been helping me prepare for my talk that I did on “What is Hypnotherapy”

I want to personally thank you and the Council for helping me along the way. The talk was last night and I am happy to share that we exceeded the room capacity in attendance (60 people). I felt excited, energized, prepared and confident going into the presentation. Without question, I attribute this “new confidence” to working with you one-on-one as well as the meditation series you have been doing (and of course all of my previous training with you).

Leading up to last night’s presentation, I could feel the Council’s presence. And at times, they clearly came through in the early wee hours of the morning (as I was awakened with messages). I am so thankful that they were with me and have helped me strengthen my own connection with my own divine.

It never ceases to amaze me of the timing that the Council’s teachings correspond to what I needed at that moment. In just February alone, this has never been truer. Just today, when the Council did a “sharp turn healing process”…perfect timing as I was in such a whirlwind after last night’s presentation. I definitely needed to regroup and reground and the healing helped to calm me back down. I loved the meditation the other day with the circles of light down our spine. I have been using that every day since intentionally activating those areas as needed. WOW, we are really expanding our learning of concepts that are so advanced that I feel such a deep privilege to be a part of.

You, Christy, rock! The Council rocks! I’m excited about what my future holds for me and the infinite possibilities that are in front of me. I have already had two people approach me asking if I would do the same presentation to other groups. I had many people signing up for my services. FYI, I did a plug for you and your book “7 Essential Laws”. Some people came up and took pictures of the book to go buy it. They might be checking out your website…I hope they do!

Love to you and the Council

Kim Silverman

“I’ve thoroughly and deeply enjoyed my experience with Christy and the Council. I feel more joy, balance and self-esteem, which reflects itself on everything in my life.”

he daily meditations are powerful and have created a deeper spiritual connection and a practical understanding of energy, that I am using every day, every moment. I love our weekly classes and the “high and happy” energy that Christy and the Council bring every time. I’m so happy I made the decision to invest in myself, even though I first had doubts about whether I had the time and/or the money to participate. I’m so glad I did, this is life-changing! Quantum Energy Mastery has given me such momentum and confidence stepping forward into creating my dream-life. I feel so grateful and blessed.

If you want to change your life, health, relationships and finances, this will teach you the necessary tools needed to turn your desires into manifestation. I can already see and feel that I’m well on my way to a more fulfilling life on all levels and I can’t wait to see what else will manifest!

Tua K

“I am still reeling from the energy after the process with The Council. Something huge shifted in me and for me today.”

It feels like today was the day that this shift had to happen. And I know that this shift is having a ripple effect – impacting everyone connected to my mission. Words can’t describe what I am feeling. I can only imagine the shifts people are going to experience when they watch the interview and do the process themselves.

The interview was off the charts. There was more of Christy today and The Council came in only for a few minutes – all part of the Divine plan.

Christy was in her element just flowing with wisdom. I love her authenticity. Please thank Christy for her generous contribution. Once again she has been instrumental in activating the next part of my divine mission.


“I discovered Christy and the Council last fall and I knew in my heart that I had to work with them.”

My first opportunity was the Quantum Energy Mastery program. Over 4 months, I learned how to master my own energy and vibration and change my outlook on life happening around me. I continue to go back to the meditations, materials and recorded sessions to remind myself and make a habit of choosing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I have always been someone who reacted strongly to situations in my life, both good and bad. I have learned to process my emotions and choose how I feel and also find the lessons in those situations that I don’t enjoy. It’s a process that has changed my life.

I spent the majority of my life depressed and waiting for it to end. I now give thanks and appreciation to Christy and the Council for coming into my life. I am forever changed. I look forward to every day with excitement for what I will experience and learn. I am teaching my children to master their own energy to create the life they want and I look forward to sharing my experiences with others so they can do the same.

In addition to Quantum Energy Mastery, I participated in the Healing Event which knocked my socks off. I also continue to participate in the monthly meditations. They have become a daily part of my life that I cherish and look forward to.

I am forever grateful for Christy and the Council. I am not the same person I was a year ago, a week ago, or even a day ago because of the knowledge, wisdom and healing I have experienced with them. Many, many, many thanks for all you do!

Lori Mezzanotte

“Everything is energy. Change the energy and the physical must follow.”

That’s what Christy and The Council teach and it’s true. While I had begun working with energy to heal spinal injuries from an assault two decades earlier and was having good results, it was through Christy and the Council that my healing catapulted beyond what I had imagined, defying the limits of what medical science says is possible. Within six weeks of beginning the program, the punched in vertebrae in my low back had found its way back into alignment, the curvature in my mid back had corrected itself to the point that my doctor could no longer see it and the three compressed vertebrae in my neck that were never supposed to move again had actually moved back into proper alignment. There is still work to do, but suffice it to say that my doctor is in awe. As for me, I’m optimistic about the future and eternally grateful to Christy and The Council for helping me reclaim my life.

Laura Kurek

“My success story is to focus on anything Christy Whitman has to offer.”

