Praise For


“Before I started working with Christy, I frequently felt anxious with a tendency towards overwhelm. During my work with Christy, however, I felt and witnessed life-changing shifts in my ability to positively master and direct my energy. I now mostly feel focused, calm and centered despite any bushwhacks that come my way and have found that I am so much more adept at staying out of drama situations. These shifts have amplified the flow and joy I am experiencing in my life and I feel so very grateful for the opportunity to work with Christy!”


Natalie Robertson

“No words can explain how my life has expanded, flourished, exploded into such a realm of wholeness and balance…since my QSCA training.

Abraham’s teachings and Christy’s course was certainly a pivotal shifting point on my journey.

I have been able to niche down and start coaching eating disorder recovery and live my life on purpose with maximum energy and vitality, all the while acknowledging balance and ebb and flow.

Everything is working out for me…

Much love and in gratitude”


Kashia Morse

“Working with Christy and now the Council never ceases to amaze me!

I have done QSCA, multiple Vice Freedoms and Quantum Energy Mastery- and yet I learn and evolve each and every time I meditate with her!

It could be the 7 essential laws I’ve heard at least 300 times by now… but each time I peel back another layer of understanding and see signs of new growth.

This platform she provides is worth its weight in platinum!!”


In Their Own Words…



“Christy and the Council of Light gave me even more than I had dreamed I would receive from learning about energy and how it affects us on a day to day level and how to work with it to become an Energy Master. The classes allowed me to understand how and what exactly it is and how energy affects us on such a deep level. I loved the processes and treatments and how we can incorporate it into our lives and relationships every day. Exactly what I hoped for and so much more! The meditations allowed for further shifts and activations with Christy and the Council of Light. I’ve learned so much from all of it. I found it fascinating and of incredible value for me. Oh my gosh, I find I’m now able to move forward in a more positive and confident way, now that I understand so much more about energy and how it affects all of us – positive or negative! These classes and meditations were exactly what I was wanting to understand about energy and how I can incorporate it into my life in a practical way, every single day. Even after this “experience” with Christy and the Council of Light is over, I will be listening to the meditations and classes over again and again so I can continue using the processes and incorporating them into my life on a daily basis; as well as meditations for a deeper connection to my Divine Source….It has been a priceless experience and exactly what I wanted in order to move myself forward spiritually and as a physical human being! Christy, I cannot express to you enough has valuable of an experience this has been. It has been absolutely “enlightening”. Thank you, thank you!”

Lauryn Senko


“My experience was life-changing. I am not the same person. I love my life and I know without a doubt that I’m the one creating it. I’m full of trust and faith for my future.

I’ve released behaviours that were causing my suffering. I’ve let go of vices that were keeping the behaviours in place.

I’m more loving, patient, understanding, compassionate, present with myself and others.
The vice freedom extension gave me the tools to develop positive habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a deep sense of connection to who I am. I have clarity on why I’m here. I now have the confidence and options to do what makes me happy.

Thanks to Christy and The Council my relationship with myself is loving and so is my relationship with everyone around me.

I look forward to working with Christy and The Council next year, I’ve already said YES to myself, to go on another experience with Christy.”

Jane Walters


“Wow! I have always felt that I share a pretty balanced relationship with my husband and watching this video series has really given me the opportunity to explore myself and who I am in our relationship as well as all relationships.

Each video offers a captivating tidbit of information. While all of the videos resonated with me, I have made myself a shortlist of those that have particularly struck a chord so I can go back and focus a little more on these improvements.

Spending 5 minutes a day with Christy & Frederic has been such a powerful & uplifting experience. This is a great place to start making those small and big changes to succeed as a happy, connected couple!”

Tabitha Hamilton


“Christy and Council of Light,

Thank you so much for the Vice Freedom Program. I can feel a big shift in myself , especially over this last week. I am so much more aware of my feelings, actions, reactions and triggers. Having the different tools to pull from my tool belt is a gift and a blessing. I worry less and have reduced the feelings of overwhelm. I will catch myself in “what if” conversations in my head quicker and cut them off before they take on a life of their own. I judge myself less harshly and will flip to that perspective of “witnessing with curiosity”. I find myself better able to see beyond the illusion of what I perceive to be true to asking what is the TRUTH of the matter, and then line up with my Divine Self.

Christy, I very much appreciate your ability as a teacher. The concrete examples you so selflessly give are priceless. Your ability to come at a topic from so many angles allows you to drive the point home conceptually. The many examples and life stories make the point you are conveying easy to learn and remember.

Your generosity and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated,”

Barbara Banks


“Dear Christy,

I so want to thank you for all the fabulous work you do and tell you how much I appreciate you. I am inspired by how you are always 100 percent present in all our classes and conversations.

You are a fabulous teacher, and I am thrilled to be part of this extensive and incredible course.

The material is fascinating and inspirational, and how you present it is excellent.

I am so enjoying the experience and very much look forward to being able to put this in practice in my Life and End of Life Doula practice.

Thank you again for all your work.

Light and blessings,”



“My revelation this month while focusing on procrastination is that it’s really my relationship with TIME that’s the problem I need to work on. Even more than money, I believe that time is limited, and I will run out of it. That leads to me thinking too much, worrying, putting important things off, choosing the easiest fastest thing first, and not accomplishing my heart’s desires. By the way, my feeling essence for this year is Accomplished and I am blaming my not feeling accomplished yet, in part, on my tendency to procrastinate.

“Time is a false limit”. Those exact words were downloaded to me in 2016, and it’s taken me all this time (haha), and your training, to really come to terms with what it means and how much my belief in limited time has truly limited me. Now I have real tools to use on that relationship, thanks to your teaching. So, I have decided that a better perspective of the matter is that I will remove myself from the drama triangle with Time. That’s a more empowered approach to me than fighting a life-long habit of procrastinating. I have been acting as though Time is in control of what I can and cannot accomplish. But the truth is, I am not a victim of Time! Time can’t control my actions or what I choose to accomplish. It is an unlimited resource and I have all the resources I need to accomplish everything I want to. So, I am removing Time from the Persecutor and Rescuer roles in the triangle and placing it back into my life as a trusted and supportive friend. That feels good! And I have been accomplishing more and worrying less since I’ve changed my approach.

There is so much more, Christy. I can’t put into this little email how your classes have changed me and my life. I appreciate you so much and admire you, and I’m so grateful that you’ve become everything you are and that you offer so much to us. I love hearing from you and the Council every day, giving us messages of love, joy and freedom. They always feel like they are directly for me. I am remembering to worry less, keep my faith portal open, to consciously connect to Divine more often and to be in the allowing mode. My life feels and looks completely different, in just the 3 years I’ve been in your community. I thank you more than words can express!

Much Love and Light,”

Amy Sillers


“The Awakening Your Light Body Course from Orin and DaBen was a gift from my daughter and I consider it to be the among the most valuable gifts I have ever received. During the duration of the course, daily doing the meditations, I feel that I made huge progress in my spiritual journey. I am more aware of the magnitude and power of my essential light and vibrational energy. My connection with soul and divine self has been greatly enhanced and I have come to realize that there is a host of celestial beings lovingly interested in aiding me in my spiritual growth. In my daily relationship I feel a deeper and more empathetic connection. I realize that this course was a giant step for me on my journey and I plan to continue with its daily meditations as each repetition reveals a deeper spiritual awakening.

Nada Howarth the facilitor of this journey was the perfect mentor. The in depth knowledge and spiritual connection to the course she exhibited were greatly in evidence With a wonderful intuitive sense Nada was able to guide us through the meditations knowing where help and encouragement were needed. Her spiritual connection to the All that Is was remarkably evident and she patiently shared this connection with the class. Much love and so many thanks to you Nada…….ever grateful…”



“I’m so grateful for this past month with you guys. I was betrayed in such a deep way and I really think it happened so I would connect with my divine and stop relying on receiving love from outside of myself. This is a huge lesson on self-love. I was relying on giving and helping people to boost my self-esteem. I have been for my entire life. I didn’t realize how important that was to me until this person betrayed me and cut off the “friendship “. I think I was addicted to helping him. It felt so good. I know now, that I need to get that feeling from inside and let go of the doubts that I’m not doing enough. What a huge awareness. Everything starts with awareness. I’m committed to connecting every day to my divine and practicing self-love. That continues to be my focus. My word for this month was connection.