As I keep my focus I always receive what I need. Since, looking to Christy’s tools of information for me, I am meditating consistently. Starting my morning with prayer, light energy, meditate receiving light energy support from my team. Constantly, reminding myself of living in the present moment. Receiving light and filling all my cells as cups that hold the light. Receiving the golden light through the top of my head filling my body with love and light through faith portal, through my pituitary gland, down my strength cord and around my wisdom portal then down my grounding cord to mother earth. Throughout the day I receive light, gather my energy to myself with the divine guidance for me. By being consistent with meditations, knowing what I am and how I receive gives me the ability to feel fulfilled with life as I connect to my flow of life. As I stay connected to the light this feels like abundance and not a place of lack. I strive to recognize through my intuition to be sure I’m in flow check. To which I appreciate all Christy is doing to teach us how to experience life and flow, this gives me many opportunities to understand how to work with energy, light and flow. I feel if I steer to the left as I’m learning I can listen to Christy and get back on track. I so appreciate Christy, The Council and my connection to my life flow. I continue to experience life to the fullest by my connection to life. Thank you.

Kathleen Busby

“SI feel a greater emotional stability and prevailing happiness. I feel less buffeted by events or situations or other people. I feel far less irritation, anger, guilt or fear than before. “

I have a goal of enrolling eight more people in my online course, Wisdom To Wealth, by September 15. Last week, four new people enrolled! And I’m the one who beeped at you at the stoplight in Tucson when we were leaving the event! It was fun to read about that in your recent email.

Christy, I am so grateful that Dan brought you to Tucson and I had a good sense to sign up for your healing workshop. You and the council are what I have been praying for and asking for on so many levels. I am filled with gratitude.

Natalie Hill

“I have been a client and fan of Christy’s for many years, and have evolved along with her and her work as it has evolved.”

I have always been passionate about manifesting and the law of attraction, so I have loved all of her teachings around that subject, including a certification in her Creating Money course. I have participated in several programs of Christy’s, I absolutely resonate with her work, her message and her story. I have done several of the monthly meditations with Christy and with Christy and the Council. Each and every time I spend a month doing the meditations, something amazing happens in my life, I have gotten new jobs, raises in my current jobs, been able to quiet my mind and just about get rid of any anxiety that I had been experiencing.

I have also spent a morning with Christy and the Council in a small group setting in Arizona, and it was a wonderful experience. Not only did I experience my own healing when I got the opportunity to ask the Council a question, but every person that asked a question and got to spend some time with the Council, I feel like I experienced a healing from their message as well.

I believe I have read all of her books, and possibly my favorite at this point is The Art of Having It All, but I can’t wait for the Desire Factor to come out, it’s sure to be amazing as well.

I feel like Christy is a close friend, because of her warm and relatable style of teaching, and as you can probably tell I am a big Christy Whitman fan, she brings a wonderful, positive energy to everything she does.

Christine Walker

“It has not only been a privilege to work with her but an absolute blessing.”

Before I had the opportunity to work with Christy I knew that I was stuck at a particular level in my own coaching business. I just knew that working with Christy would ‘shift’ me but I didn’t realise to what extent. It became very clear from working with Christy, that I had emotional and physical blocks that were stopping me from moving forward – literally! During my time working with her, I no longer have to have a hip replacement as I no longer have any symptoms due to her wonderfully intuitive healings. I feel lighter and clearer and excited about the next steps in the journey of my life, thanks to her support and unending generosity in sharing her knowledge and experiences.

Sandra Stocks

“My experience of the event was life-changing. I rarely speak at these kinds of events but I was moved to get up and speak to the Council.”

I was scared and at the same time I wasn’t. I don’t remember now what I asked and all I remember was how held I felt, how seen I felt, how cared about I felt. It made me cry as I have rarely felt that way in my life. I think I don’t let it in to be cared about and I let it in with the Council. It was a game-changer for me.

Pendleton Spicer

“I’m beyond thankful our paths have crossed.”

As I continue to learn about my source to light energy mastery. I feel I’m growing in light energy as my source. I have felt myself shift from judging others and myself to going to the light learning to lean on my source, The Divine. Other area’s in my life have shifted and are in the process of shifting. I have learned to be easy on myself so not to judge myself when I catch myself in the middle of something that needs to be shifted. So to stay in alignment, I can identify with my source what needs to shift, sometimes it takes baby steps to get there. I just remind myself to go slow and I will get there, then I take a breath and calm flows over and through me. I do appreciate all you do, Christy and The Council for being there for me and others.

Thank you again, Christy and The Council

Kathleen Busby

“I wanted to share my journey for the last few years with you.”

In 2015 I divorced my husband. He was mean and abusive in any way he could find that wouldn’t leave marks on my body. I drowned my emotions in food of every kind, but sweets were the answer to everything. My best friend started taking QSCA in 2015, and I was her client for many sessions. I had been trying to move about 20 miles south of where I was and get out of the house I had shared with my husband. Houses were selling before they were listed. One evening she did the Green Flame process with me. Just a couple days later I found my current house with a backyard that is my Happy Place. My healing had begun. I took QSCA in 2016 and more healing happened. Then came Energy Master multiple times and all of the Meditation sessions. Today I feel healed from all the ugly things he said and did to me.
In 2015 I weighed more than I ever had.