Thank you so much to Christy and The Council for guiding me here. I am so grateful.”

Dawn Cooper


“I highly recommend the Quantum Energy Mastery experience. I had a huge aha moment right from the very first class. This is the one program I’ve done that I’ve never missed a class and made sure to be available for it live. I loved the opportunity to get to commune with the Council and ask them questions each week. During the four months I encountered enhanced relationships with family members and received a new platonic male friend I hang out with weekly. My massage therapist has informed me that during the last four months we’ve been able to go deeper in my massages. Where I once wasn’t able to tolerate much except for the lightest of Swedish massages, which had been that way for years, I’m now able to tolerate a deep tissue massage. That was unthinkable before this experience. One of my goals for the program was to be and stay centered during the time my mom is on hospice during her final days. I’ve definitely met that goal with his program, and my mom’s health has improved enough that she’s still with me today. Before the QEM experience, I was not someone who meditates. While I didn’t do 100% of the meditations, I did do about 75% of them. Some meditations left me in a state of deep gratitude and appreciation with many happy tears. I would recommend QEM to anyone who wants a higher-level connection with the universe, wants to connect with their divine self or just wants to expand the mind and knowledge of how the universe works. Some of the insights I’ve gained have been mind-blowing to me. Give yourself this gift!”

Mary Magouirk


“SO much has changed and shifted for me in the year i have been working with Christy and the Council! My entire life is different.

Experiencing QEM and putting all the knowledge to daily application in my life has made me know me for the first time in my life and have confidence in who I am.

Ive been able to release the binds and ties of really intense family indoctrination that had kept me thinking i was unworthy, incapable, even stupid!

I have found my own voice and my own mind for really the first time in my life. Life became incredibly rocky and difficult when my dear Clarence died in January and yet something has given me the strength and wisdom to persevere and move through it with such grace that everyone I know has remarked on it. I feel physically stronger! Mentally clearer and so full of love that i’m just beaming it out all the time. If during my day I feel unsure of myself I simply open up my channels to bring in more light and call on Council for support as I breathe into my divine and whatever little waver I felt is instantly gone. I am sleeping through the night again and waking rested and up first thing in the morning for a meditation and to start it all over again with extreme joy!!! Bless you all and thank you a million times over!”

Althea Duffy

“Christy Whitman is wonderful!

I did not have any definite issues that needed attention but while attending a 30 day QS meditation many things became so much clearer to me. During and after the work with her I had numerous new ideas for my own work. I am very thankful that she helped clearing my energy and speeded up my journey in a very enjoyable way.”


“Christy Whitman’s program changed my life, I could write pages lauding her program and it still wouldn’t be enough to express my gratitude. Mahalo Christy and her amazing team!”


“I have to share this with you: I took the class this past summer and visualized $10k that I was creating for myself….and since this summer, I have had more than the $10K coming my way in different forms and my business has never been so successful! I am so grateful for this awesome program you offer! Thank you!”


In Their Own Words…


“In October 2013, I saw for the first time Christy’s videos about coaching. It resonated so loudly that I sing up right away. Working with Christy was like finding a very important piece of my puzzle. She helped me contact my Goddess within, my femininity. Working with Christy is a gift that I give myself regularly because she shares so much and makes sure we get the most of the time we are together. She is one of my dear mentors.”

Claudine Paquet

“Within three days of starting this process, I met my wife!”

L.J. in New York

“I met the most wonderful man using this process. I would recommend it to anyone. It is magical.”

C.D. in Chicago

“Dear Christy,

I do thank you very deeply for all the insights you have given me through both the Vice Freedom and the 30 Day Quantum Success Programme. There have been so very many wise insights, and there has also been so much to learn from the many stories you have told about the happenings in your everyday life, with your friends, your husband and family including your children and the beautiful and gentle ways you have responded and guided in each situation with neither blame nor criticism, using the tools you have taught us, and from which we can all learn so much. It has been a very great learning opportunity.

I really appreciate the many tools we have been given, and the gift to be able to download each lesson, is priceless. I certainly, am one who finds it hard to fully benefit from wisdom I hear only once. For me I need to hear things many times, so that I have the opportunity to fully grasp the gift from the wisdom that is offered and then use in my daily life. I need practice, and from there, through these gifts I/we can all learn to help and support our fellow brothers and sisters on this beautiful planet that currently is in so much need of healing.

More deep thanks and blessings for all your wonderful work, the Council of Light, your team and your beautiful state of being that enables you to be the channel to bring down the gifts of healing and wisdom from the Council of Light.

Love, blessings and great appreciation”

Fiona Gaskell

“The Vice Freedom Program is a powerful combination of education coupled with meditation. The way Christy explains the drama circle, the energetic connection and impact of “bushwhacks” as she calls them and the role internal and external vices play in the drama triangle that keep us stuck or in lack, created a big paradigm shift in me. Regardless of how much you ‘think you already know’, I’d highly encourage you to sign up and show up with a beginners mind. The thing that is causing any hesitation might just be some of those internal vices that are subtly impacting your life in ways you aren’t even aware. Showing up and working daily with Christy has helped with reawakening me to more joy, empowerment and fulfillment than I have felt in years. I would highly encourage signing up for this powerful program!”

Liz Acar

“The best word to describe the Vice Freedom Program is… WOW. I loved every day! Christy Whitman has made an amazing program that changes lives.

I joined the Vice Freedom Program when I was in an extremely stressful time in my life and had been for almost a year. I was stressed, exhausted, sleep deprived, worried, angry and frustrated. The only thing that kept me going was sugar – but I wanted to get rid of my sugar addiction.

During the program, I realized I focused on the wrong Vice. I have a feeling I am not enough. I expect to handle everything by myself and push myself far too hard. Something sweet keeps me going when I am too tired to continue. Today I have started doing the Vice Freedom Program again by myself, but this time I focus on my feeling of not being enough. With realistic expectations on myself, I will not fall into the trap of sweets.

Today, two months after I finished the program the first time, I have changed. My life situation has improved dramatically. I handle it differently and my frustration and anger are releasing. Today we have found a solution I believe in. This would not have happened if I had not done this work.

Christy, I just have to say: Thank You!”


“Christy Whitman is an inspirational leader, great teacher and an amazing healer.

Before I started working with Christy in the Vice Freedom Program last year, I experienced quick anger, frustration and anxiety; the behaviors that at times were creating undesirable results for me. I knew that I needed to get a dominion over these feelings. While working with Christy, I started noticing the positive results from my active participation in the program. I became less reactive and more cognizant of the triggers, learning to be in control of my feelings and thoughts.

My overall experience of working with Christy was one of a kind, and I was happy to partake in this year Vice Freedom Program as well, working on my eating habits. In the last month or so I was able to release a few extra pounds.

Throughout 2018 I participated in various programs that were facilitated by Christy, and each program was extraordinary and exciting.

I know that my life was enriched and I healed issues that were impeding my daily life. “

Alla K.

“I highly recommend Christy Whitman’s Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future program! Using the processes and techniques Christy teaches in this course, I created my own ideal, fit, healthy body, my amazing career as a Life Coach, attracted ideal clients that I LOVE working with, and deepened my connection with Source. I manifested all of this in such an easy way because I felt inspired to do all of the things that created the success I envisioned, rather than feeling like I had to struggle to make it happen. I feel more successful, abundant, loved, empowered and happy than I have ever felt in my entire life! The exciting thing is, I can always create even more by continuing to do this program and all that Christy has taught me! “

Rachel Christie

“I wanted to share my recent experience with you, I went through your program “Deliberately design your awesome future” class and loved how it brought me into such a fun place of thinking about and really feeling what my life would be like to live my biggest vision for myself. I enjoyed the process of getting clear about what I am wanting my life to be like in all areas, relationship, career, finances, charity, health.

Well, I sat at my desk and was organizing my paperwork when I came across my notes from the DDYAF class and was completely taken back! I was living my life exactly as I had set my intention to do so. Thank you so much for creating such an incredible program! I am so blessed to have manifested you into my life!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Lisa Wilson

“I am deliberately designing my awesome future.

Using and practicing the 3 most powerful Universal Laws; the Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing

I have learned and I am still learning how to focus on what I want.

When I focus on what I want – my language, my behavior, my inspired and abundant choices lead to brilliant action that contributes to raising my vibrations super high and I attract into

my life pure joy. I love my life!”


“After trying practically everything to meet ‘the one,’ I heard about Christy’s Attracting Your Ideal Partner seminar at an event in NYC. My cousin Emily and I signed up together. Emily met her partner shortly thereafter – introducing her fiance to our family as her “soulmate” for which he quickly agreed. In taking an honest look at how I went through the course compared to my cousin, I know I could have been more committed so I did a 2nd time this time really focusing and doing the work – meditating, vision work and journaling – I even wrote out a list of 145 attributes I wanted in my partner.

Sebastian came into my life in a most unexpected way. A German visiting NYC for a 6 week work program, our relationship developed with an ease and effortlessness I had never known or expected. He wanted to learn everything he could about me, my family and my life and he was so open, authentic and caring. Not convinced he was for me as he is 12 years my junior and was living in Germany at the time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to date him after our first few dates. So he asked if he could come with me to my standing “date night” I have with my mom- a chick flick movie and dinner at the Scotchwood Diner in New Jersey, that was the night he met my mom and he had me from day on.

Knowing he was going back to Germany and not sure what the future had in store, we spent 3 months doing long distance. 6 months later he moved to New York, and 6 months after that we were married and we now have our beautiful daughter Heidi. As we were packing up our old apartment to move to a bigger place, I found that old list from the course tucked away in a drawer. Out of my crazy list, Sebastian is without a doubt 142 of the 145 things I listed and in truth so much more. I pinch myself when I think of all the blessings and gratitude I have in thanks to Christy’s work and her programs.”
my life pure joy. I love my life!”

Stephanie Prepon

“Christy, I can’t thank you enough for your ‘Attracting Your Ideal Partner Course!!!’ Quite literally, things started moving into place for me to meet the man of my dreams the week after finishing the course with you! I met Garrett, across the country, in Vermont while there on business. As you know, I live in California. He is absolutely the man I envisioned while doing the meditations with you, even to the point that I heard him say the same exact things to me as I did during the meditations! Less than 4 months after meeting him, he moved across the country to live with me in Los Angeles. It’s been nearly 8 months now since we first met and I couldn’t be happier! Not only that, but everything else in my life is thriving now too, including my singing and art business as well as his new business as a personal chef here in LA.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL, my mother who took the course with me, as you remember, has also met a wonderful man. He contacted her, through an online dating service, within a week or two after completing the course. She kept putting off meeting him for over 2 months, due to surgery she was having (on a side note, she is perfectly fine now.) He kept calling her persistently to get together. Finally, she met him 2 and a half months later and they have been dating and traveling everywhere together ever since. I have never seen her with a man who treats her so well. The whole family loves him!

I realize I may be long winded in my praise for your work, but words cannot express how grateful I am! Your meditation courses have changed my life so much for the better and none better than your ‘Attracting Your Ideal Partner Course.’ Garrett is my true soulmate! I have never loved and been loved more truly in my life! We do your Abundance meditations together and life is fantastic! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!”

Emily Sharbani

“I’m sure my story may sound similar to some out there. I was no stranger to bad relationships with men. I was constantly cheated on by my first boyfriend. That lead me to self-doubt and an even worse relationship where I was physically and verbally abused for years. I kept this relationship a secret from a lot of people so no one had a clue this was going on. I finally got out of that relationship with some Divine intervention. I then met my husband and thought I finally had this relationship thing figured out. We were married for 9 years when I found out he was in love with another woman! I couldn’t believe it. We had 2 beautiful little girls and I thought I had found the right one. This put me into a downward spiral. After our divorce, I ended up in a bad relationship again. We would fight constantly and he was abusive mentally and verbally. It was my old pattern creeping up again. I had enough!

I had been working with Christy Whitman as I was getting my coaching certificate through her QSCA. I decide that I wanted to use the Laws of the Universe to find my Ideal Partner. I used Christy’s Ideal Partner program and felt like I had released this inner story of how I only deserved a bad relationship in a matter of weeks! I would use the techniques and I began to “feel” my partner with me. I had never experienced this before and I am not kidding when I say I felt the love being reciprocated back to me while in meditation. I could feel his energy.

Within two months I met this man. I instantly “felt” him. I knew it was him. I could sense his being, the energy that was present in my meditations was standing in front of me. I kept doubting myself, saying it can’t be this easy! I knew I had to trust this feeling so I asked him out!!! I was playing it cool but inside I was giddy. We went on our first date and hit it off immediately. He is kind, honest, compassionate, gentle, a protector of my feelings and emotions, and believes in me and our relationship. These were all qualities I was looking for in my partner.

We have been together for 3 years now. He recently proposed and we are so happy! I didn’t see it coming as I was fine being with him without marriage but deep down I knew it would happen. Here is a picture of the moment we got engaged. He brought me up while he was delivering an acceptance speech for hitting a record high within his company. So in front of 200 people, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together! Of course I said yes!

Thanks to Christy’s program, I have found my true love. My life wouldn’t be the same if I wouldn’t have used this program and the techniques! I truly am thankful beyond words!

Best Always”

Mary Baillee

“I am absolutely living my dream life right now and I owe it all to the processes I learned from Christy in the Deliberately Design Your Awesome Future Course!!

The processes where we worked with our future selves to deliberately create our ideal life in all areas, were so powerful. Within days of starting the program and beginning with creating my awesome future with regard to my body, I began to feel differently about the foods I wanted to eat, and my motivation toward exercise really increased. I felt drawn to do things for myself like meditation as well that had in the past been something I put off. And I have to say that I do have my ideal body just as I described it, even after having 2 kids. And I did this program 2 years ago!

As the course progressed with each area of focus like finances, career, relationships , social life, spiritual connection and finally your awesome life,
I just got even more clear and incredibly connected to the life that I got to deliberately design!

The clearer I got the more things just began to flow in my life and gradually all the things I wanted in my life have come to me.. And I still use these processes in my life today when I want to create something new or even just shift a current circumstance. Its really just a way of being for me now!!

I’m so thankful for this program as one of the first (and definitely not the last) classes I took with Christy, that opened a whole new way of life up for me!!

Thank you, thank you , thank you!!”

Coby Scaccia, P.T.

“Ok, I’ll do my best to make this as succinct as possible. 🙂 The beautiful Christy Whitman came into my life at precisely the right time. Thank you Christy!!! I am forever and eternally grateful to you. I was in the middle of an acrimonious divorce that seemed as though it would never conclude. I found myself in the most bizarre of situations. My ex would not leave the house and we endured three, very long years under the same roof. My two beautiful and highly intuitive children were witness to every move. There were countless court appearances filled with lies, theatrics and very low vibrational energy. I made the guided, clear and conscious decision to be a deliberator creator and move full force ahead with creating what I wanted.

I wanted my children to be the receivers of light, love and the absolute knowing that they have the power to manifest anything they desire. I also wanted to go HOME. Home to California where my children were born, where my family, friends and support system resided. Where my children and I belonged! My soul let me know that this was the right choice. It wasn’t the easy choice, but it was the right one for my family. See, we were in New Jersey at the time and my ex forbade us from moving back. Every lawyer, mediator, custody evaluator, judge, friend and stranger told me I was crazy for having this desire. Apparently, it was an insurmountable task to win a “removal” case. (Relocating/returning home with children). I chose to listen to my inner being instead and dedicate myself to my desire and Christy’s Magnetizing and Manifesting program. The moment that I began her program I could feel my desire morph into an authentic knowing. I listened to the meditations in the morning, before bed, at the grocery store, walking the dog, in the school pick up line, the airplane etc. Christy was with me, guiding me every step of the way. Through her processes, worksheets and mediations I formed a new positive belief/ knowing that I would indeed be home soon. I spent quality time “mixing up my magic” in my tiny, little, bedroom cave in NJ. I did my work and followed her program to a tee. Guess what? I am now writing this testimonial from my sweet, comfortable home in CA. DID IT! So on to the next manifestation……After I received the news that the kiddos and I were allowed to leave NJ and return to CA, I now had to manifest a place to live. I had to to it quickly. My desire was to return to approximately the same area where we moved from as the schools are amazing and it would be familiar to all of us.