COVID was a life changing event for me for many reasons. Not long after we could go out in the world again after the lockdown, I decided I didn’t like going to the grocery store. Out of the blue I got a coupon in the mail for Bistro Med frozen meals. My doctor had been urging me to lose weight to control my type II diabetes brought on by polycystic ovary disease. I bought the meals from Bistro Med and I stayed on the meals for 3 months. I noticed I was starting to lose weight. I was also taking the Energy Master’s class. After the meals ran out, I went back to cooking for myself. I stayed eating clean with lean protein and lots of vegetables. I cut almost all of the sugar out of my diet. I listened to the Council when they told me to get rid of sugar in my life. My sugar now is honey or dried fruits or fresh fruit.

In August of 2020 I began substituting at the elementary school down the road. I worked Pre-K and Kindergarten for the first 4 months of school. Sitting in little chairs 10” off the floor repeatedly during the day did wonders for my muscles. The constant activity and walking around the school on errands kept me moving for 7 hours a day. When I went home I made sure I ate good healthy dinners.

I have continued on this journey. I still replay my Energy Master classes and listen to meditations. In July of 2022 I developed psoriasis from head to toe. I realized I had slipped off my diet. I added lots of broccoli and cauliflower to my meals. It took about a month for the rash to disappear. I started saying over and over every night phases The Council had said. I am a Divine Light Being! I am in Divine alignment! I am in Divine health and wellbeing! I still say those phrases every night as I’m going to sleep.

Fast forward to last week. I achieved a goal I never really thought I would make. I have lost 100 lb in the last 3 years. I would like to lose another 40-50. That would literally make me half of the woman I used to be. Pictures say 1000 words.

I want to thank you and The Council for all of the techniques and processes you have taught me. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without what I have learned from you and the Council.

With much gratitude and Love.

Kathy Stoner


SCL-ChristyChristy Whitman is the messenger of Light for The Council, spiritual mentors here to spread the message of Quantum Energy Mastery. Christy & The Council teach classes, and meditations and provide private sessions to help clients feel more aligned with their Divine Design of well-being, abundance, success, and loving and supportive relationships.

For over fifteen years and before receiving the telepathic messages from The Council, Christy was a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success and The Desire Factor.

Christy is a regular guest on top podcasts such as Entrepreneur On Fire, Aww Shift, Your Superpowered Mind among many others. Christy has appeared on the news, The Today Show, The Morning Show, Ted X, and The Hallmark Channel, and her work has been featured in the media in various publications. She’s been featured in Goalcast, Purist Magazine, People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, to name a few.


scl-logoThe Council is a collection of non-physical ascended masters, a collective consciousness, manifesting as extensions of source energy. They are teachers, in spirit, and they suggested that they teach through me so that others could learn how to become Energy Masters and create forms, objects, money, and love in the physical world using the spiritual laws of abundance.The Council feels that certain abilities, like the ability to become aware, to know and understand your own energy, where it is sourced from, how to manage it and create with it, and the ability how to take visions, dreams, hopes and fantasies and make them real in the physical world are among the most important skills we can learn that will empower us and help us to become greater lights to everyone whose lives we touch on our journey.The Council want humans to learn how to manage and master our energy as tools for aliveness and growth, and for us to let go of anxiety, confusion, and guilt in any aspect of life. They want to help us understand that we are divinely designed for well-being, abundance, success and loving relationships.The Council are beings of LIGHT. Great guides that exist in the higher dimensions. They are here as assistants and spiritual teachers to help you on your journey of personal growth and to awaken you to the higher aspects and deeper truth of yourself.


  1. You are an energy master of your life.
  2. All-that-is loves and adores you.
  3. You direct the unlimited flow of energy you desire wherever you want.
  4. You are always creating. You cannot NOT create, as it is your Divine nature.
  5. Your LIFE is your true “life partner,” and there is never separation from this Source.
  6. There are no problems, only what is perceived as a problem becomes your reality.
  7. Good feelings are the presence of Source and all things aligned with abundance.
  8. Lower level emotions are part of your personality development and are not you.
  9. Your inner reality and your connection with your Divine Self can never be separated, taken away from you, or damaged in any way. This is your constant energy flow of good experiences, including prosperity, health, and an unlimited supply of all your desires that is always available to you.
  10. Drama, chaos, suffering and pain are not your Divine Design and are illusions of this world and a limited mind.
  11. As the physical counterpart of the Divine Self, you are the center of consciousness through which the power of Source flows. When you turn within and touch the realm of Spirit, your other mind becomes a channel for that power.
  12. Humans are spiritual beings in temporary physical form, living in a material world-for the joy of it.



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