The rental market was insanely competitive and I was not in a position to buy. Everyone told me, “this is going to be tough, there is nothing available, especially with a dog.” “You will have to live in an apartment for a while.” Again, I chose to listen my inner being and did Christy’s Magnetizing and Manifesting program for the second time. I moved through it quicker this time. I proclaimed to the Universe that I would have a rental home and a new, white, Jeep in the driveway by July 1 or sooner. All within a comfortable budget. I had a trip planned to San Francisco in early May to “take care of business.” As I was boarding the plane, I received a text from the property manager stating. “ you have been approved for the home and by the way, the rent is $284 less/mo. than we anticipated. WHOA on many levels. This house is located in exactly the school zone that I desired for my children (there are 21 elementary schools in this particular area!) Woo hoo! OMG! When I landed in SF, I received an email that my friend’s cousin happens to own a Jeep dealership in the Bay Area and he would be happy to help me out. Yup, you guessed it. I have that Jeep at a discounted price and it all happened through absolute ease and grace. Thank you Christy for reminding me of my abilities. You are an absolute gift to the Universe and a gift to me.”


“I had a strong intention to create $50K before an important financial meeting that I had and went through the Magnetizing course shortly beforehand. I accomplished that easily!! Then I did it again for $40K. I received $25K and was so grateful and definitely celebrated the closeness of the match. Shortly after receiving the $25K, I discovered that in fact I also received the $40K, but it was not obvious at first. All the while I held the feeling of deserving and peace and surrender. This just feels so amazing and empowering — I’m at a loss for words. LOL

I’ve shared my great news with friends and they are blown away! Actually I am too. I just want to share this with you both because you’ve made this possible for me by taking me into this spectacular QSCA family and teaching me (and the rest of your students) how to be deliberate creators, clear limiting beliefs and evolve. Of course, this is an ongoing journey for us all but I want you to know how absolutely grateful I am to have you in my life as magnificent teachers, mentors, employers and friends. I love you both and am immensely grateful!!


Barbara Anselmi

“I wanted to let you know that just from being on your free Magnetizing Teleseminar, within four days I received a letter from the US government telling me that I will be receiving a check for $24,099.33. I was not expecting that, nor was it a time to receive a refund check. It was the middle of December. It was just days after I did what you guided us to do in the teleseminar. Thank you so much.”

Katie S.

“I went into the program knowing what vice I wanted to release: sugar. Sugar is my go-to. I love chocolate, cake, coca-cola… I eat something sweet when I’m sad. Or when I want to comfort myself and treat myself to something good. If I want to celebrate it has to taste sweet. And when I am tired I’ve got to get some coca-cola. Several times a day. Just to get some energy. The last two years have been stressful. As a result of al the soda I’ve been drinking to get some energy, I’ve gained weight. One day it was heavy walking up the stairs. Then I decided – this is enough! I need to let sugar go!

So I started the 7 day Vice Freedom Challenge – and WOW. To understand vices, why I have them and to know some processes to deal with them has been fantastic. Christy has a way to teach that makes it interesting. By sharing stories and personal experiences she really makes me understand what she is talking about. Her warmth and huge heart shine thru which creates a friendly atmosphere in the group. I love her meditations. And when she brings in the Council of Light I know I’m in for an amazing experience.

On the second day of the program, I was longing for water instead of coca-cola. And I don’t even like drinking water. When I, without thinking of it, started to eat some chocolate it was too sweet and didn’t taste good. I don’t get any sugar cravings in the evenings anymore. I’ve also remembered one event that made my sweet tooth go from liking sugar to sugar addiction. This is after one week – what will happen after a month of the Vice Freedom Program?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This will change my life.”

Marie Klovsky

“I have been following you for many years, and your insights have been very helpful in my journey. When I first heard the Council I felt a deep connection and had the desire to work with you. I listened to your program on the Laws and was impressed by your ability to succinctly explain the laws and other material. When you offered the class to work with my vices and the relationship triangle, it seemed as if this might not be the best class for me to take. This is because I am a therapist and an energy person, and I teach this to others. I have been working on these issues within myself for many years, and I quit smoking and other vices.

I listened to the first days of the class and learned I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I decided to take this class was when you spoke about vices as being internal, also.

There are several things in my life that I wanted to change and found it difficult to pick just one. What resonated first was to create abundance in my life. I know that I have fear and negative self-talk with this. This transitioned into an abundance of …….. Love, money, positive health, and safety. It ultimately became safe. I quickly realized that feeling safe has eluded me since my childhood. I had several experiences through my life trauma, loss, being bushwhacked, depression and major anxiety, feeling ashamed; I was in the triangle.

I listened to the classes, but unfortunately I work part-time and wasn’t able to listen every day. I listen to ones live when I can and the others afterward. I continue to fill myself with the affirmations, the words, the direction, and the love that is conveyed from the Council. I have been directed to work on the difficult events as they arise in me. I have noticed that I have been able to let go of many difficult emotions and thoughts and make changes in how I perceive my life. However, the other night when I worked on a time when I felt the most alone, separated, abandoned, and had serious negative self-judgment, I suddenly felt safe. My body relaxed, my mind stopped running thoughts through my mind, and I was flooded with love. I felt safe and loved.

I could list all the things that I have learned with each session and changes from each, but there aren’t enough days to do this. Plus, I learn something new each time I re-listen to a class, so I change daily. It is with the deepest gratitude and love that I feel for you coming into my life. I am becoming a new person every time I listen to a class and practice the tools and learn more about myself. Thank you.”

Wendy Wenger

“It Was Beautiful, Powerful, Welcome and Transformative. I am so grateful to you and the council.

It’s taken me about 48 hours to adjust to the new energies. I’m noticing that I have less energy for those things that no longer align and I’m faster at process/discussing, letting go and gliding forward. That’s a relief. My head has been full of light and I need to take everything a bit slower and with more intention. It’s an adjustment I am willing to make.

I’ve studied mediumship and energy healing, so I entered the experience resistance-free and open to what might come.

When you popped out and said, “Wow, I feel like I’ve just had sex…” I almost fell over laughing. That is so in alignment for me. I have been exploring how to put myself out there to connect with a partner and how to stop the limiting behaviors that block that from manifesting. The session and then the immediate feedback I got just after the session were amazing. The Lyft driver and I had a friendly connection and then Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” came on the radio and we had to sing it out loud, windows rolled down, together & laughing … he was so pleased as he had always wanted to do that with a passenger; then he spontaneously starting in on relationships, asked about my status and offered me positive feedback on how I would be an ideal partner. It was very uplifting to my confidence and a nice seg-wave from your session. Then the random fellow in the airport calls out to me, “you are beautiful.” (I posted in our FB group). So at midnight when I arrived home I heard, “Put yourself out there. Ask for what you want. Lay it on the line.” I’m listening to my guidance. I’m initiating. And I am working the old self talk and replacing it with, “I would be an ideal partner for the right partner for me.”

In the meantime, I was well aware that I had some physical “stuff” to clear. You and the council set that in motion. I’ve been resting and allowing my body to release. I have a healing team I work with locally. And I heard the council this morning. If I ask, they will assist me. So I called them in to fill me with light, guide me and help me let go of what is not mine and to focus on what is mine to do.

I align with your morning meditations. I will continue with those. I want to be part of the February healing session. My sense is to join the zoom connection and bask in that energy. The Energy Mastery Program intrigues me. Looking forward to that launch.

I am in awe of your amazing courage and appreciate your generosity. I am sitting in the space of healing and allowing and resting as my new energies continue to up-level my energy matrix and refocus my new days. months and years ahead of me.”

Valerie Rosenkrantz

“This experience was life-changing. I am feeling so light and happy. I had a beautiful plane ride home into a gorgeous sunset, even our pilot commented on how extra stunning it was.

This morning I “stumbled” onto your first video with Fredrick which I watched and enjoyed, and underneath your video was a video of Abraham Hicks about using the first “17 seconds” in the morning to feel into a high vibration state and I realized that this morning when I woke, I had done just that, reveled in the peace and joy and clarity I felt in my power center after the healing I experienced with The Council.

I think, feel, know I’ve been given the gift of “re-set” and I feel so very very grateful to you, to The Council, to the Universe.”

Susan Stratton

“Dear Christy and the Council,

I have been reflecting on how this Energy Mastery Experience has influenced me over the last number of months and I just want to express my sincere gratitude. When I heard about the Quantum Energy Mastery Experience, I knew at every level of my being that I wanted to be a part of it. Even though I had also just started the QSCA and questioned if I had the time, I knew it was actually perfect timing and I was going to go ahead with this opportunity. When I look back now, I am so grateful I said yes because this time together has been a shining light for me each week and is exactly why I want to continue with another session because I don’t yet feel complete with this experience. I’m honestly not sure how much I have shifted in the time since these classes began and I realize I have a lot of shifting opportunity yet to explore. I sense that my shifts have been deep and subtle. I have experienced various times of contrast over these months and do feel that I have handled them with more trust and faith and less fear and worry, which used to steer most of my life. I have a new relationship with the migraines that I used to claim as mine and I continue to move them out of my physical experience. The class content resonates with me deeply, as I know my inner self already knows everything being taught, and the time with the Council is magical in how it brings out just what you need to hear no matter who asks a question or even what question is asked. I still can’t get over it. I leave many calls thinking or saying out loud “I love this stuff!” because it feels so good. That is what I am most grateful for – realizing how delicious it feels to be vibrating at the highest levels of love and energy. Because I have experienced this on the calls, I now know where I am meant to vibrate as much as possible. It’s like having an “ah ha” moment of what you are trying to achieve on an energy level. I’m not sure I could “feel” what that was before this class and the meditations opened my awareness. It’s incredible. Nothing in life excites me more right now than having these conversations and being in this energy frame of mind!

Christy, thank you so, so much for offering this experience, for sharing your wisdom and love and for living your purpose in a way that inspires us to do the same! Thank you, Council, for your light, love, guidance and support! I send love and light back to you and I’m excited about where we go next!”

Laura Thomas


“Christy Whitman is an inspirational sweet soul. I want to thank her for sharing her gifts, her wisdom and her spiritual self with me. She has helped me in so many ways. Ways that I am still learning daily and growing from. She has opened me up to so much new healing information with guidance from source. I loved the experience with Christy and the Council’s online zoom weekend event. It felt very intimate and the other ladies and I were perfectly matched as we helped support and uplift each other as we one by one healed our inner wounds. Thank you for what you do. I feel so blessed to have met you and to be on this journey at the same time. I’m sending you a big hug and lots of love and light.”



“For most of my adult life, I have wondered why I was not provided with a manual to navigate this human experience. I felt angry about this, why was I blindly sent to this earth plane with no information to successfully navigate a purposeful, peaceful earthly existence. Quantum Energy Mastery is the manual I have been wanting for years. Christy and the Council explain the setup, how the energy and the contrast work to define our earthly existence, and how we can choose to handle our energy to create the life we want. Everyone needs this course!”

Wendy Carlin


“When I first started working with Christy in her coaching program I didn’t even realize the life that I could have and how much I was in control of it. Learning the tools and having the knowledge to know how to move through your life with a different mindset has changed it almost immediately.

My business improved, my relationships grew, relationships that didn’t serve me moved out easily, my stress levels and health improved almost magically things got better and better!
Today my goal is to keep moving forward with this mindset and to teach the people who are interested in the knowledge I have learned.

Thank you Christy for being a great teacher and guide!”


In Their Own Words…



“Going through QSCA Life Coaching Academy and getting Certified in 2019 I knew I wanted to keep growing. My coaching buddy had taken the program and said it was awesome, then I heard others testimony and witnessed it for myself! I said I want what she has! Going through QSCA changed my life, but growing and taking the the QEM MADE ME A NEW PERSON! In this program I learned I am the master of my own energy, I learned how to forgive, cut the cords to the unwanted in my life and past! This program teaches you when you are bushwacked, you are to stop, breath, get in alignment with your devine, cut that cord, open your heart and be good with yourself, love, love,love!

My dark secret of abusing food and alcohol all my life… I would drink everyday! Lookout on the weekends, food if things were not right or I got stressed the combination of food and alcohol… it was bad, really bad… when we went through the forgiveness and I did the daily meditations I was able to release it, release it all! I not only asked my kids forgiveness in the meditation I called each one of them! I had my last drink New Years, I had 4 drinks which was not a lot for me, and I got sick, and stayed sick for three days I knew I had to release it, cut that cord, open my heart! AND oh boy I haven’t had a drink since, I have a new body, I have all new cells, I have NO craving at all, matter of fact the smell of alcohol stinks to me. It has been a birthing for me, I am a new person! it has been 3 1/2 months I feel amazing! I am in love with myself! I know I have a total back up system in my divine I just need to call on them get in alignment, it is the most awesome feeling to be empowered, to be the master of my own energy! I am the creator of my own life of my reality! Oh fyi I have lost 12 pounds, my food addiction has diminished also… I crave good healthy food, and water, I love water! I feel water filling my body with energy!
Christy thank you for your amazing program, for your amazing support, to the QSCA family! I love you all!
I look so forward to my future of amazing abundance, success, freedom, alignment, LOVE, faith, trust….

I hold you all in the space of love!

Thank you”

Susan Lamb


“I’ve been having breathing issues for at least 40 years. On and off. Lately it became worse because now I have to wear a mask which puts additional stress on my lungs and respiratory system.

To make long story short:

Of course, I knew of the connection between lungs and sadness and worked on healing it over the years. With not much success.

At the same time, for some unknown reason, I never heard or made a connection between lungs and grief.

Apparently these are two completely different emotions energetically At least in my case. So when I listened to the meditation on Sadness and Grief, I only worked with Grief, and in mediation , I felt as if a boulder was lifted and removed from my chest. It’s hard to describe. Frankly, I cannot even remember when I felt this huuuge openness in my lungs and chest. Seems like lifetimes of grief were lifted off me, allowing me to breathe without a strain. I can not explain it in any other way than a miracle!”

Alla Kalyuzhny


“Working with Christy and The Council has been nothing short of life-changing.
I first started with 30 Days of Meditation, then I did the Vice Freedom Challenge, and now I’m nearly finished with Quantum Energy Mastery. Each program has built and expanded on the other.

Quantum Energy Mastery has delivered every piece of information at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way (funny how that happens, right? 🙂
As we started the first month of your Divine Self as your Life Partner, we were entering more social isolation here in Austria. At a time when things could’ve felt isolating and scary, I felt more supported than ever.

In our second month about Our Bodies, I actually had to go through the process of having a biopsy and surgery to remove a tumor. The meditations and focus on the health of our vessel were immensely valuable while navigating what had always been one of my biggest fears (going through the medical system in a foreign language).

The third month of Prosperity helped focus my energy on all of the abundances around me, and it challenged me (in the best way) to have faith in divine timing and that all really is well – as we were navigating production slowdowns due to COVID and increased interest in our products, all while still recovering from surgery and going into lockdown! It gave me tons of new perspectives and really set the tone for the final month.

Our fourth month of Relationships really did tie everything together, and I feel that it completely built on what we’d learned in Vice Freedom (and I’m sure if I’d done this course first followed by Vice Freedom, I’d still feel the same way since each time is a deepening). I’ve found immense love for myself, and it’s already helped me heal a relationship with a family member and one of my oldest friends.

There are still two weeks to go, and I can only feel even more excited about what is to come. This was a fantastic way to end 2020, which had given us so many opportunities to see the contrast, practice having faith and compassion for ourselves and others. I’m ending the year more hopeful and peaceful than I’ve ever felt before.

Thank you, Christy and The Council!”

Ginger Turner


“I had someone ask me today to think of a decision that I made that changed my life, and I thought of you.

I thought of you and the moment I chose to sign up for the QSCA.

My life has changed in so many positive ways since that day.

I feel happier, connected, vibrant.

My income has tripled, debt is paid, I love where I live and know in my heart of hearts that abundance surrounds me.

I was even gifted $10,000 unexpectedly the month we focused on the abundance in the daily quantum energy meditations.

My relationships have bloomed. Love is present and I love myself.

Quantum energy work is something I practice every day.

I wanted to tell you in the last Quantum Energy Coaching Certification class that I am so thankful for the 90-second process during this time.

When reactive emotions come up, I feel them, really feel them in the moment, the emotion crests like a wave and then flows out to the violet flame to be transmuted and replaced with golden filamentous light. At the end of the 90 seconds, I feel at peace and can move forward from my heart.

It is so wonderful to know I can be with any emotion fully in the moment and choose.

Thank you. Thank you for your contribution to my life. Thank you for being a part of my life and my community. “



“he Quantum Energy Mastery program with Christy Whitman and the Council of Light is phenomenal! My life has changed in every area as a result of this incredible experience.

After a lifetime of covering up deep pain by self-medicating with mindless eating and shopping, I am completely free from these patterns! Not only am I free, but I do not experience any fear of relapsing. I haven’t just stopped the behavior, but rather it has been released from my mind, body and spirit by immersing myself in the work, and by receiving the incredible, intuitive healing offered by the Council. I also stopped drinking alcohol and coffee, and I began eating an organic, non GMO, mainly plant based diet. I came off of some medications, and I am beginning to lose weight.

When I started to work with Christy and the Council I was holding onto very high levels of debt. As of today I have paid it off 100%. Not by borrowing, not by shifting things around, but by paying it all off and now living debt free.

The thing that makes this program, this experience, really special, and the reason I believe it worked for me, is that Christy and the Council create a space of incredible trust and freedom of expression. This trust gave me the opportunity to go deeper than I have ever gone before into my own healing. To talk about things that have been too difficult and embarrassing to talk about with anyone else. To open up the doorway to real healing and, and to recognize the issues underneath the surface that were creating all the pain that led to self-sabotaging actions.

There is no amount of gratitude that I can express, and no dollar value that I can place on the program that equates to the value and the gifts I have received from it. It has opened me up to joyous living, better relationships, and to greater success. It has been a total blessing.

If you are ready to let go of pain, negative energy, fear and other limitations, if you are ready to dream of possibilities you may never have dreamt of before, it can happen, it does happen, it will happen for you.

I am so grateful to Christy and the Council. I recommend Quantum Energy Mastery with all my heart!”

Aleta Gunsul


“The decision to work with Christy Whitman & The Council and Christina Hill & Athella has enriched me more than I ever dreamed possible!

At first, I was not sure to join the “Healing Room Wealth”, and it was during a conversation with The Council that made me aware that I assumed that the money I already had would be all the money I would ever have, and so I hold onto the money … not exactly a state of flow and abundance, right? So I dared the leap into the healing room! What a blessing!

At every session I was so deeply touched and so delighted with the insights we gained as a group and the very individual support from Council and Athella everyone of us got! Over the weeks I have become so calm about the topic of money, I have gained great confidence about the “All is Well” and a vision has emerged for me and my future that initially surprised me and now motivates, supports, and calms me. I thank these beings, I thank Christy and Christina, who made this possible! Thank you so much!”

Antje Black


“I’ve been working with Christy since 2017 when I took the QSCA. Since then I’ve following many of her programs. I’ve been aware of the changes taking place within myself since I initially became involved, mostly in terms of an increasing sense of my own personal power and value. The longer I worked with Christy, the more I valued myself, and attracted others who also valued me, my work, and the value I added to their lives.
Through this process, I have increased my income, increased my skills and was inspired to follow my heart and soul in being trained and offering further support to clients.
I’m a senior, and I’m looking forward to continuing working and offering this wonderful work to others for many years to come. Through this connection with Christy’s programs, I have increased energy, and inspiration to enhance my life each and every day.”

Aileen McKenna


“I’ve been working with Christy since 2017 when I took the QSCA. Since then I’ve following many of her programs. I’ve been aware of the changes taking place within myself since I initially became involved, mostly in terms of an increasing sense of my own personal power and value. The longer I worked with Christy, the more I valued myself, and attracted others who also valued me, my work, and the value I added to their lives.
Through this process, I have increased my income, increased my skills and was inspired to follow my heart and soul in being trained and offering further support to clients.
I’m a senior, and I’m looking forward to continuing working and offering this wonderful work to others for many years to come. Through this connection with Christy’s programs, I have increased energy, and inspiration to enhance my life each and every day.”

Priscilla Kaleialoha


“I discovered Christy and the Council last fall and I knew in my heart that I had to work with them. My first opportunity was the Quantum Energy Mastery program. Over 4 months, I learned how to master my own energy and vibration and change my outlook on life happening around me. I continue to go back to the meditations, materials and recorded sessions to remind myself and make a habit of choosing my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I have always been someone who reacted strongly to situations in my life, both good and bad. I have learned to process my emotions and choose how I feel and also find the lessons in those situations that I don’t enjoy. It’s a process that has changed my life.

I spent the majority of my life depressed and waiting for it to end. I now give thanks and appreciation to Christy and the Council for coming into my life. I am forever changed. I look forward to every day with excitement for what I will experience and learn. I am teaching my children to master their own energy to create the life they want and I look forward to sharing my experiences with others so they can do the same.

In addition to Quantum Energy Mastery, I participated in the Healing Event which knocked my socks off. I also continue to participate in the monthly meditations. They have become a daily part of my life that I cherish and look forward to.

I am forever grateful for Christy and the Council. I am not the same person I was a year ago, a week ago, or even a day ago because of the knowledge, wisdom and healing I have experienced with them. Many, many, many thanks for all you do!”

Lori Mezzanotte


“This has been a wonderful journey of personal and professional growth. My biggest success story has been increasing the income coming into my Life Purpose business 10 TIMES in 2020, during a pandemic. I have been working diligently at my business since 2016 and finally it felt like everything suddenly clicked into place and I began to make so many strides with my business revenue. It was a huge breakthrough for me because this has been the one sticking point in my life and my greatest dream all at the same time.”



“I just finished the Desire Factor 4 coaching sessions with Christy and the Council. They always over deliver. The love and energy they bring in is amazing. I can’t wait to receive my book and go through the phases again. I was taught how to come back to my center and choose the energies I want like love, joy, success etc. it’s truly up to me. Thank you for helping on my self growth path. Xo”

Pam Sheehan

Lurenna Kahrig

“Worry has always been a part of my vibration but until recently I did not realize How much it was affecting me.

After spending an hour with Christy and the Council and learning some amazing techniques to release worry, I feel calm and relaxed and I know I can clear my energy field any time I feel any worry coming up.

I highly recommend working with Christy and the Council, I am in such a better place emotionally and physically and plan on continuing my light work with them.”

Lurenna Kahrig

In Their Own Words…


“Through the QEM experience I have expanded my thinking, and most importantly my feelings, about how the world works. The live sessions with Christy kept me engaged and access to The Council provided a source for asking about what was on my heart, although I quite possibly learned even more from the questions of others. The daily meditations are P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L. Over the past four months I have shifted to being more confident, more loving, more at peace, and less connected to the drama of others. Thank you Christy and The Council for illuminating the path to self knowledge and abundance. It is a beautiful beginning…”

Donna Coffin

“I have experienced a new calmness and a new peace about life in general, and when upsetting things come up. For example, when I get 38 texts in an hour at 3 am in the morning ( I didn’t see them until much later in the day) from a family member who trys to bushwack me with every interaction, I can read through the texts without getting upset or personally involved.. They have a way of saying so many things in an underhanded way, blaming-between-the-lines. I have quit replying to these texts and requests for phone calls because there does not seem to be any resolution that will come out of them. I don’t try to figure out a way to “fix” things or to try to explain things, or to correct perceptions. I note what they are focusing on so I know where they were at the moment and move on. I understand now that I can only change things in myself and my perception. I have even done some soul connecting with them, and was amazed at how well that went! soul connecting is not the same as trying to make sense of them in-person, which I try to avoid. It helps that we do not live near each other, and the only contact right now is texts. I have even moved away from the guilt of not having a close relationship with this person, they are family, we should be in a loving relationship, except the reality is that the relationship is toxic, not loving. I am so grateful for Christy and her willingness to be used by the Council to teach and heal us. I hope to learn much more from them in the future.”

Ariel Yarger

“I am still reeling from the energy after the process with The Council. Something huge shifted in me and for me today.

It feels like today was the day that this shift had to happen. And I know that this shift is having a ripple effect – impacting everyone connected to my mission. Words can’t describe what I am feeling. I can only imagine the shifts people are going to experience when they watch the interview and do the process themselves.

The interview was off the charts. There was more of Christy today and The Council came in only for a few minutes – all part of the Divine plan.

Christy was in her element just flowing with wisdom. I love her authenticity. Please thank Christy for her generous contribution. Once again she has been instrumental in activating the next part of my divine mission.”

Mona – “The Truth About Money” Online Event

“WOW! I am healing on ALL levels. A lot of stuff coming up, but I am now learning how to release it!! Beyond grateful”


“I wish to say that these past sessions have helped me to a better emotional place. I am no longer anxious and feel more grounded. Being infinitely loved is a wonderful feeling in one’s heart. One begins to live with Trust. Thank you all.”


“I fully enjoy all the sessions and the support it gives during the week, and the light it brings me and helps to live the actual situation on our planet earth.”


“I have to share that I wanted to hug my computer screen after today’s session. So much love”


“Please will you let Christy know how fabulous her series has been. Really excellent! So to has the healing with the Council and Athella! Please pass it on to Christina as well. It has all helped me so much and I am very grateful to have had this opportunity. Although I don’t know anyone in the group they all feel like my soul family amazing souls very high in the light! It has been wonderful thank you all so much!

Many blessings”


“When I first started the QSCA Certification Program I was uncertain what I had signed up for. I was skeptical, I was unsure, and each week as the classes and homework unfolded, I realized it was exactly what I needed at that specific time in my life. I know, I know, there are never any accidents. I still struggle with meditation and am practicing it more and more to calm my crazy mind.

The QSCA journey allowed me to tap into, what I call the “soft side of myself.” You know the person that you don’t allow to emerge because it may show your weaknesses.

What I did realize is that I had been playing small in my relatively new coaching practice, simply going through the motions and following someone else’s curriculum. Several coaching classes and events confirmed this. I was never one to simply play through and it took “breaking a board” and breaking through my fears to come to that realization. I had been playing small, afraid I might get sick again so did not want to introduce any major stressors to my life. HA…..that didn’t last. My gifts are mighty and I have so much to give to others.

The information and connections you provided were so valuable. I know our journey together is not over and I could not let another moment go by this morning without saying thank you again.

From the bottom of this energetic, passionate, and loving heart, thank you again.”

Maria Bradfield

“I am really enjoying the healing room and feel very fortunate to be a part of it. I am so grateful to have access to such wisdom and guidance.”


“I love you all too! Thank you! 7 recorded sessions, 7 days a week…. coincidence. one per day.”


“I can not express my love and gratitude to Christina and Athella and Christy and The Council enough. I was a part of the 7 week sessions in The Healing Room and I looked forward to each and every session. You have given very specific directions and guidance as to how to change my thoughts and energy. This is exactly what I was looking for, and believe me, I have been searching for a very long time. I have sought out guidance from others, read many books, gotten readings and channelings from others, but I feel now that I have found you both, I can stop seeking! I can take a huge deep breath and finally settle into the knowledge you have shared and be that light being that I truly am. Your guidance is clear, concise, to the point and so right on! I love love love it! Thank you so much dear ones, blessings to the beautiful channelers Christina and Christy. I hope to meet you both in person one day, perhaps through a retreat (the Yucatan would be ideal)….I am putting it out there to Source to take care of the arrangements for me…Love you both with deep felt gratitude and everlasting thanks! Respectfully,”

Lois Robertson

“I have been on a journey for quite some time now, but a journey to where? It started small, a glimmer that I could not be sure I had seen. Every now and again, that “something” would flash, redirecting my steps along a new path, adding a new, shiny item to the pack on my back.

A glimmer, a flash, a sparkle, a ray – eventually, I took these out of my pack and noticed an underlying theme, but could never find the cohesive source… until I found Christy, The Council, and the Quantum Energy Mastery Experience. This illuminated what I knew and felt in my heart. It was not an “aha” moment. It was an all caps, emphatic “YES! THIS IS IT!”

Christy’s delivery of the information is clear, direct, and impassioned. She is real, genuine, and relatable. This is not your standard class; it really is an Experience with friends.

Now, it is time for me to do the work, weaving these golden strands of light into every fiber of my life.

Thank you, Christy and The Council!”

Steph H

“Christy and The Council have been amazing tools for me and my growth spiritually. Also, mentally, emotionally and physically with healings touching my life. Since learning from Christy and The Council, I felt a lot of shifts in my life and feel changes within myself. Shifts in my beliefs, guidance and multiple healings. The more I heal and shift the more I feel different than the way I had done things in the past. I feel like a changed woman into the Goddess intended for my life. Words just cannot describe how thankful I am to have Christy and The Council in my life learning how to process and work with my energy has been life changing for me. Connecting with The Divine, The Universe and myself have been life changing and the solution to get my life back on track with my life’s purpose. Thank you, Christy Whitman and The Council.”

Kathleen Busby

“The investment in Christy Whitman’s QSCA was one of my wisest ones”

Evelyn Falke

“You can only do better when you know better…” and “energy is the basis of everything that exists in the universe…”. These two statements sent me on a quest to uncover more. Yes, I have a deep passion to learn, in particular, things of which I can actually apply to my everyday living and those which can help me to become the best version of myself. Christy and the Council certainly offer meaningful, applicable gems, be it from meditations, the Energy Mastery Experience, or deep healing such as within the “Goddess Rising”. Tips and tricks and processes and tools have been placed at my fingertips, ready to apply/re-apply to help me process/shift any type of unwanted emotion and easily return to feeling good again. The teachings taught were like “droplets of love” as it was sprinkled, bite-sized with the understanding we are all truly, fun “love-beings”. In Mastery, I’ve learned the importance and how to manage my energy via my thoughts, words, emotions, perspectives and actions and I practiced feeling the “essence” of what I want in my life, to enjoy various essence qualities as precursors to any manifestations. I’ve opened up to the awareness of how much my Divine Self loves and adores me, no matter what and the discovery to know everyone has been bestowed a treasure chest! What amazed me beyond all the explosively meaningful, joyful learnings was how my confidence and self-image expanded positively alongside. I have only begun with Christy and the Council and I’ve felt much positive shifts within me. Seeds of joy have been planted inside me. I can’t imagine what has yet to bloom. Thank you, Christy and the Council of Light!”

Gloria Pasqualotto

“I am so grateful for your guidance. I have accomplished amazing things in the last two weeks feeling your presence by my side in the face of adversity telling me that the path was clear “easy peasy”… just expressing my gratitude to you right now fills me up with such heat/energy. Thank you so much much for your presence and assistance in our ascension as humans right now. May our ascension serves you too. “


“Christy Whitman, Your certified coaching program, QSCA, transformed my life and now I get to help others transform. I can hardly recognize my life these days and that is partly because I went through your training. I am so grateful for your awesome program and all your wonderful instructors and of course your ongoing teaching and mentorship. I am so grateful for your wisdom, pure heart and all you do to help us create a better world for ourselves and others! Love you!”

Nasrin Barbic

“I grew so much during my time with Christy and The Council. I feel so much more connected and whole than any other time in my life and am receiving that reflection back from friends I haven’t seen in a while too. Christy is so relatable, like a good friend, and the way she teaches just makes sense. The Council helped me navigate some big challenges in my life and I am coming out of my experience much more grounded, strong, loving and in harmony in so many aspects of my life. I am sad the class is over!”

Sarah Dunn

In Their Own Words…



“Having worked with Christy changed my life. Even when I am confronted with big challenges in life, I know how to navigate with more ease and flow and quickly turn situations in a positive direction. I have throughout the past 6 years, after I first started working with Christy, integrated lots of tools and processes and awareness that makes me feel more alive, more expansive and capable to make a huge impact in other’s life as well. Been through many of her courses and now a Master Certified Coach by her I can from the bottom of my heart say that Christy is a caring teacher. She always delivers more than her promise.

I built so much confidence and skills that I now have written two books that became Amazon bestsellers. One of them Christy wrote the foreword to and it has also been endorsed by Marianne Williamson. When you say yes to learn to work with the Law of Attraction and energy everything is possible.”

Charlotte Friborg


“I am so very grateful for the tools and love and the divine alignment I have learned and received from both Christy and the Council.

Learning about the processes of the drama triangle, letting go of the roles within and then learning to live and come from the circle of love is life changing and truly amazing.

After experiencing a life changing trauma and beating myself up for so long, I finally learned that it was the energy of compassion and love for myself which are the most significant and beneficial forces of energy to allow divine alignment for healing that I could have ever asked for or experienced for myself.

I am so grateful with love and light for Christy Whitman and the Council!”

Lori Houle


“As a student in the QSCA, office hours were awesome for getting all my questions about the course answered and Christy & The Council always gave so much inspiration and insight on the energy side of reality. As a certified coach I love office hours, it is like a booster shot of light, love, and connection! There has never been a time in which I have not received new insight when attending even when I have not had any questions of my own! I highly recommend these light-filled office hours!”

Carrie Wooden


“I am so thankful and Grateful for Christy’s Certificate Course. I have grown and evolved so much and put into practice all I have learned from Christy’s Law of Attraction course, Aligning every day with what I have been taught by her. Since the start of the course, I Aligned with Being Successful in 1. Complete Good Health 2. My Success as an Author/Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach 3. Abundance (in money) Each day I also do my Beautiful Affimations. I kept believing and never gave up! Visualizing it all. Well, today December 2020 All my Dreams have come true !!! I’m pinching myself, but I keep saying as I believe “Everything is always working out for me,” “I am Worthy to Receive,” “I know my Value and I honour my worth,” etc. My Health is in Optimum, My Coaching Business is starting to Flourish, My absolute Passion as an Author has become so Successful, I adore my Children’s Chapter Books and the second one has recently been published and both are getting Hollywood’s Attention and being pitched for a Movie !!!! There is more money coming in through my Book Sales and my husband is in the flow of Abundance of Work, All our children are thriving and doing well. Thank you Christy for reminding me of ‘WHO I TRULY AM.’ and I say that with tears of Joy in my eyes !! I absolutely loved the Course and interaction with all the other Beautiful Souls. I Love you!”

Trish Martin


“Everything is energy. Change the energy and the physical must follow.” That’s what Christy and The Council teach and it’s true. While I had begun working with energy to heal spinal injuries from an assault two decades earlier and was having good results, it was through Christy and the Council that my healing catapulted beyond what I had imagined, defying the limits of what medical science says is possible. Within six weeks of beginning the program, the punched in vertebrae in my low back had found its way back into alignment, the curvature in my mid back had corrected itself to the point that my doctor could no longer see it and the three compressed vertebrae in my neck that were never supposed to move again had actually moved back into proper alignment. There is still work to do, but suffice it to say that my doctor is in awe. As for me, I’m optimistic about the future and eternally grateful to Christy and The Council for helping me reclaim my life.”

Laura M Kurek


“Sometimes you are drawn to people, places, programs, or events outside your realm yet quite appealing. You decide to join that new group or program that changes your life. Synchronistically, other situations begin to appear. You move forward, expanding your knowledge and horizons, never realizing how this new-found information will benefit you in the future. Then one day, the inevitable happens. Your spouse becomes ill and eventually passes. You have not finished grieving when you are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and begin to fight for your life. Finally, you realize that the programs you took, the people you met, were critical to your survival. That is precisely the impact that Christy Whitman and her programs have had in my life. If I had not been trained in the universal principles and taught how to harness their power, I would not be sharing this story with you today.”

Elena Goycoechea


“I found Christy in 2009 and my life has never been the same. I completed the QSCA that year. My goal was to learn how to use the LOA processes to create a business that would incorporate my nursing degree. I never missed a class; I worked fulltime as Director of Nursing in a long term care facility and took the classes at night. I began using the processes Christy was teaching and doing the meditations. I began journaling and fast foward a few years; I left the snow for sunny days; I own a successful Clinical Research Site, I have a beautiful office with a spectacular view, I’m madly in love with my husband/best friend, and my kids turned out amazing. By using the processes ( journaling before and after meditation with intention is my favorite) I stopped living in fear and anxiety that was not allowing me to achieve my goals.
Christy is amazing in her delivery of Law of Attraction Teachings. She has a real everyday spin on LOA that offers techniques for our daily lives. Now 21 years later I have new goals and Christy introduces us to the Council. Oh yesssss!!!! The Council takes us where few Humans have gone. The Council explains the truths with such clear delivery for all to understand. The meditations that the Council takes us thru are powerful and leave you feeling Superhuman. I just completed the Vice Freedom Program for the second time( it was amazing !) The Divine Codes and Divination meditations were awesome. By opening my Faith portal The Council helped me release blocks of worry that were holding me back from Joy. I now feel in Joy more often than ever. I recently signed up for the Vice Freedom Extension with the Council and the Playing with Light meditations for February (I can’t get enough of the Council). I love The Quantum Energy Mastery Membership Site that stores the recordings of the programs, events & meditations taken with Christy & The Council for easy access at any time. That is priceless; there is an incredible amount of information and meditations. I’m excited every day to see where the Council will take us next. Christy, thank you for opening up so much of yourself to us, you truly are an amazing human. I love you girl.”

Maria Gallagher-Ballester


“As a Therapist and Results Oriented Coach, I have always been drawn to powerful and loving mentors who can make a big difference for my clients and myself. Several years ago, I completed Christy Whitman’s QSCA Coaching Program, which inspired me to create a 1K Healing Program that consisted of Ho’oponopono Healing and the Law of Attraction. After working with Christy one-on-one, she energetically and physically helped me manifest my Radical Change Coaching Academy, where I get to teach my coaches how to help clients make Big Changes Quickly with some powerful coaching tools, the gift of Ho’oponopono Healing and the pure positive energy that comes from Mastering Energy! I continued with Christy’s Light Body course and her Energy Mastery Program, which has guided me to be more in touch with my own soul and Inner Spirit that guides me to be aligned with all my deepest desires and dreams. This past summer, I was invited to participate in her latest program and movement called The Desire Factor. It’s not just a book or just a program. It’s a needed and healing experience for all who are open to accepting, loving and calling forth into manifestation your deepest and most personal desires in life, love, family, friends and business. Through the years, I have had the honor and gift to journey with Christy as a powerful and committed mentor, as well as a friend and partner in spreading love, light and healing to this world and all those that are ready for love and abundance! I am grateful and blessed for this journey with Christy and all her programs that always deliver more than I asked for or expected. If you are yearning for more, looking to make a bigger difference or ready to live your best life I recommend you sign up for any one of her programs.”

Dr. Mary Ozegovich


“My time at QSCA was transformational. Christy’s teachings were inspiring and authentic, and I treasure the friendships I made with the fellow coaching students, who’ve all gone on to become ninja law of attraction life coaches like me. The QSCA program gave me a foundation in coaching and many tools that boosted my confidence and confirmed that I was in the right second career. Based on my LOA training, coaching experiences and my extraordinary love story, where I attracted my husband literally overnight, I became The Soul Mate Coach, helping people attract, create and maintain soul mate relationships and careers. I discovered the joy of helping singles stepping into their sovereignty and believe in magic again so they could attract the higher love they deserve but always resisted. I’ve since written a book, Be the Soul Mate You Want to Attract, and am grateful for all the global media interviews and positive transformations my clients report. I owe a lot of that to QSCA and Christy Whitman. I highly recommend her and the QSCA.”

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci


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